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I Pakistani F Blackamiled by Hindu Doctor in UK

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Hi everyone, This is my real story of 23 yo girl Living in UK on Student Visa. I don’t know what to do now please need help.

Hello everyone. I am Simona Saeed 23-year-old Pakistani girl studying in UK from last few months. I am from Sahiwal Punjab; till 12th I completed my studies in my local institutes then I moved to Lahore for my bachelors in civil engineering and completed that degree last year. I had couple of bf but never had physical relation because I belong to very conservative Muslim family. Then my family decided to send me to UK for masters and they are spending more than 50K pounds for my degree and 30k for living expenses so my target is to never let them down.

The workload of my university was not much so I decided to work to earn some money. I started to look for job and after some time I started job at same place of my roommate in a private clinic as a receptionist of an Indian origin doctor his age was around 40. He was very nice to both of us. My roommate was 24-year-old Pakistani too. She was conservative like me too and we both wear hijab and stay away from the bad company. But I should admit she was more beautiful than me.

Anyways, after a week we both double pay in our accounts. We asked him the reason and he told us that it is because we are working in a good manner. He gave us double pay for like 2-3 weeks then one day I got the news that my friend has been deported by UK immigration because she has breached her visa condition of 20 hrs per week. Next day went I went to work Dr Ramesh was busy with patients but when we closed the clinic, I asked him what happened her. He told me that he has a friend in immigration and she refused to obey him so I deported her. I told him we only worked 20 hrs but he said our bank accounts says otherwise.

Then he came closer to me and said if you don’t want to get deported then do what I told you and he grabbed me and started to kiss me. I wanted to stopped him but the picture If I went back to Pakistan horrified me, I just didn’t want to let down my parents. He told me that he likes cute Pakistani Muslim girls a lot and as a Hindu he likes fucking them. I just could not control myself and started to cry. He then bended me on his table and removed my jeans and panty. I just closed my eyes in fear and he then takes out his black dick and started to rub on my clit. He said I really like you girls remains virgin even at this age.

He then puts one hand on my mouth, and then inserted his dick I was in shear pain. He took my virginity and fucked me really hard. Then finishes inside me after that he hold me up remove my top and bra and sucked my boobs by placing me Infront of the wall. By that time, I had lost all my strength. I was only in hijab at that moment. Then he grabs me and took me to the sofa and he another around and at last me ask me to clean his dick by sucking. I did as he said because I had no strength to do anything.

I went to my hostel after that event and cried whole night I did not know what to do. I didn’t take classes next day or neither went to went. But after 2 days Dr Ramesh Called me and asked me to come to work. He didn’t say anything to me at work and pretended that it never happened. But after few days he fucked me like that again and he had done this to me like 20 times in the last 3 months. He is very rough, fuck very badly and he treats me like I am his bitch or something. He is a racist person because he abuses me because of being Pakistani and Muslim and how his Hindu uncut dick likes fucking me.

Since the day he started fucking me I have taken pills because he doesn’t use condom. I just want to take my life to end this but last week I have found out that I am pregnant. I don’t know what to do. I can’t take life of an innocent child plus I can’t raise a child of a Hindu men in my belly it’s too disgusting to me. If my family finds out that I am pregnant they will disown me. I don’t know what to do please him me in this regard because I can’t talk to anyone around me about that.

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  • Reply All3n ID:6e4ii2f8

    Simona, I don’t agree with abortion, but if that’s what you decided then I won’t talk you out of it. I’d like to stay in contact, if you make/have a throw away email account, we could chat.

  • Reply fuck you ID:1ah770le20c

    stick your nose in your hindu mothers ass and smell it will be like pee your mother fucker

  • Reply hindu men ID:2kyee16thj

    hey you fucking fools she got raped.if your sister or mother got raped will you just tell them the same. btw i am a hindu too. i got a idea why don’t you make him unconsious by some medicine and tie him and dominate or kick his penis and balls or cut it.

    • hindu men ID:2kyee16thj

      for mens who like dominant stories just read and enjoy like it is fictional and don’t dare to do it in because some are their to save womens from fucking bastards

  • Reply All3n ID:6e4ii2f8

    Simona, if you have a cell phone get some kind of recording of him assaulting you, and if you are able get him to mention the contract he has for deporting girls. That is step one, next go to a hospital and report you were raped, have them do a rape kit and give a statement to a law officer, then look up a law office that deals with rape cases and have them help you with the legal process. When it comes to your family assume that they will find out because a pregnancy is something that can’t be truly hidden, and I’m sorry you will most likely be disowned. For the child adoption is a good option. If you’d like to talk with me then let me know how to contact you. I am sorry that you have had to deal with this alone.

    • Simona Saeed 23 ID:6nzrkvhmhwa

      Thanks allen, I have decided to report to police. I can’t record him because i cant go to him again. I will do abortion and will went back to pakistan and will lie about or find anyother reason why i returned

  • Reply Mahreen30 ID:14fucyyzr9

    You guys are creep. Have some sympathy with this girl. She is abroad and a difficult situation.
    Simona I think you should tell your parents and secondly report that person to the police. People like them should be behind bars. From your story I think he has done this to other girls too. You can stop him doing this in future to other girls and save their lives just tell the police.

    • Simona Saeed 23 ID:6nzrkvhmhwa

      Thanks Mehreen30 unlike others you are a good person i know reporting to police is right thing to do. But i will get deported if he tell immigration that i have breach my visa condition.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z20b

    Just enjoy the fucking. You’re a lucky girl. And it’s fun for the guy to fuck a preggo bitch!

    • Simona Saeed 23 ID:6nzrkvhmhwa

      The world is not safe for women because of the perv guys like you. Imagine someone does this to your mom or sis.

    • Honest person ID:1cm3233t5l0k

      You should tell your parent.

  • Reply Akash ID:14fucyyzr9

    You are lying. You actually liked getting his Hindu dick. No one is raped 20+ times. You liked the feeling of his Hindu uncut dick inside you. Do don’t fool yourself admit it. I know all you Muslim once taste uncut you guys become addicted

  • Reply Pundits ID:14fucyyzr9

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    • Hornyboi ID:10y3dcwyfvfb

      I think. At 23 yo. Some one has to breed this bitch. Make that muslim pussy sore.

    • Honest person ID:1cm3233t5l0k

      That is really wrong she got rape.

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