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Mexico Part 2

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Note: In Part 1, Emily and Kathy Saxon are taken by Mexican kidnappers. Part 1 describes fourteen-year-old Kathy’s experience. Here, we see what her sister, sixteen-year-old Emily has to goes through.
Kathy and Emily Saxon were two sisters from St Mary’s Catholic School. Kathy was fourteen, while Emily was sixteen. Emily stood 5’2” tall, weighed about 110 pounds. She had long, straight blonde hair; all the way down to the small of her back. She had a curvy figure alright; she easily had a pair of 33B breasts now. She had on her school blouse and a skirt. She was still a sophomore, so her skirt was shorter. As a junior, the skirts got longer. Emily’s legs were long and showed a lot with that skirt on.

After they’d been kidnapped outside Target, Emily and Kathy had been driven to a home. Emily had been forced to clean up, then made to walk through a long tunnel down in the basement. They’d come out in another basement. This, it turned out later, was in Mexico.

Emily stood in the concrete basement. Four men stood around her; the two that had brought her here; and the two that were apparently taking her from here. She saw the man hand the two others a bag, then they went back down the tunnel she’d just come out of. The man in front of her, after asking her age, now spoke again.

“So, little one, you are sixteen? Just turned, or almost seventeen, no?”

“I, I, I turned sixteen two months ago… please, where am I? What am….”

He walked up to her, smiling, gently took her shoulders. Then suddenly, he slapped her face very hard.
“Listen, you speak only when told to! You got that?! You do what you are told, and maybe, just maybe you’ll live to see your family again. Now, tell me your name, girl.”

“She held her face, painful. She slowly whispered, “Emily, Emily Saxon.”

“Are you a virgin, Emily Saxon?” he asked.

She looked at him with eyes wide. What, what did he want to know that for? Unless….

“Answer me!” he yelled.

“Yes. Yes, I am….” She answered quickly, tears starting to run again.

“Muevelo,” he said, pushing her towards some stairs. The two men made her walk between them up some stairs, into an empty garage. They made her get in the back seat of a Mercedes SUV, then made her lay down, covering her with a tarpaulin. She lay there shaking, whispering, “Please, where are we going? Where are you taking me?”

After about two hours, Miguel and Marca arrived at their destination. A mansion it was, home to a rich drug cartel leader and his family. Today was a special day; the youngest son, Ramon, was turning 21, and the father was throwing a big birthday party. His older sister Debora’ was there, as was his 22-year-old brother, Manuel. Their mother had been divorced for several years. Several of their friends had been invited, too.

At the gate, Miguel spoke to the intercom and the gate opened. They pulled up to the front door and brought the young girl out. The servant let them in.

Inside, Miguel led the frightened teenager down a hallway to a family room, where a party was going on. Emily saw several older people there; some almost her age; some older. Everyone saw her[ began cheering. “Ha llegado tu regalo de cumpleanos!” (“Your birthday present has arrived!”)

Emily was pushed to the center of the room. There were three boys and three girls, and two older men. One guy, he seemed to be the birthday boy. He moved closer to her as the others cheered him on. He looked at Miguel, who said,

“Her name’s Emily. Sixteen years old.”

The boy turned to Emily, put his finger to her blouse, pulling it forward, looking down her front. She backed up, putting her hands up, making him stop. He grinned, looked at the others, then hit her across her face hard with the back of his hand. She almost fell down; stumbling to keep her balance. Everyone cheered again. The boy turned to her, put his finger to her blouse, peered at her young breasts again. She stood there, trembling, crying as she let him this time.

Emily stood there as the boy stepped back. He said in broken English, “You, start dancing you.” Slowly, Emily started to sort of dance. They kept yelling at her in English and Spanish. “Put your hands up!” “Shake your hips more!” “Wiggle that body, little one!” Everyone laughed and cheered as she was forced to dance like this. Then the birthday boy told her to take off that skirt.

She looked at Miguel, shaking her head, crying, silently begging him to stop this. He just smiled. “Loose it, girl!” he said. Slowly, hands shaking almost uncontrollably, she undid the skirt and slowly eased it down and off. She held it up to her, until one of the boys grabbed it away. One of the girls yelled something, the birthday boy nodded and turned to Emily. He said to her,

“Take off those panties you. Show us that American pussy of yours.”

Slowly, she somehow managed to take off her white underwear. She still had on her socks and shoes, and her blouse covered her up some still. As she had the panties grabbed from her, she stood back, hands over her crotch. The girl spoke in Spanish, then walked up to her.

“You, turn around, bend over. Go on, do it!”

Emily slowly turned, looking at the girl with pleading eyes. Slowly, she bent over a little. The girl yelled,
“Bend over more! Touch the floor!”

Emily did, touching the floor. Her blouse was riding up some; her butt was beginning to show. Oh God, they could even maybe see her ‘down there’, here vagina. The girl pushed Emily’s blouse up some more, exposing her butt to everyone, as everyone cheered. She felt the girl put her hand against Emily’s crotch; felt a finger rubbing her vagina lips around as everyone cheered her on. Emily kept crying, eyes clenched closed.

The birthday boy walked over, stood in front of her. He made her stand up. Slowly, he undid her blouse, then took it off. Next, he reached around, undid her bra, took it off too. Now, Emily was completely naked except for her shoes and long socks. She covered herself as best she could. The boy pushed her down, saying,

“Agacharse de nuevo,” (bend over again).

Slowly, she bent over. As she did, the girl standing beside her began to feel up her boob. God, why did I have to have such big boobs now, she thought. The boy got undressed right in front of her, then put his cock in his hand and held it to her face. “Chupalo, chica,” he said. “Suck on my cock, little girl. Suck on it, go on, give me a bueno blowjob, chica…”

Emily couldn’t hardly believe what was happening. First, she was kidnapped, forced to walk through some long tunnel, now she was being sexually assaulted by these Mexican people. Why? She didn’t understand why they had picked her. She opened her mouth, like she was at the dentist. He moved in closer, put the end of his big penis in between her lips. “Suck it,” he said.” The others were cheering him on as the girl kept rubbing her left boob.

Slowly, Emily began to move her mouth on his thing. She didn’t really know how; just knew that you were supposed to put it in your mouth and suck it like a popsicle. Well, that’s what she’d heard. She tried; it was big, really big. She got what she could inside, then closed her lips around it gently and started to suck on it. Her tongue rubbed along it; it was so gross. He grabbed her head; made her keep doing it. She gagged a lot; choking, but she kept sucking in, taking a breath, then sucking some more. Soon, he started to move himself in and out of her mouth as she did him. She stopped sucking as he slid his big thing along her tongue, along the top of her mouth, her cheeks sliding along him. It was very hard to breathe as he gripped her head, holding himself inside her. All the while, the girl next to her was rubbing her breast and nipple. Another girl stepped up; began rubbing her other breast. She’d squeeze it tight, then release, rub her nipple with her palm, then pinch it, then rub her tit some more. Both girls were doing it; God, getting molested by girls was the worst. After a few minutes, the boy stopped. He pulled her over to a chair one of the older men was sitting in. He made her bend over, keeping her legs straight. She had to do the sucking thing again, this time on the older man. His cock wasn’t as big, but the more she sucked and licked it, the bigger and harder it got. So, this is what Mrs. Roberts in SexEd meant by the man being stimulated. The birthday boy stood behind her, making her spread her legs wide.

“Spread legs wide! Wider! Buenos. Nice ass, girl,” he said. She felt him doing something back there. Oh God, here it comes. He was going to have sex… oh shit! She felt him press against her vagina; pushing his cock into her. She tensed up; squeezed hard. Still, he pressed in, keeping up a steady pressure. He slapped her ass cheek once; she relaxed her muscles for an instant. In he went. Just the head it felt like; but holy crap did it hurt! Farther in he pushed; everyone was cheering still. Once he was in at least halfway, she felt him start to thrust back and forth in her.

His big dick moved inside her vagina, tightly held by her young, virgin pussy. She felt her vagina getting really stretched wide; this guy’s penis was big! He started pushing harder, going deeper. Meanwhile, she was being forced to lick the older man’s penis with her tongue, up and down, up and down, then sometimes he pushed it into her mouth.

Raped by the two men, Emily felt her virginity break, then the man began to do her very fast. Her whole body was being pushed about, while the older man held her head to his crotch, telling her to either lick it or suck it. Eventually, the boy shot his cum into her vagina, cheering as everyone else celebrated. Another boy quickly took his place.

During the second rape, the old man came in her mouth, then moved so another man could take over. The second man, even older than the first, and much fatter, made Emily start licking his penis and nut-sack with her tongue as she was slowly being raped from behind. This went on until the second man shot his load into her vagina, too.

Next, Emily was dragged to the kitchen table. Pushed onto the table, the two girls pulled her shoes and socks off, then both girls attacked her body. One girl started sucking hard on her large breasts; she sucked and molested them hard, for a long time. As she did, another girl began to lick and suck on her vagina, even as the boys’ cum ran out of her. Others held her legs apart. Another girl pushed in, began sucking on Emily’s mouth. The three girls switched places; one sucking on her mouth; one on her breasts; the third on her vagina. After a few minutes of this, another boy pushed the girl in her crotch aside and began to press his cock into her now very wet vagina. As she lay on the table, while two girls assaulting her chest and mouth, the boy began to hump her vagina for a third time. Very fast, very deep, very hard. She could feel his cock, big and hard, pushing her vagina to new limits; her pussy lips getting very stimulated for some reason. Even her nipples were making tingling feelings as they were sucked on. The girl kissing her suddenly stopped, pulled her own breast out and put the nipple right to Emily’s mouth. “Chupalo!” she yelled (suck it!).

Emily’s birthday assault lasted another hour. When the party-goers had all had their turn, they went out to the pool. Emily was grabbed, forced to get dressed, then taken back to the Mercedes SUV. They drove a long time, while each of the two men took turns sitting in the backseat with her, forcing her to give them each head. Eventually, they pulled into a fairly remote ranch. She was pulled from the car; an old woman inspected her; argued with the men, then gave them some cash. Taken inside, she was handcuffed to a bed. It was a dormitory, and there were five other young girls there. One looked a little older than Emily. The others were all younger. Two were very young. Emily was the only American there it seemed. For her, her new life as a Mexican whore was just beginning.

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