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So this happened over a year ago so I dont remember any names, but me and another guy played with a girl who was about 13 If I remember

So this wont be a very long story since I dont remember much, but this dude and me had been sharing some pics and vids when he brought up he had the telegram of a girl he met on instagram or something.

So we made a group with all 3 of us and asked her some questions, we played a question game where wed take turns. Shed ask us any question at all and wed both answer honestly and then wed together chose a question for her to answer.

We found out she touched herself daily, before and after going to sleep usually. She hadnt really tried out much yet in terms of kinks and porn, so we introduced her to a bunch of kinks like feet, watersports, and her favorite; anal.

We convinced her to play with her ass and tell us about it and my god it was so sexy. We never got to see anything, but she was such a horny little slut! Im sure by now she has regular sex with boys in her class or even adults, maybe even her teachers!

Sadly not much more to tell here, but if anyone wants to share stories of themselves or others, just send me a message on telegram (CinnamonDragon) or wickr (cinnamondragon). Im into almost all kinks, and im bisexual with a lean to girls. Im not single so i probably wont share much of myself, but Im sure you can guess from this story what I do have to send, as well as just thousands of hentai images of varying kinks.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Same name as the username on top on tele. Message to trad e

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    You should have a message from me now

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    I changed my username so it’s be easier to find

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    It’s Chris Anders and my pfp should just be a CA 😋

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    Add me on telegram denimisme

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    Is CinnamonDragon you telegram name or your username.

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      Is it your name on telegram or username

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      I cant find your telegram

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      Im not sure how to see, nor what the other would be. I think its my username

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    Whats yours? Maybe I can add yours instead. Goes for anyone here of any age, if you want my tele but cant find it just let me know and well find a workaround