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Muslim Daughter And Mom Get used brutually

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Muslim daughter and mom gets used by management brutually

There was a muslim family of daughter Ashna and mother raziya who lived alone…When Ashna turned 18 yrs after completing her 12th they both went to take admission in an engineering college….Ashna figure was 30-28-32 Raziya was busty 36-34-36…while entering college in the muslim attire burqa everyone was staring at their assets…Everything was done…After the college started the professor who was always horny and used to imagine girls naked….He was very fond of ashna and wanted to fuck her brains out…one day ashna went to professor to clear doubts…They both were alone in the room…He tried to touch ashna which alerted her and she scolded the professor and left the room…when the end semester was approaching As being their professor everyone must take His name was ranjit…Take his sign…When aahna went he said to her lets meet after college i have some work with u….Ashna new she was in trouble….When she went to the the proffesors room…he told her to close the door…He told her he won’t give his signature bcoz of her behavoir…She started to beg him and reqsted him to sign…He said he will sign on one condition if she will obey him and do whatever he says…with no other option she agreed to ranjit…He told her to slowly strip infront of him in his cabin….She was wearing a burqa….ashna slowly started to remove her burqa then kameez and slawar and was sranding in bra and panty…She was milky…Ranjit was rock hard seeing her…He told her not to remove her scard the headband muslims wear and came close to her and slapped her face 5-6 times…and said that day u shouted on me…Ashna was rqsting him to leave her….He told her to remove the bra and panty and get nude she agreed he was rock hard and was hungry to fuck her….Being a virgin her pussy was too tight….Ranjit got nude he clicked some picture of ashna and said that it will be of his use later…he then told ashna to suck his dick…she was on her knees trying not to suck…He forcefully pushed his dick inside her and was throatfucking her….he slapped her cheeks…And recorded her sucking….After 10min he cummed inside her mouth and told to swallow every drop….Later he told her to sleep on table and licking her pussy he started to fuck her….mercylessly…After heavy pounding she was bleeding he cummed inside her pussy and recorded everything he told her she is her personal slut and should obey her…orelse he will publis her videos on internet…She accepted her Fate….After few days passed she told her mother this incident she rushed to the professor angrily and told him that she will complaint to management…He laughed and said lets go together….After they reached the college management her mother said everything there were 4 guys in managing commitee….They said to ranjit to lock the door….While the main managing member came close to her and said we wanted to fuck busty muslim sluts like you for a long time now we got hold of you both….They all laughed

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    My friends and i fucked the young wife of a billionaire oil tycoon from the middle east. This guy was an arrogant prick who acted like he was God and kept giving me the run around for more than 6 months. He had 3 wives and the young one was only 22 at the time. He was 49. And always bragged about this young hot bitch of hes. So after more than 6 months of getting the runaround and being double crossed i decided im going to get my buddies and fuck his innocent little bitch and record it. We did all sorts of things with her. Recorded it all. And she never told anyone because if she did she would be considered tainted and will be treated as an outcast and possibly killed even though she didnt initiate anything.

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    Fuck em hard

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    Use them brutally

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    Full story

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    so far so good

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    Now Leave Your Comment…and full story

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    Now Leave Your Comment…nice story

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    More Muslim rubbish