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I Saw My Daughter Naked Now, I Want To Fuck Her, An I Did

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I hate to say this but, I been lusting and fantasizing about fucking my 10 year old daughter. She’s an amazing girl. Smart, she’s in the advanced classes at school. Beautiful, she’s blonde hair blue eyes, weighs 95 lbs. and has long legs, perky little titties which over fills her A cup bra. I heard her tell a girlfriend she was gonna have to get a B cup whenever she goes shopping next.

I know she knows about sex but I’m not sure how much. She hasn’t started her period yet. Her mother and I divorced three years ago. Her mother wanted to run around and go out drinking all the time so, I got to keep Abby.
Abby has such a sense of style. She dresses herself and selects clothes one wouldn’t think would look good together but, when she’s done, she looks like she could take the runway. I’m always impressed by her taste. She likes to dress sexy too. So, that makes me think she knows more about sex than I realize.

She’s always been a lovey, cuddly child. She climbs into my bed and spoons up to me. But she likes it best when I spoon up to her. It never bothered me until lately. She was in there bathroom and came out but naked asking me to look at this place on her lower back. I was shocked to see her naked body, how sexy it was. She had no problem standing naked in front of me. She has spotless skin. Not a blemish on it nowhere. I looked at what she was talking about an it was a mole. I told her and she said, “Well, I don’t like it, I may have it removed.” I cracked up. She’s just so matter of fact.

Anyway, she marched off like, “I’ll take care of this myself.” I couldn’t stop thinking about her body. I had the newspaper in my lap to cover my hard dick that developed when she came out. I’m rubbing my dick thinking how sick I am for lusting after my own daughter.

I’m a computer engineer and since Covid, I work from home full time now. The very next morning was Saturday and I was sleeping in. Abby usually slept in on Saturday’s too. But, she came into my room and jumped in my bed wanting to spoon with, me spooning her.

She had on a shorty baby doll nighty and just her panties on. She stuck her little but right against my morning hardon. I put my body around hers and she said, “Daddy, you need to go pee, that thing’s sticking me in the butt.” So, I got up and went to the bathroom. I came back and spooned her again. She pushed and wiggled her butt against my dick and got it started again. She said, “There it is again daddy, that hard dicky doo of yours.” I said, “Well, Abby, you’re the one who keeps rubbing your butt up against it, that’s what makes me hard.”

Then, she said, “I know, that’s what you call girl power.” And, she laughed. I said, “What do you know about my hard dick?” She said, “Dad, I’m 10 years old. I know a lot.” I said, “How…who told you these things.” She said, “Well, school and boys at school.” I said, “What about boys at school, what have they said to you?” She said, “Dad, they don’t only say things, they’re always touching or trying to do things to us girls.” I said, “Like what?”

She said, “They try to look up our dresses and skirts or they try to touch our boobs, grab our pussy, stuff like that.” “And, when they do those things, their dicky doo gets hard.” I said, “Has any of them got you before?” She said, “A couple i
times they’ve touched my pussy and my boobs.” I said, “What did you do?”
She said, “I told them to stop but they didn’t until I pushed them away.”
I feel my dick getting harder. I said, “How did it make you feel when they touched you?” She said, “I got tingly in my pussy.” I can’t believe she says pussy.

She pushes against my dick. I said, “Abby, you’ve made it hard doing that.” She said, “I know daddy, that’s my goal.” I said, “Why is your goal to make my dick hard?” She said, “Well, I’d like you to show it to me and let me mess with it.”
I know when she said that I cum a little. I couldn’t believe I was hearing what she said. I said, “What do you mean mess with it?” She said, “You know, make it big and hard and then make it shoot cum out of it.”
I couldn’t believe my daughter was saying these things. She knows more about sex than I ever thought.

I said, “So, you really want to see my dick?” She said, “Yes, daddy.” as she wiggled her butt against it.
So, I rolled over on my back and pulled my boxers down so my dick popped out. Abby said, “Wow daddy, that’s big.” She immediately grabbed it and I wanted to cum right then. She said, “So, this thing goes in my pussy, how’s that possible, it looks too big.” She’s got both hands around it and stroking it up and down. It’s getting harder and bigger.

She said, “Daddy, it’s growing more and getting harder.” I told her, That’s because, she was doing what she was doing that’s what I do when it’s in your pussy.”

She said, “Well when does it shoot the stuff out?” I said, “Whenever I want it to.” She said , “Daddy, make it do it, I wanna see it.” I told her it needed stimulation for it to come out.” She said, “How do you stimulate it?” I said, “Well, a couple of ways.” “You can have sex, or you can put your mouth on it and lick and suck on it.” She said, “How about I suck on it?” I said, “If you want.” So, she laid down on her stomach and and pulled my dick down to her lips. It was all I could do to keep from cumming in her face. To see my Abby sucking my dick was, unfathomable.

She opened her mouth wide to get the head in m her mouth. I told her, “After you get it in your mouth, use your tongue to rub the dick back and forth and all around.”
I told her, “Abby, you have no idea how wonderful you’re making daddy feel.” I said, “If you can try going up and down on it and putting more of it in your mouth, see how much you can get in your mouth.” She tried going down on it and she pushed it to the back of her throat, she gagged but, it felt so good.
I was wanting to cum.

I said, “Abby, I’m gonna cum and it’s gonna squirt out. So, when I say, move your mouth off of it unless, you want it to cum in your mouth.” She nodded yes.
She was sucking and I said, “I gonna cum, Abby.” She kept her mouth on it and I cum in her mouth.
She let it fall out of her mouth and then spit. I handed her some tissues. She wiped her mouth off and said, “Daddy, that was so cool, I felt it squirting in my mouth.” I was so turned on hearing her say that. My dick really didn’t go down cause I wanted to fuck her so bad.

I said, “Abby, would you like for me to put it in your pussy so you can feel these amazing feelings sex can give you?” She said, “Daddy, my pussy feels wet just doing that to you and I got excited sucking your dick, but, I’m scared about it going into my pussy.” I told her, “It’s up to you but, it will go in her pussy and it will hurt some when I break her hymen.” “But, then you’ll love sex.” She said, “I think I wanna try daddy.” I said, “Alright.”

I told her to, “Lay down, spread your legs and I’ll rub some oil on your pussy so it will go in easier.” I couldn’t believe I was looking and touching my Abby’s pussy. It was hairless and tiny. I slid my finger in her to massage the opening with oil and she said, “Oh daddy, that feels do good.” I put my finger in her slowly and she tensed up but, took it. Then, I added another finger with oil an it slid in nicely. She said, “I like it daddy, that feels good.” I fingered her a long time and felt like she was getting used to the size. I said, “I’m gonna add another finger Abby.” When I did that she winced a little but, eventually she let her legs fall completely to the side opening up her pussy and enjoying my three finger fucking.

After she relaxed I took my thumb and started rubbing her clit. She acted like an electric bolt went through her. She said, “Oh daddy, I ain’t never had this feeling.” She was breathing hard and shaking a little. Her clit was getting hard. I kept flicking and rubbing it. Abby said, “Oh daddy, oh daddy, I’m, I , I don’t know what, oh, oh. DADDY. Abby was cumming on daddy’s hand.

She was wiggling and twitching as I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. She finally grabbed my hand so I would stop touching her clit. I left my fingers in and slowly moved then in and out.
She said, ” What was that daddy?” I said, “You had your first orgasm.” She said, “Wow, that was amazing, daddy, I wanna feel it again.” I was stretching my fingers apart so I could get my dick in. I’m almost 8″ but, I’m pretty thick. I think she’ll like it after I break her hymen.

I pulled my fingers out and climbed between her legs. I put my dick at her opening with some fresh oil on it and her. I started pushing and it went in pretty good. She said, “Oh, It is big daddy.” I said, “It’s gonna hurt when I break your hymen so just hang on. I pushed till I got to her hymen and then I showed it through. She yelled, ” Ouch, daddy, it hurts.” I just kept fucking that little pussy, it was so tight it was strangling my dick. But, I was fucking my little girls baby pussy. It was wrapped around my dick. I couldn’t believe it. I want to fuck her all day long.

Abby, finally started to relax. She spread he legs as far apart as she could. I had almost all my dick in her.
She was moaning. I reached down to her foot and started letting it lightly. She moaned again and said, “Do it again daddy, make me have another orgasm, fuck me daddy.”
Such sweet words from my little girl. I started fucking her harder and I was pounding her clit hard. She started cumming on my dick, I could feel the warm wet liquid making my dick slide in and out even more easier. She started twitching and jerking.

She said, “Oh, daddy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I was so excited and so hard I started running in that little naked pussy. Ram, ram, ram I put if deep in her.
She said, “Daddy, I love fucking.”

I said, “Are you gonna fuck me all the time now?” She said, “Yes, all the time, daddy.”
She said, “Daddy, I would like for you to tie me on the bed and fuck me.,” I said, “Where’d you get that idea?” She said, she saw a movie where this women was tied to the bed and several men raped her and she liked it.”
I told her we’d do anything she wanted. She ask, “When can we do it again?” I said, “Whenever she’s ready.” She said, “Go get some rope daddy and tie me down.”
So, I did. I had some long gardening zip ties and I used those. I got her tied down and started playing with her pussy and sucking on her perky titties. Those little pink nipples stuck straight up in the air. I put my mouth on that perfect titty and sucked it, nibbled on it and rolled her nipple through my fingers. She really liked the attention I gave her titties.

I straddled her body and said, “If they raped that woman in the movie, I’m sure she had to di ck their dicks do suck my dick, Abby.” I put it in her mouth and she sucked it like she was a pro. I pushed down deep and she opened her mouth so she could take it. How did she know how to do that? I was so hard in her mouth, I wanted to cum down her throat.
I tucked he mouth and made her suck me a long time. Then, I slid down and slipped my dick into her tight little pussy. She winced but said, “Stick it in me daddy.” So, I started fucking her. Man, she was so tight. It felt like no other pussy I’ve ever been in. I wanted this to last forever.

I ask her, “Do you want me to talk dirty to you?” She said, “I don’t know what that is but, do it.”
I said, “Daddy’s gonna fuck your little pussy and make you cum all over his dick whether you like it or not.” “I’ve got you tied down and you can’t do anything but, I can do anything I want to you.” I told her “Daddy’s like it when their daughter’s fuck them like little sluts.” “Maybe Daddy will bring in a bunch of men to fuck you, Abby, would you like that?” She cum when I said that to her. I said, how would you feel having one man fucking your pussy and another man sticking his duck in your mouth making you suck him?” She cum again. “When they cum in you then two other men took their p!ace and you were tied down and couldn’t do anything but do what they said.” “Would you like that my little slut Abby?” She said, “Yes daddy, I would love to be tied down and men fuck me over and over.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was so turned on I started fucking her so hard she was grunting cause it was hurting her but I just kept fucking her hard, ramming my full length in her pussy.
I told her, “Daddy’s cumming, Abby.” She yelled, “Oh daddy.”

She said, “Daddy that was the best feeling I’ve ever had, you’ll have to tie me down more, I love it.”

That was our whole Saturday. We fucked all day and part of the night. Abby slept in my bed from then on.
We fucked every day at least twice, sometimes more. We were so happy. She loved being tied down and talked dirty to. I think she really wants other men to come in and fuck her lime that movie. I never dreamed I’d be fucking my little girl’s pussy the way I am. It’s a dream. She’s got that tight pussy she wraps around my dick. It feels wonderful.

I’m gonna bring up the possibility of fucking her little ass. I wonder what she’ll say. I hope it’s a yes. Knowing Abby, she’ll probably do it. I’ll write again after I see how things go.

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    Loved it

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    Sarah, I’m 8 year old Beth. My little pussy gets so wet and I play with my clit when I read these stories. I would love for you to eat my little pussy! I started really thinking about sex when I was 7. I was 7 when mom and dad started leave the door cracked open when they fuck. I think they leave it open so I can watch. I’v been playing with myself for over a year now. I am addicted to porn. How old are you?

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      We should talk sometime Beth!

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    That story brings me back 40 years ago. After I found out our oldest daughter was sucking my dick at night and her mom was telling her how to make me cum. She sucked my cum a lot and after I broke her hymen she never wanted me to stop fucking her.

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      What are your titties like? What size and color are your areolas and nipples? what is her pussy like?

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    My 10 yo grand daughter sat on my lap and rubbed back and forth on my hard dick through our pajama pants…
    I couldn’t help but cum and soak my pants, and she kept going, not real sure but she didn’t cum, I think.
    She has done this several times to me, and now, at 11, she has started her period, and she did it to me and she orgasmed…

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      That’s beautiful Randy 🥰
      Mmmmm yummy 🤤

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      What are your titties like? What size and color are your areolas and nipples? what is her pussy like?

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    If you’re going to write some fantasy shit, at least make it realistic. I fucked a 20yo virgin girl and even though she liked it in the end and became addicted to it later, it took some fucks for her to finally unleash her slutty side and you want to make us believe a 10yo girl asked you to tie her up and fuck her rough minutes after losing her virginity? What a joke.

    • Secret ID:1a912bhj

      Hey ecniv,
      If you don’t like something, try to not be a DICK by saying something a moron would say. What? Me.Lucky didn’t write a story the way you would have written it? Don’t fucking read it then. This whole site is a fantasy, some truths, some embellishing. If you’re so perfect, you don’t belong on here. You’re kinda pitiful making comments like this.

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    Now that is a real loving Dad!!! Sharing your cum with made her!!!

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    ten year old girl who not yet started her periods, enjoying with her dad like this is unusual I think. But these days girls this age know more about sex and may be true also. Anyhow lucky he is.

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      So cool.

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    a good read but find it hard to be true because a 10 year old being that outfront and knowledgeable about sex and saying that she had been touched at school along with everything else she said or did and you knowing nothing about any of it until it was yalls first time and you stateing that you fucked her all day with your above average dick so with you saying she supposabley knowing so much and fucking like a slut to be only 10 is hard to believe this to be true and i could be wrong because the world is so fucking twisted but i would have to see proof good story though id love to have a 11 year old with her mindset

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      Uncle Dick,
      Who said it was true. You really don’t think all these stories are true do you? Plus, I had a boy in my class when we were in first grade chase me on the playground and reached up under my dress to touch my pussy. Now, that is true. But, what 6 year old knows about touching little girls pussy. I was shocked.

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      shelly thank you for pointing out weather true or not so i apologize for that statment i honestly thought i had read something about it being true so i read it again to see that i was wrong so to you and author i truly am sorry and to anyone else i may have offeded and did you enjoy your playground experence if so i would like to read about it and about your first time if you like shareing your adventures

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    Hello Me. Lucky, Great story, would love to be one of your “friends”, seems like a lovely little girl.

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      What would you like to talk about DaddyDominus? I’m here and listening.

  • Reply Me. Lucky ID:1a912bhj

    There are so many mistakes in this transcription. I have my original and there are NONE of these errors and misspellings. I proof read twice before I send anything. How does this happen. Does someone retype this? If the do they are STUPID. This is embarrassing to me. My copy of this story doesn’t have all these errors. Can anyone tell me how these are handled when we send them to whoever sexstories69 is? I would love to have an answer.

    • Hippie ID:13px4my6tonj

      So hot hope you do bring some friends

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      Me Lucky, It is the same as when posts are deleted. No one can delete posts except the admin on this site so yes there is a lot of BS going on here. I noticed the same sick shit!.
      Nice story, I was once invited to a friends house to share his daughter, she came like 8 or 9 times having two cocks in her. She had a triple orgasm that finished her off. A triple orgasm back to back at 10 years old. Wow!

    • Me. Lucky ID:1a912bhj

      Thank you, I’m glad to see it’s not just me. I’ve had some of my stories printed with so many mistakes, I look on paper, like an illiterate. And, they are not MY mistakes. I keep my stories I write and my copies don’t have all these errors. I’d say, they have someone working for them that may be an illiterate themselves. It’s so frustrating.

      Admin: We have not made any changes to your story, it is as we received it.

    • admier ID:1m5l2uf49c

      thank you for sharing

    • Force Yourself Into Me ID:16ltejw69hwf

      I wish I knew the answer to that! It’s the same for me! It’s very discouraging to post a well written story only for it to end up with a crap ton of errors that weren’t there when you posted it!

    • Lolita ID:1a912bhj

      Force Yourself Into Me,
      I found through trial and error you have to proof read at least twice. My Kindle makes the changes all by itself. It thinks it knows what I wanna say. After I proof read, I don’t type anything else. I just send it. It’s truly frustrating how these Kindle’s change what you write.