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Me, my son and his friend fuck my wife. Pt. 4

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Chad gets some more with Stanley and Sara

Three weeks have went by since we let Chad join us having sex and letting the boys watch us again. And since then we have also made a few videos of us having sex and sending them to Chad and the boys and they all love them. And just a few days ago Chad comes over and asks if he can get some more pussy from Sara because his wife hasn’t been in the mood. I smile and say “Of course”. He smile back real big and says “thank you”.

Chad: So when can we do it, tonight?

Me: Not until next week I’m afraid

Chad: Wow that long, okay

Me: Yeah, Sara is having some family over for a while, so it won’t work for a bit

Chad: Ah, I understand

Me: Yeah, it would be nice to do it tonight but I get to deal with the in-laws ugh

Chad: Hahaha, I know the feeling, I hate my in-laws too

Me: Hahaha

As we are talking Sara comes back from the store with the rest of the groceries we need

Sara: Oh hey Chad, how are you

Chad: Hey Sara, I’m doing good, how about you?

Sara: I’m doing good thanks, are you joining us for a dinner”

Chad: Oh no, I’m just here talking with Stanley

Me: Yeah, we are making plans for next week

Sara: Oh really, what kind of plan hmmm

Me: You know, the bed kind

Sara: Oh, that sounds like a good plan, what about the boys?

Me: They can watch

Chad: Actually next week they will be at that sports camp for that week

Me: Oh yeah that’s right

Sara: Oh well, there’s always next time

Me: Yeah, there is haha

Chad: Okay, well I should start heading home, I’ll see you next Friday

Me: Okay see you then

The whole weeks go by and the day finally comes around. It is 7am and Ryan comes by and I take the boys to the school to get on the bus for their sports camp for the week. Once I drop them off I see Chad has messaged me asking what time he should be by. I text back 6pm works. He replies back with a thumbs up.

At 3pm all of my in laws finally leave and I am relived. The whole week that they were here I only had sex with Sara twice and each time it had to be a quickie so no one came in our room or heard us. I help Sara clean up a bit and I see it is 5:00pm so me and Sara decided to finish cleaning tomorrow and then we go upstairs and take a quick shower together. By the time we got out of the shower and put on some shorts and Sara put on some sexy lingerie. The time is now 6pm and I head downstairs to wait for him. As soon as I get downstairs I see him pull in the drive way. I open the door and wait for him and when he gets out of the car I see he is smiling really big with excitement.

Me: Hey there, are you ready for tonight?

Chad: Fuck yeah I am

Me: Good, Sara is waiting upstairs

Chad: Perfect

We both head upstairs and go to my room where Sara is sitting at the end of be waiting for us

Sara: Hey Chad,

Chad: Hey there

Sara: Are you ready

Chad: Oh yeah

Sara: Good

Sara then walks over to Chad and she grabs his waist and they start making out. I go behind Chad and grab his waist as well. I then grab his dick and feel he is rock hard. I then look at Sara and we smile at each other. We both start to kiss his each side of his neck. He starts to moan out “Oh fuck yeah”. I then unbutton his pants for him and push his pants down and I start to jack him off while we both kiss him. I then then push my shorts down and then I put my dick between Chad’s ass cheeks and I rub my dick up and down. He moans a bit louder and then Sara gets on her knees and she starts to Chad’s dick. As Sara is sucking his dick I am still rubbing my dick between his ass cheeks and he moans a bit louder.

Chad: Oh fuck yeah this is great

Me: Yeah, you like that

Chad: Oh fuck yeah I do

Sara then gets up and moves to the end of the bed and lays on her back and spreads her legs

Sara: My pussy wants you Chad

Chad: I want your pussy too

Chad then walks over and takes off the rest of his clothes and then gets on his knees and he starts eating out her pussy

Sara: Oh yeah that’s it

Me: Like that baby

Sara: Yes I do, it feels so good

I then get on my knees and go next to Chad and I join him and we both start licking Sara’s pussy

Sara: Oh fuck yeah, oh wow, yeah just like that oh my gosh

Me: Yeah you like that babe

Sara: Oh I fucking love it

Me and Chad continue to eat her our and hearing her moan just makes me so hard. I look at Chad and I can tell he is enjoying it as well and then I reach over and grab his ass and move my hand up and down.

Sara: Oh yeah, my pussy wants some dick now

Me: Go for it Chad, you need it

We both stand up and Chad puts his hard dick on top oh her pussy and rubs it back and forth making her pussy more wet. Then Chad nice and slow pushes his dick in her pussy

Chad: Oh fuck yeah

He then starts fucking her at a nice pace

Sara: Oh fuck Chad, fuck me

Chad: Your past feels so good

He then picks up the pace a bit and starts fucking now at a faster pace. I stand there jacking off watching Chad fuck Sara nice and good.

Chad: Stan, fuck me

Me: What

Chad: I want you to fuck me as I fuck Sara

Me: Okay

I then get behind Chad and spit on my dick and I start to put my dick in his ass nice and slow.

Me: Oh fuck Chad you have a tight ass

Chad: Yeah, oh man your dick feels so good

I move in a bit closer to him and then Chad starts fucking Sara again.

Chad: Oh fuck yeah this is so fucking awesome, me fucking Sara and now Stan fucking me at the same time, feels so good

Me: Fuck yeah this is awesome

Watching my dick go in and out oh Chad’s tight ass and now. Watching how Chad is basically doing all the work, as he fuck Sara he moved back and takes my dick he takes my dick. It is so amazing and now all of us are moaning like crazy. And I think to myself “fuck the boys are missing a great show”. And as I am fucking Chad I yell out

Me: Oh fuck I’m about to cum

Chad: Fuck yeah, cum deep in my ass

Me: Yeah you want me to cum in your ass

Chad: Fuck yes give me your cum

I fuck Chad faster and faster and I yell out “Oh fuck here I cum oh fuck fuck”

Chad: Oh fuck yeah I feel your cum filling my ass, it feels good

Me: Yeah, you like when my cum fills your ass

Chad: Fuck yeah I do

I look at him and we start making out. Then he starts fucking Sara again. I watch him pound her even harder and making her moan even louder.

Me: Fuck yeah there you go, get that pussy

I look at Sara and she smiles at me and I can tell she is really enjoying it. Then Chad yells out

Chad: Oh fuck here I cum oh fuck

Sara: Yeah, cum deep in my pussy

Me: Fuck yeah, cum deep in her pussy

Chad then goes even faster and faster

Chad: Oh fuck here I cum, oh fuck fuck

Sara: Oh fuck yeah,

Chad pulls his dick out and I see his cum start to drip out of her pussy. And without hesitation I get on my knees and I start to eat his cum out of Sara.

Sara: Oh fuck yeah baby just like that

Chad: Fuck yeah Stan, let me join you

He gets down on his knees net to me and we both start to eat his cum out of her pussy. And we are making her moan even more. Once we are done we both stand up and I look at Sara and I can tell she had a great time. Chad then comes over and gives me a hug and says “thanks again” and then he kisses me.

Me: Anytime Chad, anytime

Sara: Seriously anytime

Chad: Thanks, it is a shame the boys weren’t here for this amazing show

Me: Yeah, next time I guess

Chad then gets dressed and gives Sara a kiss and I walk him down the stairs and he gives me another hug with another thank you. We kiss once more and I say once again

Me: Anytime

Chad: Thanks

I watch Chad leave with a big smile on his face and then I go back upstairs and see Sara still laying on the bed naked still with a big smile.

Sara: Fuck that was amazing

Me: Fuck it sure was, I can’t for next time

Sara: Me too,

Me: Well I am going to take a shower now

Sara: I’ll join you

Me and Sara get in a nice hot shower and also have sex while taking one. Once we were done we get in bed and call it a night.

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