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Just another stroll (part 2)

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Oh the people we meet we don’t expect to ever see again. Nightmare of a young rape victim. Will it ever end for her.

It was an imposing place. Surrounded on three sides by a high stone wall. The thick wooded forest bordering it’s other side and fenced off, though access via two large gates was available. The front entrance was through two large wrought iron gates. Bearing the St Cyrus school crest and via the gatehouse. Manned by a security officer 24 hrs a day. “Fucking fortress” I thought as I drove past for the umpteenth time.

I was carefull to space out my drive pasts to certain times, and, on different days. I had a good idea of the routines of the pupils after a couple of weeks. Being a residential school, most of its pupils remained there during term time. The village wasn’t big and the girls were often seen at certain times. Especially on Saturdays at the shops and cinema. Sunday was church day. I watched, waited, then…

” Get in cunt.” I pushed her into the van interior, slid the door shut and had her gagged and cable tied in less than a minute. The dark interior hiding my identity from her. I had been so patient, now that patience was to pay off. She would meet her village friends in town after church service, same time, same place. She was nearly always alone for a few minutes before they arrived. How nice of them to pick such a handy spot to meet and to be so handy for parking my van.

I could hear her wailing and writhing about as I drove to the derelict cottage I’d found a few miles from the town. It was well hidden and overgrown. Perfect for me. I slid open the side door. Quickly looked around found no one was near. Well didn’t expect so as this was middle of nowhere. Private property it had said. Just what I needed. Her eyes widened in horror and shock on seeing me. The gagged screaming almost made me feel sorry for her. Almost…

I quickly got her carried inside and dumped on the mouldy floor. I returned to drag the mattress and other items I needed into the old house and set about my fun. ” Hello Betty babes. How’s it been. You glad to see me then?” I was at this point pulling the mattres onto the old iron bedstead in the dank room. Betty just shook her head, sobbing and looking at me knowingly. Her mind must have been in a muddle. Imagining. What was I going to do to her this time?

She soon found out. I took off her gag and cable ties.” Cute as ever. Nice camel toe babe” I said eyeing the pouting labial mound imprinted onto her tight joggers. She flinched, clearly blushing with humiliation and embarrassment, turning away as I laughed while dropping my pants. My cock bobbed in front of her tear filled staring eyes. “Betty? get stripped!!.” Her crying went up a few decibels.

I had set up a laptop on an old set of drawers. This was presently showing Betty snapshots of our last encounter. On a loop!. She very slowly started to strip off. Forced by my threats to watch her last rapes while weeping uncontrollably. Off came her running shoes, jogging pants, T-shirt and bra, left in a discarded heap at her feet. I shouted at her to turn her back to me and take off her panties real slow.

She turned around, hitched her thumbs into her panty elastic nervously rolling the white lacy thong ever so slowly over pale white trembling buttocks. Ever farther down her teen thighs to fall and lay around her ankles.

Now completely naked, attempting futile cover ups and pleas. All ignored as I wanked my throbbing tool. Betty had changed in the last 10 months?
As I had thought, her tits were visibly bigger, her thigh gap lesser. Her cunt was still well trimmed. Her raven black minge contrasting to the pale white of her labia and thighs. Coral pink inner lips of her young cunt glistening with moist teen dew. I was so, so hard for this childs fanny to be choking my dick again.

“Come here Betty” I said, soft but demanding. Betty hesitated, looking around, praying for an escape route. “No good bitch” I growled, pre-empting her sly intent. “Fucking come here you dumb cunt ~ don’t make me angry.You stupid cow” Betty slowly ambled over her tits jiggling, standing full frontal to me as I’m sat on the bed.

“Mmm, hmm. Betty, you smell so good.” I say, pulling her crotch to my face. Her young, musky smelling pussy intoxicating me. I slide my hands over her pert arse cheeks snaking one into her crack and up onto her anus. My finger tickles her bumhole as she pulls back in revulsion. No doubt reliving her last sodomisation. Trailing my finger out over her arse and round onto her cunt lips. I opened her slippy outer labia up while stretching her cunt open.

Quickly slipping two digits onto her moistened fanny while hearing her gasp, breathing heavily and moaning. I took this as a signal she liked my ministrations! So I swiftly bent her over my knee then thrashed her bum cheeks crimson. I remembered how she hated being spanked last time and it helps if a cunt is scared of violence. Keeps them submissive. Usually.

Betty’s wailing and thrashing around as I’m fingering her anus. Delving into her poop chute, stretching it painfully. I pull my sticky from her hole, quickly standing upright she drops roughly to the floor. I kick her arse and order her to get up and bend over the mattress. Arse out and head down. Her quivering body is a picture as I spread her legs further and grope at her tits. ” Ooh girl you sure have grown some” I sat rubbing her pussy crack with my rampant cock. My hands full of pliant nubile 15 yr old tit.

“PLEASE, DONT CUM IN ME” Betty screams. My cock easily sliding up into her warm cocoon of young flesh. Her youthful muscles gripping the uninvited invader with vice like feeling. Belying the true feelings of the teenage fuck doll they belong to. I rape her hard, fast, abusive brutality exerted onto a childs cunt for no other reason than? I could!!

My warm sheath was getting very slippery and I was getting very close to exploding all my pent up aggression into this defenceless little girls tight hot babyhole. “It’s coming girl, it’s coming!!” So was she??. “Aaaaah, Unnngh.” She screeched. I felt her legs buckle and her cunt grips my throbbing prick even harder as she squirts onto my crotch, drenching my exploding balls in her and my sticky spend. Cum erupts in sticky gloops from her soaked fuck hole.

My cock throbbed so hard it felt painful. As the last of my spurts hit her back and hair, I’m wiping myself off on her crying face, forcing my softening knob into her gasping mouth. Drool and snot dribble onto her chin and tits. Nipples rock hard with a life of their own as I grip them and twist. Her orgasmic shakes still making her tits jump and her head Bob up and down at my thighs as her pain filled shreiks fill the air. I leave her in a pool of spunky slime as I regain my breath.

Betty is on the floor. Her arse is reddened and her fanny distended. Her pussy, leaking cum, makes humiliating noises when she is told to lay up on the mattress. Her long raven black hair a tangled sweaty mess. Her once carefully applied make up is smeared all over her face in a clownish mask. Her tits though are superb orbs now grown at least to a 34b. My softening cock throbs looking at her. Soon I think to myself.

After securing Betty to the bed I throw a dustsheet over her and I fall asleep. Few hours later her crying and so bing wakes me. ” Hi gorgeous girl, phew your a mess baby.” I observe making her humiliation even worse. “You thirsty, I am?” I get bottles of water from my bag and some snacks. She drinks greedily. Almost choking on it.
” Easy girl. I don’t want you puking on me. ” Can I go home please mister? ” She pleads sobbing. Staring hopefully at me with her big blue eyes. Her lips trembling and pouting her tits jiggling in time to her heaving sobs.

“When I decide you can honey. Not before, or ever again maybe?” She turns away heaving even harder. Thinking on what that last remark means no doubt? ” OK. Here’s the deal Betty babe. I’ve decided your my fuck doll. Cum dump, my little schoolie spunk tub.” I watched her get demoralised even further as I piled on the insults. ” You’ve seen the images of you and me hmm? Good eh, your a star babe, what you haven’t seen though…? Is the nicely edited 10 minute video of you craving my cock with a nice slow look at your face as your looking so into wanting fucked.

Betty is open mouthed. Looking so confused. Pulling at her bonds and cursing at me. I get up take the belt from my jeans and watch her cower in fear as the first lash stripes her thigh.
“On your fucking knees slut.” I growl while forcing my hand around her hair.
My dick is growing eager for seconds. I wait till she’s positioned arse in the air hands tied to the old iron headboard. Screams rent the air as lash after lash streaks her bum cheeks crimson. Her wailing and pain filled crying bursting my ears. I put the belt around her throat and choke her as I’m fingering her holes from behind.

Gurgling and watery eyed she’s struggling to breathe. ” Had enough cunt when you learn respect I’ll maybe let you go. Until then you worthless little cock eating shithead… UNTIL THEN!!.” I scream in her face. ” Your mine. I fucking own you. I own your shitehole, your piss flaps, your fucking soul is mines…. Got it”

I ram two fingers up her bruised bleeding arsehole while raping her teenage cunt with a discarded water bottle. Betty yells at me to stop. Pleading for her life, saying she’ll do anything I want. “I know you will bitch. Or your little porn movie goes to your headmistress. How’d you like them all to know your such an eager under age fuck toy?” She writhes in discomfort as I’m abusing her roughly. ” Now it’s time you heard just what I need for you to do for me?” Betty stops crying so much as my fingers and bottle exit from her sopping holes. She looks at me questioningly?

” Ooh that’s got your attention now has it. Good. Listen up cum dump.” I want to know who the redhead and the two little bitches are you meet in the village. I need you to tell me all about them? Got it”~” I can’t, I won’t.” She stammers. I jump onto the bed and grab her hips I hold her firm with one hand while positioning my raging hard on against her arse crack with the other. ” No no fuck you NOOOOOO” Her echoing screech is only matched by my grunting as I Ruth into her tiny arsehole and rape her mercilessly until she’s a rag in my arms and I’m cumming up her hot bumhole buried balls deep.

A few minutes later as she’s coming back around. I throw cold water on her face “Tell me now, or I’m taking you where they’ll never find you and watch you get fucked to death by dogs” Betty’s total fear was apparent as she blurted out what I wanted to know.
I untied her and let her rest for a little while. Let her mind take in all that had happened and her part in what happens next??

I picked up her shoulder bag, handing it to her. She looked at it, then me. Then back to the bag. Eventually taking out her phone, she looks up the contacts. Dials the required name, and trys cheerfully to say. “Hi….Can I see you this weekend?” “Sure honey we we’re going to come see you anyways” Betty was quiet not talking her usual chattering way. “What’s up Betty? You having those nightmares again? I think you should see the school doctor!” The recipient remarks.

“Nuh uh. No it’s fine. I’m uhm, I’m just uh… Just little tired is all”. She sniffed a tear back trying not to break down into floods. I was holding her by the hair my other hand on her nipple ready to twist it should she try to shout for help. The fear of exposure worked Betty would never live it down if her parents and friends found out about her rape come porn shoots. As she sat holding her phone and heaving with Shame and humiliation. I twisted her nipple hard, she dropped her phone screeching as I attacked her body again. My mouth biting at her rits hands on and fingers in her pussy and arsehole. My cock Hungry as ever for young cunt.

Three hours later and very very fucked I carried the hastily dressed Betty’s abused raped and well filled arse back to the van. Tied again and gagged I deposited her near the road to town. I left her, minus her nice musky smelling thong and bra. Smudged baby face, long tousled hair, damp leaking spunky holes, darkening her jogging pants to the front and rear. Standing with her braless breasts poking out her T-shirt. Waiting and hoping for some mercy to arrive and stop this nightmare. Though Betty knew it wouldn’t stop. In fact with what he had told her he wanted? Her nightmares had just begun??

To be continued if wanted.
(Thank you)

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