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I love raping my dad

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Everyday, I love to rape my dad with a strap – on. My mom loves to watch to.

When I turned 10, my present was nothing like I thought it would have been. I woke up like normal, my parents hugging me and telling me I had many presents to open.

Eventually I got to opening them and I was shocked. The very first present was a strap – on. It was around 8 inches and it had the detailing on veins. “M-mom what is this?” I asked, being my innocent 10 year old self. She laughed and said, “Oh sweetie, we have so much to teach you!”

With that, the next year was dedicated to me learning how to rape my dad. Who, wasn’t the biggest fan, but whatever my mom said was what happened. Sometimes he would even cry and beg, which just made me and my mom wetter.

One time, I was 11 and told my dad to do my homework. While he did it, I fucked him with a strap-on nice and hard. He was used to being fucked by now, but it still hurt, especially when I go super rough. And when I started brutally raping him his tears started dripping onto the paper. I yelled at him and started to spank him harder and harder while still raping his tight ass. He screamed and cried, but continued to do my homework anyway.

Later in the day my mom came home from work while my dad was making dinner. “Get over here slut and lick my pussy.” She order. She remained standing and lifted one leg to give my dad access. He crawled over and started sucking my moms pussy as best as he could. My mom, between moans, started talking to me, “Was this bitch good today? Or does he need a lesson”

“He was fine. But I think he still needs a lesson anyway,” I said giggling. “Alrighty then sweetie, go grab the whip, and two 11 inch dildos please.”

I hurried to grab them and then headed to the punishment room. Dad was on all fours already crying while my mom kicked him. “Mommy I was thinking, you fuck his throat while I fuck his asshole. I really want to make him bleed!” I suggested. She smiled and nodded, grabbing one of the dildos. I put mine on and lined it up with my dads asshole. He was begging not to be fucked, but I didn’t care, I loved hearing him in pain.

So, I thrusted my dry dildo up his ass till I was resting against his thighs. He would’ve screamed, but my mom shoved her dildo down his throat. The gurgles were all you could hear. The choking was so hot. My mom would fuck his throat till he nearly died before pulling out. It was a vicious cycle, all while I was fucking him rough.

Two hours later, of the same thing, with the occasional hit or slap, we stopped. Dad was shivering and so fucking traumatized he just laid on the floor. Me and mom left him there and went to my room. She ate my pussy out before we went to bed. Mom always made sure I came before we went to bed.

Give me suggestions below for more stories. I love everything you could possibly imagine. The younger the better!! If you ever are thinking about raping someone, do it. Anyway, leave your email if you wanna chat.

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    how many 10 year olds have ever gotten a strap on for their 10th birthday—-how about NONE ever on planet earth

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  • Reply Boy 23 ID:3vi2rjpvqrk

    I loved the idea of getting owned by a girl. I like the situation when the tables turns around like when a brother is dominated and raped his sister once but then her sister finds something on him and make him her personal bitch. or the idea likes gender bender and body switching.

  • Reply Danny ID:153jwgw820d

    I would love to have your 10 year old cock in me