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I’m Addicted To Sex And Cheating

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I kinda have a problem with a bit of a sex addiction. I’m a married woman. I’ve been married for years. I have a great husband. He tolerates me even though I cheat. Actually, he deep down gets off sexually from my cheating. The only thing is when he’s fucking me after he’s found out I fucked someone, he’s mean to me. He hurts and punishes me.

Last week I was out with some friends and I always dress very sexy when I go out. My husband likes me to dress sexy too. I’ve got a good figure, I’m petite but I’ve got big boobs for my size. 32 DD. I’m curvy with blonde hair and green eyes. So, I had on a short wrap around dress with a deep v-cut top to it. My boobs were very much on display. My husband, (Luke) said, “You look beautiful, are you gonna be a good girl tonight?” I said, “Yes, I’ll be good.”

So, I left to go meet my friends and Luke had a pool league he plays in, so he was going there.
While I was out drinking a guy, who I’d never met came up to me and he was hitting on me. I told him I was married but, that didn’t detour him. He was so cute and so very sexy. He was pulling my top open with his finger to look at my titties. I just let him cause he was making my pussy wet.
He wanted me to go to his van with him. I told him I can’t.
He said, “I think you really want to, so why are you saying no?” I was losing my resistance due to the alcohol.
I said, “Yes, I want to go, very much, but I promised my husband, I’d be a good girl tonight.” He said, “Have you been a bad girl before?” I said, “Yes, I have.” He just kept on me, buying me drinks, touching me.

My friends were all getting ready to go home, it was getting late so he (his name was Josh) walked away as everyone was leaving. I was getting ready to go myself. When I got to the hall that led to the door, he came up behind me and walked me straight out to his van. I got in.

A couple hours later, I made it home. It was later than I planned on being gone. Luke was already home and in the bed. I got in the bed and Luke reached over for me. He said, “You’re late.” I said, “I know, I’m sorry.” I said, “We were having a good time and I didn’t realize it was this late.”
Luke is taking off his boxers. I know I’m in trouble. He’s gonna fuck me and he’ll know.

Luke takes off my nightgown. Then he slips my panties off. He said, “Come here, baby and suck my dick for me, I’ve been waiting for you to get home.” So, I lean over and put his dick in my mouth and start sucking him. He’s hard already, he must have been waiting and anticipating having sex.
I love his dick. It’s big, 9″ and very thick. He fills my pussy up so tight. I’m sucking and then Luke rolls over on me and gets on my chest and puts his dick in my mouth again. Now, I’m on my back and he’s on top. His legs has my arms trapped by my sides.

He says, “What did you do tonight, baby?” He sliding his dick down my throat and back out so I can answer. I said, “We just talked, drank and played a game of darts.” He put his dick back in my throat and held it there. He said, “I talked to Emma earlier tonight.” I’m thinking, oh fuck, he knows. He pulls his dick back out. Then he said, “So, what did you do tonight, baby?” His dick was very hard, he was excited and was waiting to hear who I fucked, I know my husband. He slid it deep in my throat and brought it back out so I could speak.

I said, “Well, I guess you know that I wasn’t a good girl tonight, Luke.” He fucked my throat hard and I couldn’t breath and he kept on until I gagged. He let me get a breath and then fucked me hard again.
We’ve he pulled out his dick, I yelled, “I’m sorry, Luke, I’m sorry.”

He slid down and laid on top of me.He said, “Spread your legs.” I said, “Luke.” He said, “Spread ’em.” So, I did. He then rammed his dick in my pussy with a vengeance. He hung his head, because he could feel the cum. “Why did you lie to me?” He’s pounding my pussy.
“You know I can tell when you’ve fucked someone.” I said, “I just didn’t want to disappoint you again.” “I’m always disappointing you, Luke.”

Luke said, “Tell me what happened.” He starts sliding his dick in and out among the cum that Josh left in there. Luke’s dick is so hard. I know he acts mad but, I also know, it turns him on so much, when I come home with cum in my pussy.

I said, “This guy Josh, talked me in to going in his van.” “I went and I just let him fuck me.” ” You know how I am, Luke” Luke reaches with both hands, grabs my nipples and twists them so hard, I cry out. It feels like he’s gonna twist them off. Luke said, “Yes, I know how you are, you’re a slut.” “You’re easy, you’re addicted to fucking and you’re mine.”
He’s sticking that hard dick in me harder now. I like it.

He said, “What did he do to you?” I said, “He undid my wrap around dress and let it fall away then, he took of my bra. Luke said, ” Were you wearing any panties?” I said, “No.” He slapped me in my face. He said, I told you about going out with no panties.” He smacked me again and rammed his dick in me hard. He said, “I just took off panties.” I said, “I put them on when I got home.”
“Go on.” he said. “Then he took his clothes off and made me suck his dick.” How’d he make you?”
He laid me down in the bed in the back and got on top of me, like you do, then he put it in my mouth and said, suck it.” Luke fucked me hard and said, “Did he cum in your mouth?” I said, “Yes, Luke.” He slapped me again.

He said, “Turn over.” So, I turned over onto my stomach. Luke said ,”Did you suck him a long time and did you swallow his cum?” I said, “Yes, I did.” Luke stuck two fingers in my ass and rammed them in.
I cringed with pain. I knew what was coming.
Luke said, “Tell me what happened next.” I said, “After he cum he rolled off of me and said, how good I sucked his dick and said he was gonna fuck me in just a minute, I told him okay.”
Luke’s added another finger to my ass. He’s getting it ready for his big dick.

Luke ask, “How big was the guy’s dick was. I told him, “He was about 7″ or a little more.”
Luke started spanking my ass. He was hitting me hard saying, “You need your ass beat for fucking a 7″ dick when you’ve got me.” I said, “I know Luke, I know.” Luke said , “What else.”

I told him, “Josh had me get up and lean over the bed so, he could fuck me from behind.” ” I did that and he reached around and played with my clit until I cum on his dick.” “He fucked me for awhile and said, “I’m gonna cum in your pussy baby, and he did.”
Luke put his dick at my asshole and rammed it in, all at once and all the way. I cried out loud in great pain. Luke was spanking my other cheek saying, “You deserve this you little slut.” “This is what you’re gonna get every time, you fuck someone.”

His dick is hard as a rock plunging in my ass. He pulled me into his groin pushing his dick in deeper. He said, “I ought to fuck you raw but, I won’t. Luke pulled his dick out of my ass and left the room. I’m assuming he went to wash his dick. He would never put his dick in my pussy after he had it in my ass, unless he washed it. I’m just laying there how he left me. He came back and said, ” Sit on the bed.” I sat up on the side of the bed and he put his dick in my mouth. I put both my hands on it and suck it so good, Luke moaned and said, “Is this how you sucked his dick?” I said, “I just sucked his dick with my mouth, Luke, I didn’t love sucking his dick like I love sucking yours.” He pulled my head to his groin and his dick went down my throat. He held it there then pulled it out.

Luke said, “You’re my slut wife who makes me so fucking horny, sometimes I can’t stand it.” “You make my dick so hard, fucking other guys, it makes me want to hurt you but, I get so turned on I want you to fuck more.”
He laid me back on the bed and rammed that big dick in my pussy. I thought finally, I love how he fucks me, so hard and he hits my clit just right to make me cum. And, there it is, I’m cumming, cumming on his dick. Luke lifts my hips and rams his dick in me and makes me cum more. His dick is getting bigger and he cums a big load in my waiting pussy.
I feel so full of Luke’s cum. He’s moving his dick in and out of the cum. It’s so slick.

He pulls out, we get into bed and he said, “I ain’t done, I’m gonna fuck you all night.” I said, “I love that, Luke, fuck me all night.”

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  • Reply watcher ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    NICE !!!

  • Reply Faithful wife ID:1ardd6tdqk

    I can relate to this. The CEO of my husbands company had a thing for me and threatened to withhold my husbands promotion and possibly retrench him if i didnt let him have his way with me. Eventually i did. Got my husband a double promotion with a shocking increase in salary. I got offered a job with a huge salary too. Husband knows nothing

    • Jenica ID:1csgnvn84g0c

      How did it feel to fuck your husband’s boss?

  • Reply RwashGift ID:1jybr2qk

    wish my hubby had 9inches ilv big n thick cocks

    • Jacqui ID:5q8ituf49a

      Yes you would so enjoy 9″ as I’ve had many times, definately stretchers you and fills you up completely..An awesum sensual feeling.
      [email protected]

    • Sex Addict ID:1a912bhj

      Yes, it is. A thick 9″ dick is a truly AWESOME feeling. It fills your pussy so tightly, it reminds you of the first time someone put a dick in your little virgin pussy.

  • Reply Mike ID:7ylren4oic

    This is why i never got married and had no kids.your all cheating sluts.your all good for one thing, sex.i get laid from you whores and go home and sleep like a baby all night.

    • Miss Easy ID:1a912bhj

      Sleeping alone? LOL

  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    You’re my type of woman. If you like hmu

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    I’m very hyper sexual 😋 though it’s a bit tough for me because I’m kinda 15 😅 also male

    • 6928cm ID:zddce9fia

      You can say something when you’re 40+ like me and you can go on like i can.
      Don’t get satisfaction unless i dumped my load 4x