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Jared and Amy

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When I was a little girl of 6 when my dad remarried. He married a woman who had a son, Jared who was 8 years older than me. Ever since we me met I adored Jared. He was tall and athletic and I just loved him. Him and I hit off immediately. He was always playful, loving and affectionate with me.

So the story begins when he was babysitting me one night. I was 8 years old. I was taking a bath and he had to go to the bathroom and told me to pull the shower curtain. He peed and I tried to peek but he had his back to me. When he was done he went to leave. I asked him to stay and play with me.

We sat and talked and played with the bath toys I had. I stood up and showed him my pussy. “This is what I got.”, I said

“Amy! You are not supposed to show me that!”, he said

I giggled. “Why can’t you stop looking at it then?”, I said.

He pushed his finger on my head. “You are bad!”, he said.

I pulled the plug, let the water drain, and got out. He grabbed the towel and dried me off. “Bad girl.”, he said. He picked me up and shook me up and down. “Bad bad girl!”, he said. I was laughing so hard.

“You are a jerk!”, I said

He sat on the toilet and put me face down on his lap. He spanked my ass lightly. I fought back and hit him. So he did it again. Then he grabbed my butt. “You got a cute butt.”, he said. “The boys are going to love you.”

“I don’t want them! I want you!”, I confessed to him. “I want to marry you!”

He laughed. He sat me up facing him on his lap. “Do you now?”, he said in an evil voice. We rubbed noses together. I giggled and called him a dork. He touched my pussy with his finger.

“Uhh”, I gasped. It felt a little uncomfortable at first but I liked it. I messed with him. “Hey!”, I said, “I never said you could”. He hugged me and shushed me. “Yeah but I never said you could.” He hugged and shushed me again. “You are a jerk!”, I said and giggled.

He pushed on my nose and then kissed me on the lips. His tongue was pressing against my mouth so I opened it. Our tongues meeting was totally amazing. My dreams and fantasies about him coming true before me. He started rubbing my pussy. His finger sliding back and forth. Each thrust felt so good as he stimulated me. I started reacting, softly moaning and just enjoying the moment. It was so wonderful. I could feel his hard dick growing as I sat on his lap.

I pulled out of the kiss. “Let me see it Jared”, I said pointing to his crotch. He shook his head smiling. He was messing with me now. I grabbed his chin. “I going to smack you!”, I said.

“Ok. Let’s go to my room.”, he said

He picked me up and carried me to his room. He put me down on the bed. “COME ON!”, I said impatiently. He spanked my butt again. “OW JERK! THAT ONE HURT!”, I yelled

“I love your butt.”, he said. He turned away from me and mooned me. He pulled his shorts down and quickly spun around. “Ta da!”, he said

I gasped. There before me was his big dick. “WOW! THAT IS FUCKING COOL!”, I said. He came closer and tapped me on the head with his dick. I laughed

“Language!”, he said. I stared at it and checked it out. Looking at his big balls hanging down. “Are you going to stare or are you going to touch it?” I just froze. He tapped my head with it again. “Hello! Earth to Amy!”, he said. He tapped the top of my head with it. “I dub thee my queen!”, he said. I laughed.

He sat down. “Come here. It doesn’t bite!”, he said. He guided my hands to it and I felt it up. His shaft was rock hard. I felt it up to head and found it was softer. I squeezed and played it.

“This is so cool!”, I said. “Do I put that in my mouth? My cousin told me that girls suck on guys dicks.”

“Yeah you can if you want to.”, he said

“Isn’t that how I get pregnant?”, I asked. He busted out laughing at me. My warped sense of human reproduction made him laugh hysterically.

He pushed on my mouth. “Not here!”, he said. He touched my pussy. “Here, silly!”, he said. He smiled at me.

“How?”, I asked.

He put me on his lap. “Let me show you.”, he said. He explored down there. He poked my pussy until he found my hole. His finger slid up inside me. I gasped. My mouth dropped open in shock. He smiled at me. “It is ok. Relax. But my dick goes up in here. That is how girls have babies.”, he said.

“Well..”, I said uncomfortably, “I mean….Doesn’t that hurt? How does it fit? It is big.”

He laughed again. He hit my chest with his dick. “You are going to grow up!”, he said.

“Quit beating me with it!”, I said. He laughed and started hitting me more.

I smacked him and I grabbed it from him. “Be nice”, I said. I gave him a sly look and smiled at him as I put the head into my mouth. It didn’t taste bad. I tried to take as much as I could. He gave me some pointers on sucking dick so I tried my best. I licked the head of his penis and swirled my tongue on it.

“You are a pro.”, he said. He messed my hair. “Come on.”, he said. He laid on his back and we 69’d. “Fuck you got a cute ass.”, he said. I bit the tip of his dick.

“Language!”, I said and giggled.

He jammed his thumb into my pussy. My mouth and eyes went wide open. “OWWW! MAN!”, I said and I fell forward. He laughed. I was told not bite. I gave him an angry tone. “Just wait Jared! I am going to bite the head off!”, I said. I got back up and he hit me in the face with his dick. I laughed. “You are a butthole! Quit hitting me with it!” I said. He laughed and he spanked my butt.

I started improvising. Licking every inch of his beautiful cock. Starting at the bottom licking upwards and sucking on the head and going back down the other side and repeating. He was loving it.

He started licking my pussy. Finding my clit he started flicking his tongue against it as he jammed his thumb in and out of me. It hurt at first but I started getting used to it. His thumb felt so good up there. I stopped sucking his dick to his protest just enjoying what he was doing. It was becoming amazing. He stuck his index finger up my asshole and was fingering the lining in between. After a bit I felt this weird feeling come over me. I buried my forehead into his pubic hair as every muscle of my body clenched. I dug my fingers into his hips. “Mmmmmm awwwww Jared what is happ..”, I said as I had my first orgasm. I just collapsed on top of him.

He laughed. “You like that Amy?”, he said. I told him I did. He told me his thumb was bloody and he got up and washed his hands.

He sat back down. I wanted to sit on his lap but he wouldn’t let me. “Come on! I wanna suck your dick some more.”, I said

“Do you wanna get hit with it again?”, he said in an evil voice. I stuck my tongue out at him. “Just watch ok?”, he asked

He started masturbating. I stood close to him and watched him stroke that lovely stick. After a couple minutes he moaned. His head went back and his face clenched. He moaned loudly and I jumped out of the way as his dick shot off.

I gasped. My mouth and eyes were wide open. “What the heck is that?”, I thought. I wasn’t shy and wanted to touch what just came out of him. I reached for it. “NO DON’T TOUCH IT!”, he yelled. I jumped back scared. He busted out laughing. I got mad and I kicked him and he started laughing all the more. I grabbed some cum and examined it. I took some more and flicked it into his face for scaring me. He laughed and called me a brat. I rubbed my hand on his cheek.

“Eat it. It is called sperm. It is what makes your babies inside you.”, he said. I didn’t want to and shook my head. “Eat it. You like sucking my dick. What do you think the outcome of that is going to be?”, he asked

I licked my fingers. It wasn’t bad. Kind of salty. His dick was going back down but I licked it off for him. He stroked my hair as I did.

“Good girl! I love you Ames!”, he said and hugged me. We went out and cuddled together watching a movie until our parents got home. We were closer than ever now.

More tales to come.

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