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Mommy’s Away And Daddy Will Play, With Me

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My mother was a very beautiful woman. She had very dark hair, porcelain skin and a body most women wish they had. My father was extremely jealous of her being around other men. He threw a fit if a man looked at her, something she had no control over.

She bought herself an outfit one day, put it on when she got home to go to a dental appointment. It was a pink and white button up blouse and a pair of baby pink slacks. Nothing inappropriate about it in any way. My dad had been drinking after work that day. When mom came in he had just got home. He wanted to know where she had been. She said, “I had a dentist appointment.” Then he said, “And you wore that?” She nodded her head and looked amazed that he would ask such a question.

She said, “Yes, why?” He yelled, “Because that makes you look like your looking for somebody to fuck you.” She said, “Oh, that’s ridiculous.” He was so mad and jealous he walked up to her, slapped her across the face and ripped the outfit off of her. She was in shock. He then drug her in the bedroom and fucked her hard I guess, because I heard her saying, “No, no, don’t do this. It hurts, stop, your hurting me.” I heard her crying and him grunting like he was ramming his dick in her hard.

I became afraid of my dad that day whenever he drank. When he drank liquor he was mean to mommy and me. Beer just made him horny. He would want to spank me for no reason and mom would stop him from doing so then he’d end up whipping her. When I got to be 11 and my boobs came in my father looked at me often while he would push on his dick. I never understood that except it made me nervous for some reason.

Mommy had to go to her mother’s for a week because she was having surgery. I was gonna be with daddy. He was sitting in the living room drinking a beer. I had taken my bath and had my baby doll jammies on. I went in to watch tv with daddy. He pulled me up on the couch with him and sat me on his lap. He was telling me how grown up I was getting. I could feel his dick was hard and I was sitting on it.

He said, “Look at you, your getting your titties, as he reaches with his left hand to slide under my top and started rubbing both my boobs. I started to raise my hand to push his away and his right hand held my wrist at my side, so he could play with my titties. Then he said, “I bet your little pussy is grown up too.”
I told him I wanted to go to bed. He took his left hand and put it inside my panties and felt my pussy. It didn’t have any hair on it yet. He said, “Oh, that’s a sweet little pussy as he rubbed in between my pussy lips.” I said, “Daddy.” And he let me go. I hate to admit when he touched me, it made me tingle in my pussy, cause nobody had ever done that before.

Anyway, I went to bed and went to sleep. The next thing I know is, I’m on my back with no panties on and my pajama top pushed up to my neck with daddy between my legs pushing his dick in my pussy. He’s got the head of his dick between my pussy lips. I yelled, “Daddy, what are you doing?” He said, “Now Rose, you just have to lay still and let daddy get his dick in your little pussy, now don’t fight me.” I started crying, “No daddy, no it hurts, it hurts.” He’s pushing and pushing and he finally gets the head in then he said, “Now, thus is gonna hurt for a minute so hold on.” I’m still crying and screaming. I can’t move. He covers my mouth with his hand and pushes his dick through my hymen. He felt it break and he just starts fucking me like I was mommy. I couldn’t make him stop and he just kept on.

He said, “Oh Rose, I ain’t never had such a tight little pussy as yours.” I’ve been wanting to fuck this little thing for a long time. He’s still fucking my pussy long and deep. His dick was very long. When he put it in very far, it hurt. I don’t think he got it all the way in. I quit sobbing and he took his hand off my mouth. I’m just laying there letting him finish. The pain is gone but I’m stunned. I can’t believe daddy did this to me.

He starts sucking on my titties. Then he asks me, “Does daddy’s dick feel better now?” “Are you liking being fucked by daddy’s big dick?” “You know daddy’s gonna be fucking this little pussy a lot this week.”
Then he said, “You can’t tell your mother any of this, you hear me?” “If you do, I’ll whip her and you.”
“Understand?” I nodded, yes.

Because it was summer vacation and I had no one to take care of me, daddy took his vacation while mommy was gone. So, daddy wore my pussy out that week. I even got to where it felt good to me. He fucked me morning, noon and night. Sometimes twice at night. He told me I couldn’t wear any clothes to bed and he made me sleep in his bed. He would watch tv and sit me on his dick and fuck me bouncing me up and down till he cum. He taught me how to suck his dick. He liked to prop my head up against the headboard in a semi sitting position, straddle me holding my arms down with his legs and put his dick in my mouth. He would cum in my mouth but he didn’t make me swallow it. He loved dominating and forcing me in sex. He would take my arms above my head, hold my wrists with one hand, fuck me while talking nasty to me.

He told me a couple of times he would love to see some other men use me and fuck my little pussy, passing me around till they all cum in me. He said, “I’d like to tie you down and make you do anything I wanted, but you couldn’t get up, you just had to do it.” I think my daddy was making me as perverted as he was because after awhile I would feel excitement when he would dominate me and talk his nasty talk.

He told me one day he was gonna fuck my butt, but he never did. Thank God.

Mommy came home and I never told her anything. I didn’t want daddy mad. He still fucked me whenever he could without getting caught. If mom went to the store or anytime she left the house, really, he would take me into the bathroom, fuck me and watch out the window in case mom pulled up. I didn’t mind, really. I got to where I liked sex.

But daddy wouldn’t stop drinking and being mean to mom. So, they got a divorce and we moved out of state by her mother. So, I started having sex with other guys when I was 12. I let guys my age do me and even some men who would hit on me. If they got me alone I would let them do whatever they wanted to do to me. I would often think about daddy’s fantasy of letting men fuck me and passing me around until they all had cum in me.

I talk to daddy but haven’t seen him in years. He moved to California. Regardless of what he did to me, I love him, he’s my daddy and will always be my daddy. But, I do think what he did to me made me want to fuck a lot of men and allow them to use me. But, That’s okay.

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