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My 13 Year Old Daughter Teased The Men In My Card Game And Got Fucked

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I’m Cher, a 13 year old girl that loves to dress real provocative and tease men. I love how they look at me, try to touch me and talk to me. I can see they have hardons and that makes my pussy wet. I do this to my uncles and their friends to. I’ve heard them say, she’s gonna tease the wrong person one day and get fucked. I would love that.

I will wear tight revealing tops, little short skirts or too short shorts. My Dad even says I make his dick hard and I should stop teasing men. He has card games once a week with a bunch of his friends. Sometimes he has 10 or 12 guys here. I love those nights. I get to prance around in hardly nothing especially when it gets late. I put on my nighty you can actually see through. I heard one of the men ask Daddy how could he let me dress like I do. Daddy said she’s just feeling her sexual hormones. She’ll grow out of it.

Daddy likes how they look at me. He said it makes him horny knowing how they want to fuck me. Plus, he said he gets a hardon thinking about me fucking all of them. I said, “Daddy, you mean you would like me to fuck some of those guys?” He said, “Only 3 or 4 and only if I was one of them.” then he laughed.

That kinda gave me a rush when Daddy said that. I think Daddy meant that. Daddy has already been fucking me for a couple of years. I love my Daddy a lot and would do anything for him. I wonder if he really wants me to do that. If he did, I would do it. I love when we have sex. He makes me feel sexy and slutty. I like to be dominated during sex. I like it when he makes me suck his dick.

I have to find something to wear tonight for Daddy’s card game. I think I’ll start out with my two piece barely there bikini. I’m gonna model it for them and ask if they like it. I’m gonna say I’m not sure I’m gonna keep it and want their opinion. Then I’ll put on a new see through nighty I just bought. I keep my pussy shaved and they’ll be able to see it better in this new one. Daddy will love it too.

Me and Daddy have been alone for 5 years. My Mom died in a car accident. Daddy takes good care if me and I try to take care of him, in every way.
The guys are gathering for the game. There’s only 3 tonight. I’ll wait till they’re playing before I go down. I’ve got the bikini on and I’m ready. I go downstairs and the guys look at me and say, “There she is, the sexist girl in town.” I said, “Hey Guys, I can’t decide if I want to keep this or not. What do you think? They said, “Why wouldn’t you, it looks great on you.” I said, “Really?” They said, “Yeah.” I said, “Well, thanks guys.”

I went back upstairs. I listened when I got out if sight. One guy said, “Fuck John ,your daughter makes my dick hard.” Daddy said, “She makes mine hard too.” One guy said, “How do you stand her walking around like that, man, I’d have to fuck her, even if she was my daughter.” I went on up feeling like I was driving them crazy. I knew their dicks were hard and I was loving it. My pussy was getting wet.

The guys were playing cards again when Daddy said, “I jack off a lot, I might have to do something, maybe teach her a lesson.” The guys said, “Like what.” Daddy said. “Maybe, I should go out to pick something up from the store and you three get her and mess with her, you know scare her a little.” Paw her, feel her up, tell her she’s teased you guys too much and now you guys are gonna fuck her.” “How’s that sound.” Sounds good. Then, when I get back you guys make me fuck her. So they were sitting there when Cher came back down in her new see through nighty. She looked surprised when she didn’t see her Dad.

“Where’s Daddy?” Hank said, “Well, he ran out for some more, then he stopped and said, ” Come over here darlin’ and let me look at your nighty.” “This is different than the one you had on, they last time I was here.” Cher is so confident and into teasing, she never suspects she’s in trouble. She said, “You remember the one I had on before?” He said, “Fuck, I’ll never forget it.” She laughed. Mark said, “Girl, you don’t know what you do to men when you dress like you do.” Cher said, “What do you mean?”

That’s when Dave grabbed her and pulled her down on his lap and said, “Like make our dicks hard as rocks with no chance of relief.” He put his hand on her pussy and said, “Look guys, I say since John is gone we give Cher what she’s been asking for, don’t you?” Hank and Mark said, “That’s a great idea.”
Dave picks her up and sits her on the card table. She’s saying, “I don’t know what you’re thinking but I’ve gotta go upstairs so.” Mark said, “Oh no little girl, you’ve teased us for years and now were gonna fuck your brains out.”

She’s struggling to get away from them so Dave and Hank hold her down and Mark spreads her legs and rubs her pussy. She said, “You can’t fuck me, Daddy will be mad, let me go.” Mark unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and stuck it in her. He’s fucking her fast and hard. Mark said, “This pussy is fucking sweet, but she ain’t no virgin.” Hank said, “Who you been fucking Cher?” Dave said, “Does your Daddy know you been fucking?” Cher’s still struggling but says nothing.

Cher quit fighting and is just laying on the table. Hank pulls his dick out and slides her head over so he can stick his dick in her mouth. He said, “Suck my dick, Cher, if you’ve been fucking, I’m sure you’ve been sucking.” She opens her mouth and sucks on his dick. Dave has his dick out and is waiting his turn at the pussy. Mark says, “Oh finally, I’m getting a nut fucking this little slut.” Then he rams into her and cums.
Cher loved it when he called her a slut.

Dave steps up and puts his dick in her pussy. Cher thinks, wow Dave’s got a big dick. He felt great inside her. She feels Hank’s dick getting bigger and knows he’s gonna cum. He says, “Here it comes Cher, open wide.” He jacks his dick off in her mouth. Cher’s pussy is cumming on Dave’s dick. It made her cum when Hank cum in her mouth.

They’re squeezing her tits and saying, John needs to let us fuck her every time we come here to play cards. Mark said, “I bet she could take all the guys on, she’s one horny little slut.”

Just then, John walks in. He said, ” Hey guys, what are you doing?” Mark said, “Look at what she came down in John, you expect us to not fuck her after all she’s done to us, even you?” He looks st Cher with
with Dave’s dick going in and out of her and said, “I’m sorry baby, but you’ve been asking for it, I don’t blame these men at all.” “You torture me everyday.” Cher said, “Daddy?”

Dave is getting ready to cum and fucks her so hard she’s almost off the table. He cums in her with a huge grunting sound. Hand said, “John, you have to fuck her, right now, we are gonna make you, she deserves it.” John looks at her and said, “You’re right, I’m gonna fuck my little girls pussy.” John steps up and slides his dick in. He said, “This pussy is full of cum little girl, shame on you.”

John says, “You made these guys rape you because of your teasing, an I’m afraid you might get fucked every time they come over if you tease them again. If that happens I won’t stop them, you hear me?”
Cher said, “Yes Daddy.”
He’s fucking her and Mark said, ” But, if you ever want a good fucking just wear something provocative and we will comply to your slut needs, okay.” Everybody laughed.
John said, “Here’s Daddy’s cum baby, ugh.”

Hank said, “I ain’t had that pussy yet.” He reaches in Cher’s pussy and pulls out some of the cum then sticks his dick in her. He holds her by her legs and fucks her pussy hard. She’s making sounds with every forceful impact of Hank’s dick. His balls are smacking her ass.
Hank said, “Ohoo, what a good pussy you have Cher.” Then he cums in her.

John picks her up off the table, slaps her on the ass and said, “Go shower, my little slut daughter.”

Cher walks away dripping cum from her pussy. She put her hand down to catch it. Cher wasn’t quite sure what to think. She got more than what she meant to get but she loved those guys fucking her and treating her like their entertainment. She wasn’t sure it was gonna make her stop teasing or dressing the way she does. But, she knows what to do if she wants to be gang banged.

They finished playing cards and they talked about fucking Cher. John said, “We just might have to do this again.” After they left, John went up to Cher’s room and fucked her so hard. he said, “I almost cum in my pants when I saw Dave’s big dick going in and out of your pussy.” Cher said, “I liked that big dick Daddy.”

He said, “Well, I think I know a couple guys from my gym who has real big ones, according to their workout shorts, would you like to take on a 10 incher?” Cher said, “I don’t know if I could fuck one that big, but I think I’d like to try.” John’s dick is so hard fucking her and talking about getting others to fuck her.” He said, “If were gonna do this baby, we’ll need to prepare your ass, cause I want to see a dick in your ass and in your pussy, how’s that sound to you?” Cher is getting ready to cum and she said, “Oh Daddy I’ll do anything you want me to do.” and she cum all over her Daddy’s dick.

John’s holding her hips, fucks her hard and said, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming in my little sluts pussy.” He grunts and shoots several shots of cum into Cher. He’s already planning things in his mind for the next card game or shall he say fuck session. He can’t wait to see one of those huge dicks in his little girls pussy making her cry out in pain as she getting full fucked. He thinks he’s gonna be the one to fuck her ass while she’s taking the big dick.

He has to plan. Holy shit, my dicks hard again. He slid over to Cher’s ass and spooned his dick in her pussy again. She said, “What’s wrong Daddy?” He said, “I can’t get my dick to go down for thinking about tonight.” She said, “Well fuck me all you want Daddy, I want you to be happy, I’m sleepy.”
So, John fucks her a long time, cums in her and fell asleep with his dick still in her, thinking, I can’t wait.

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Dein Daddy ist der glücklichste Mann der Welt eine so Schwanzgeile Schlampent8chter zu haben ich würde meinen harten Schwanz auch gerne in deine drei Ficklöcher stoßen und dich hart ficken

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ee34llivg22

    My wife and I were swapping partners with a couple and they invited us to be with their kids. I fucked the daughter while my wife fucked the son. Then got to watch my wife with both the daughter and her mother. Was hot as hell.

    • JoJo ID:1d5s0npjuc31

      Would love to hear more

  • Reply trucker ID:1e5h31rmxqpi

    That is true It is hot watching your young daughter take another mans cock while your jacking off.
    I know my friend did mine one night when we were stoned.

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    Very hot story!! If you want to play with an older guy add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

  • Reply PO469 ID:1d4jr883ucz9

    Enjoyed it. You started with her telling the story and then changed to a third party telling it. I think it would have been better if she told the whole story.

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    Perfect daughter, you’re a lucky man