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intruder follows drunk couple home and rapes them

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after a night at the bar a couple comes home.. little do they know they will remember this night forever.

this is a concept/fantasy i have. not an irl experience **yet ;)**.

i am afab (nearly) 18 and my boyfriend (we’ll call him liam) is amab (just recently) 17. i am 5’3 and very curvy. i have 48 DD tits and a big ass. he is 6’2 and skinny with a bubble butt and nice waist.

me and liam return from the bar absolutely trashed. we go to the bedroom and he lays on the bed. i get on top of him and we passionately makeout. i slide him inside of me and start to ride him. this continues for about 10 minutes until we both cum and i collapse on top of him. we pass out and sometime in the middle of the night we hear a noise outside our window. we’re still quite drunk and liam tries to soothe me, saying it’s probably just a squirrel or possum. we go back to bed for about 2 minutes until suddenly we hear someone inside of our house liam gets up to see what’s going on. he goes in the kitchen and i hear him scream “WHAT THE FUCK MAN LET ME GO”. i run to the living room and see my nightmare playing out in front of me.. liam is tied up on a chair in front of the couch clearly unconscious and beaten quite badly. at this point i’m sobbing begging the intruder not to hurt my liam. he says “you will do what i say or i will kill your boyfriend. strip and come here” he’s wearing a mask so i can’t see his face but his tone is terrifying. i do as he says, i’m only wearing liam’s tshirt so i take it off, revealing everything. my nipple piercings sparkle in the moonlight and i see him look me up and down.. i can tell he’s salivating, but trying to control himself. he wants to make this last. the man takes off my boyfriends boxers and starts to touch his cock. he gets him hard and demands that i start sucking him off. he makes me molest my own boyfriend in front of him.. i cry as i suck his dick and hope he’ll forgive me when he wakes up.. suddenly he starts to move his hips as he starts to wake up, not knowing what’s happening but loving every moment of it. i feel his cock twitch as he explodes in my mouth.. the intruder tells me to kiss him.. i do and he swallows liam’s cum. “i’m so glad i followed you two home.” “w…why are you d..doing this?” i say through tears. “i needed some unwilling pussy and your boyfriend is cute too.” he forces me onto my knees, “i saw how you sucked him, i want some of that. and if you spit out my cum i **will** kill him.” “i.. i under..s..stand” i’m sobbing now as he forces his cock down my throat.. i gag as he’s much bigger than my boyfriend (who’s about 7 inches).. this guy must be 10 or 11… i feel him stretching my throat out and i’m trying my best to just get it over with… i feel him start to swell up as he forces my head all the way down on his cock and busts a massive load in my throat. “now for that pussy” he says, sounding hungry. he grabs me by the throat and throws me onto the couch. i start to realize how big he is compared to me… he’s about 6’4 and has very wide shoulders. he’s not chubby but he’s not muscular either. he spreads my legs and starts to lick my cunt, still choking me. i start to moan and thrust up into his face instinctively… he’s very good. he gets on top of me and with one thrust forces his entire cock inside me, hitting my cervix. i scream and he slaps me across the face, hard enough to leave a huge red mark. “do that again and your boyfriend is fucking dead, do you understand bitch?” “y..yes” i say. he starts aggressively fucking me and it hurts so much.. he’s so massive compared to me and i can see his dick in my stomach..!! he says “i’m gonna make you pregnant whore. you’ll raise my fucking baby and i’ll be able to rape you whenever i want then.” i start sobbing uncontrollably and put my hands over my face, desperate to escape this reality. he forces my hands away and yells “LOOK AT ME WHEN I FUCK YOU SLUT !!!” i do as i’m told. at this point my boyfriend is fully away and starting to thrash around in his chair. desperate to help me. the man walks over to him and says “you wanna be used too don’t you mutt” liam looks terrified. and in 5 seconds the man’s cock is in liams mouth

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  • Reply Bigun ID:60aa7938m

    Good but you should of had him stretch Liam’s asshole and pumped a big load into hid boi pussy.

  • Reply Dan ID:153jwgw820d

    Keep writing this is definitely not over