Motel Theme Rooms

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This started awhile ago. I was working in a go go bar and the dancers told me about this motel that had theme rooms.

When I started dating Rocky, about a month into the relationship, I booked a room. I told Rocky to pick me up and when he saw me, he knew this was the night we were going to have sex.

I have on a little coat, but underneath I have a tiger print bra and thong. My pumps match my outfit. Rocky asks where are we going? I tell him it’s a surprise, just drive.

We pull up to the motel and Rocky goes inside and gets the key. We go inside our room and it’s the jungle theme room. It has fake trees and a man sized gorilla. There is also a small pool.

I takeoff my coat and Rocky goes instantly for my 34dds. He pulls my top off and starts to suck my tits. I love when he sucks my tits. My pussy gets so wet.

Rocky pulls my thong down and we jump in the pool. I can’t believe how big Rocky’s cock is. He picks me up and places me on the side of the pool. Rocky puts his head between my legs and starts to suck my pussy.

I tell Rocky use your fingers make me cum. Rocky put not one or two, he put three inside me. OMG I’m going to cum. I cum all over Rocky’s tongue and his fingers. Rocky puts his fingers in my mouth and says taste yourself Carol.

I lick his fingers and I must admit I do taste good. I grab Rocky’s cock and start to suck it. Rocky is face fucking me. I know I can’t take all of his big cock in my mouth. Rocky says where did you learn to suck a cock like that. I laugh and tell him I had a lot of practice.

Rocky’s cock is now hard and huge. He lays me down and puts his cock inside me. OMG I’ve had some big cocks in my life, but Rocky felt like he was in my stomach. Rocky is slamming my pussy and I wrap my legs around him.

I want to feel every inch of his cock. I tell Rocky I’m going to cum again. I cum all over his cock. Rocky turns me over ad has me on my knees. I open my pussy and tell Rocky my pussy is yours do what you want.

Rocky laughs and I feel his big balls slamming my ass. What happens next should’ve been a warning of what my future with Rocky was going to be.

Rocky says Carol you’re making the gorilla horny. I look at the gorilla and I laugh. Rocky says you see his cock. Rocky is still fucking me but now he’s fucking me hard and deep.

I cum again and Rocky cums deep inside me. I get out the pool and put my ass to the gorilla. I say ok Kong give me your gorilla cock. The gorilla had now cock so I just slammed my pussy up against him.

I look over at Rocky and his cock is rock hard. The bed was like a jungle bed. Rocky lays me down and puts his cock inside me. I tell Rocky did you enjoy watching the gorilla? Rocky says yes.

I can’t take much more and Rocky again cums deep inside me. We lay in the bed and we have the room for the weekend. Needless to say I had a hard time walking when we left on Sunday morning.

The next weekend Rocky booked the room. This time the gorilla had a cock. Rocky bought this huge brown cock with a strap on. I can’t tell you how excited I got when I put the gorilla’s cock inside me.

Here’s the truth. We still go there about twice a month and both Rocky and the gorilla fuck me. This was the start of my very active and perverted sex life. This is a true story and I love Rocky with every breath in my body.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ee34llivg22

    Very Hot. When I was in my teens I sometimes worked for a guy who owned a little motel. It only 8 or 10 rooms. I didn’t know how he made any money. But I learned it wasn’t the money he was after. He had cameras in 4 of the rooms. He’d reserve those rooms for couples with a hot girl or a couple of girls together and a couple of hookers who rented a room. You could see all 4 cameras on the screen and if one caught your eye click on that one and see that one full screen and you could turn on the recorder if you wanted to save it. He had a store on the other side and could go back & forth unless he was working alone. That’s when either his son or I got to work.

    • Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

      If anyone was watching, they got a show. I would moan loudly when I was cumming. I hope they came as much as I did. We still visit and the sex gets better every time.