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Mexico Minors

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Jose and Juan Sanchez were brothers from Mexico. They’d come to the US years ago for the money. Now they were in their early forties, and the money was good. When they’d first come to California, they’d humped pot across the desert for money. Later they graduated to stronger drugs, worth much more. They were reliable; they could be trusted to get the job done. One day, their boss Salvador Juarez had asked if they’d like to start making some serious money. “I’m talking $10,000 a trip. One way, from the US into Mexico.”

Jose asked, surprised; “from the US, into Mexico?”

“That’s right. But it isn’t drugs anymore. Chicas. Chicas Jovenes.”

The two brothers looked at each other. This was new. Before, it had always been drugs. And they were very good at smuggling. But now, young girls. Hmmm. Well, you don’t usually refuse Salvador.
“So, what’s the deal?” Jose asked.

Salvador turned it over to Miguel. Miguel told the two brothers;

“Look. You two are family; you can be trusted. And this new business is a fucking gold mine. You were the first ones we thought of, so don’t screw this up, entender’?”

Miguel went on. “Young American girls. White. Blonde or brunette, doesn’t matter. When we call you, you bring us one. Age; between 12 and 16. Look, primo, she gotta be pristine. I mean perfecto, intacto. No bruises, no cuts, nothing. We can’t sell damaged goods. So, if you don’t want to pay the fee, you make sure she’s pristina.”

The brothers left the residence, drove home. They talked about it at length. When they get the call, they gotta go find a young white girl. Where the fuck do you do that? Not in this Latino neighborhood. Juan had an idea.

“We should go down near Brestwood, where all that white pussy goes shopping and shit. Near the high school. We see something we like; we jack the car, dump the mother and take the kid to the crib. Then we hit the tunnel.”

‘Jacking the car’ wasn’t actually all that hard. It was mostly in timing and surprise. As the people get into the car, you just jump in, waving a pistola, then make them drive where you want, someplace close. You park someplace quiet, then Juan pulls up in the car. You tie everyone up; take the girl in their own car, then leave the rest in the minivan. By the time they get free or get help, the brothers and the prize are long gone.

Juan and Jose drove around many parking lots, department stores, malls, shopping plazas. Some places had better places of opportunity; plus, there was more teen traffic after school got out at 3 PM. One Target store near a St Mary’s Catholic School looked promising. They saw lots of mothers and young teens going and coming from Target and the adjoining stores.

Then one day, the phone rang. Miguel spoke to them, briefly, to the point. “Young, white, 13-16 years old. Virgin. You got till Friday night to deliver at the usual place.” The phone hung up. They were on.

Chapter Two: The Kidnapping

Kathy and Emily Saxon were two sisters from St Mary’s Catholic School. Kathy was fourteen, while Emily was sixteen. Emily stood 5’2” tall, weighed about 110 pounds. She had long, straight blonde hair; all the way down to the small of her back. She had a curvy figure alright; she easily had a pair of 33B breasts now. She had on her school blouse and a skirt. She was still a sophomore, so her skirt was shorter. As a junior, the skirts got longer. Emily’s legs were long and showed a lot with that skirt on.

Kathy was about 5’ tall, weighted maybe 100 pounds. She was just a little bit chubbier than Emily, but not much. She had early-pubescent tits; 31A, with some big, puffy nipples. Someday, she’d have some very big tits alright. She also wore her blouse and short skirt. Her hair was long, brown.
After school on Friday, they’d gotten picked up by Mom in her Explorer. They drove to Target, where they went shopping. After buying a few things (including a new, larger bra for both girls), they walked out to the car. Mom opened the back; put the bags in, as did the two girls. Mom and Kathy went up the left side, with mom getting in the driver’s seat, Kathy behind her. Emily jumped in the right front seat, studying her iPhone closely.

Suddenly, the right rear door opened and a Mexican guy jumped in. He had on sunglasses, a gang handkerchief around his head. He also held a chrome pistol in his hand, pointing it at mom. He sat down, closed the door, told Mom to “Drive. Drive slow, lady. Everybody keep still. Everyone put on your seat belts. Ahora!” Suddenly the three women snapped out of it, did their seat belts up. Mom kept talking to the man, asking what he wanted, let the girls out, where are we going. Lots of questions, but he just kept saying “Shut up! Turn left up here! There! Go back there! Shut up I said, perra!” Behind the supermarket, the man told her to stop. A minivan pulled up next to them; a man jumped out and came over, yanking open the driver’s door.

The girl’s mother was taped; first her wrists, then her mouth, while the second man kept waving the gun, threatening everyone. Kathy got taped up next, then Ella. When they were done, they dragged mom into the back seat; made her lie still while they taped her ankles together, then her wrists again. They next grabbed the two girls; pulled them both out and forced them into the minivan. The car doors were closed; the minivan drove away. The whole exchange had taken less than four minutes. It would be almost an hour before their mom was found in the car.

The girls lay on the floor of the minivan, terrified. Where were they going? What were they doing? One of the men threw a big blanket over them; yelled at them to be quiet. He fired one shot into the back seat. Both girls jumped; it was loud, right next to them. The thought they were going to die.
They heard the man make a phone call. He spoke in Spanish. “Tenemos a la chica. De hecho, tenemos dos,” then the man hung up and spoke to the driver.

“He says he only wants one. The one with las tetas mas grandes (the one with the bigger tits).” Both men laughed. “I guess that means we get to keep the little one?”

“Si, I guess so.”

They drove on, speaking in Spanish. The girls couldn’t understand anything. They still did not know what was going on. Was this like a kidnapping for ransom or something? Maybe; their Dad had some money, but they weren’t rich. The van drove on for about a half hour as the man kept cursing at them; then it stopped. The blanket got pulled off. They were in a garage; the door was closing. The two men opened the side door and dragged the two girls out of the minivan and into the house.

Chapter 3: The Tunnel

The two girls were forced into the living room, told to sit down. Their grandmother was there, doing housework, but she knew better than to say anything. Jose grabbed the older girl, took her in back to the bathroom.

Jose made Emily stand in front of the sink. “Fix yourself up, little one,” he barked at her. He cut her tape from her; began inspecting her as he pushed a brush into her hand. He kept on.

“Go on, fix your hair. Wipe those tears away! Put some of that lipstick on, too!”

Emily was shaking so bad; She kept asking in a trembling voice, “What do you want? Who are you? Why are you doing this?” He just ignored her though. He kept yelling at her to fix herself, so she finally used the brush and fixed her hair. It had gotten all messed up. Her clothes were still relatively clean. With a shaking hand, she managed somehow to put on some lipstick, a bright red. She still couldn’t understand why, or what he was planning.

When he was satisfied, Jose pulled the young teen from the bathroom. He called to his brother, “Vamos!” Juan had already handcuffed the younger girl to the couch arm. He spoke to the old woman, who answered in Spanish and then both men went to the basement with Emily. Kathy cried for them, but she was still taped up, unable to do anything but struggle to get free. The old lady came over once, yelled at her in Spanish, then went away.

Emily went down into the basement with the two men. They went to a door, then into a long narrow hallway. Soon, another door opened and there was a tunnel of some sort. She was forced to walk with them, in the darkness, for what seemed like miles. She kept asking them,

“Where are we going? Please, I want to go home.”

On they walked, a total of actually ¾ of a mile. The tunnel came to a door. The door led to a basement of a business on the Mexican side of the border. There, two other men stood, grinning.

“Ah, you made it! Good! Good!” The big man turned to her, said in broken English, “How old are you, little girl?”

“I’m, I’m, six, sixteen…. Please…..”

The man looked down at her chest, grinned. He walked around her, inspecting her, lifting her skirt once. “She’ll do. Here, this is for you.” The other man handed over a bag, a bag containing $10,000 in US currency. They said adios and left, their business done. Now, back to the little girl.

Jose and Juan jogged back to their basement door. Inside, they checked the bag- wow! It would normally take them five trips to make that kind of money. They then looked upstairs, grinning. “Time to celebrate, hombre’!”

They dashed up the stairs. Their grandmother sat watching a Spanish TV show. They went right to Kathy; took the handcuffs off and pulled her down the hall. They shoved the terrified youngster into the bathroom. Juan tore the tape from her. She stood there; arms clutched around herself.

“Who are you? Where’s my sister? I want to leave…” The two brothers stood in the doorway, grinning at her. Juan spoke.

“Youngster, how old are you?” The two brothers laughed at each other.

“I, I’m fourteen, please….”

Juan went on. “Go on little one. Use the toilet, then take a shower. We’ll make sure no one disturbs you.” They both laughed. Jose lit up a joint.

Kathy said no, she didn’t want to, no, please, she didn’t want to take a shower. Juan pulled out a chrome gun. “Do it girl. Use the toilet, then take a shower. Do it now.”

Slowly, seeing no other way out of this, slowly Kathy started to do what they said. She pulled her skirt up some, slid her underwear down as she sat down. Actually, she did need to pee really bad. She did, staying as long as she could. Then she stood slowly up and flushed. While she was sitting down one of the men and come in, turned the shower on.

Slowly, Kathy began to get undressed. Maybe they just wanted to see her take a shower. She slowly slid her skirt down, stepped out. She took off her shoes, her long socks. Next, she slid her underwear down, taking them off with shaking hands. The two men kept staring, smoking that marijuana. She kept he back to them as much as she could. Slowly, she undid her blouse, slid it down and laid it on the counter. She tried, but took forever to get her bra unhooked. Finally, it too came off. She stood there, shaking, scared to death, arms covering herself as much as she could, standing sideways. The man yelled at her to get going. Slowly she stepped in. It was cold. She got in the shower spray and started to briefly wash herself, then quickly stepped out. She looked around for a towel.

Juan said, “Here, we got a towel in here you can use.” He reached in, grabbed her arm despite her trying to back away, and yanked her to the hallway. “Noo!” she screamed. In the next room was a bedroom. They shoved her into it, wet, naked, closing the door behind them. The grandmother watched, then turned back to the TV show. ”Ay dios mio,” she whispered.

In the room, Kathy stood there, completely naked, trying to cover herself with one arm as he held her right arm. She was only fourteen, but her breasts were developing, and she had these big nipples and areoles too. Thanks to that cold shower, they were all sticking out and firm now. She was a little bit chubby, but still had space between her thighs. She had some pussy hair, but not much. Her long brown hair was wet. She had that cute little girl butt alright; they’d seen that in the bathroom. “Catorce (fourteen),” Juan said, dropping his shorts and pulling off his shirt.

Both brothers got undressed as the girl cried, begging them to leave her alone. They jumped on her, Juan getting to her first. They pushed her back onto the bed, Juan forcing his way between those luscious young thighs of hers. Jose grabbed her leg, pulled it wide, then grabbed an arm. Juan quickly grabbed his already hard cock, now lubed up from the hand cream in the bathroom, and put it to her young little pussy. It was so small, her one leg kept kicking about, but he could see it and pressed his head right to it. Soon, it began to go in. She really made noise then, so Jose let go of her arm and covered her mouth. Juan got into her some more, then started to hump that baby girl. She was really tight; he was only getting in about halfway at first. As his dick slid along those tight little girl pussy lips though, he got harder, longer. He pushed in more, until eventually he was almost all the way in, feeling like he’d hit the end on her little cunt. He started to roughly pound himself into her, deep and fast, as she grunted, screaming, thrashing about madly. Finally, she settled down some, getting exhausted. She lay there, her body getting slammed about as he thrust deep into her over and over again. Then, they paused; they dragged her around; her head was pushed back off the edge of the bed. Jose put his cock to her mouth.

“Open up, little one. Open up….”

Slowly, he slid himself into her young mouth. Not much more than the head would fit in, so he made her work her tongue on him as his brother fucked her hard. Her mouth was getting pushed around by his repeated thrusts; it really felt good!

Kathy could feel this huge thing of his, pushing deep into her young vagina. It was way too big, she kept yelling that into his hand. It was really hurting her! Yet, he just kept slamming himself in and out, again and again, her entire body being thrown back and forth. She could feel her young breasts really moving around. The second man held her some, then they moved her. Her head hung off the edge of the bed. The second man stood there, his penis right in her face. He forced her to open her mouth. He pushed into her; she opened her mouth as much as she possibly could, all while the other man kept raping her roughly. She gagged a lot; it was hard to breathe. She felt hands on her chest. Suddenly, the man inside her vagina began to shoot his stuff into her. Oh God, what if she got pregnant? She could you know; fourteen wasn’t too young she’d heard. The two men stopped; they changed places. It all started again. One man raping her down there; the other man, his cock now wet with her own body juice and his cum, pushing into her mouth. Again, she struggled to breathe.

They went at Kathy for several hours. They took turns on her pussy a lot. They had fun making her get on top and bounce up and down. They videoed her young tits bouncing up and down, those amazing big nipples jiggling all over. She gave head for over an hour to both men. Eventually, they managed to each rape her young ass, then they made her get dressed. Forced into the back on the minivan, she was driven to the same general neighbor where she’d been grabbed. They kicked her out and sped off. Kathy could only hope her sister wasn’t going through the same thing.

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    My sister was nicely developed at 14 when the brown Mexican man popped her cherry on the couch. The more she complained about the pain the harder he pounded her. Mom complained about this blood stain on the cushion. Told her she should have been more cooperative so he could have took her to her bedroom and she wouldn’t have got her fresh cherry blood on her couch.

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    Very interesting. It was a hard read the only thing I hated was little sister was never told your sister in Mexico you will never see her again. I really think you need to do a follow up story. [email protected]

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    I would’ve kept her for about a year until she had a baby hopefully a little girl I would. Also I’ve got grandma involved there’s nothing hotter than watching a very young girl eating a very old pussy