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I Got A Bonus For Taking Care Of My Aunt After Her Accident, It Was Her Husband

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I went to my Aunt Jenny’s house to take care of her after she had an accident and broke her hip. She was so grateful I could come help take care of her. Her husband had to work so it was just her and I during the day. They had a huge house but she was staying upstairs while she recovered.

The only concern I had about helping her, was her husband. He was always trying to get at me. My Aunt Jenny seemed blind to the things he did. He always played it off like he was only joking and she believed him. I know she adored him. I couldn’t bare telling her how much of a dog he was.

But, I was here and I was just gonna make the best of it. Who knows, maybe he’s grown up or changed for the better. I hope.
I am 25 and in between jobs right now so their offer to pay me for tending to her was a blessing. They even paid for my airfare to fly down here and back. I took a cab from the airport cause Leland was at work. I was glad to see Jenny, it had been awhile. Her and Leland was in their 50’s but in good health other than her recent accident.

Leland got home and said he was glad I could come. He said it was so good to see me. He told me I was even more pretty than the last time he saw me. All this and no grabbing, this is good. He went upstairs and spent some time with Jenny after we had supper. I thought that was nice. I was a little tired from the trip and getting settled so I didn’t do the clean up right after supper, I was resting while he was with Jenny.

I got up and went to clean the kitchen. I started doing some dishes when Leland came in and said Jenny had fallen asleep after she took her pain pills. I said I was glad she could rest. He thanked me for supper. He walked up behind me while I had my hands in the dish water, slid his hands around my sides
and put his hands on both my breasts. I said, “Leland, stop that.” I’m pushing him away with my butt. But, he didn’t let go, he just kept squeezing them. I said, I’m not gonna be fighting you the whole time I’m here, am I?” He said, “Probably.” I pushed his hands off and moved away from him. He just laughed and went into the living room.

I had to take a shower. I felt filthy after being on a plane all day. It feels so good, Jenny’s got one of those massage shower heads. It was pounding on my neck and felt so good. I started using it on my arms, thighs and then I put it on my pussy. Oh my gosh. That feels great. I think I’m gonna cum right here in the shower. Yes, yes, oh yeah, I’m cumming. Ah, that relaxing. I have to keep that thing away from my pussy or it’ll make me cum again. That’s a nice little thing to have.

I get out,dry off and head to my room. Guess who’s behind the door when I get in my room? I said, “Leland, get out if here.” He comes up to me and grabs my towel. I’m hanging on to it and he jerks it out of my hands. Then he tackles me to the bed. He said, “Come on, just let me fuck you and this will all be over.” I said, “No, I’m not fucking you.” He’s holding me down and reaching to get his dick out. I said, “Leland, don’t even think you’re gonna put your dick in me.”

He spreads my legs apart with his knees and there’s his dick poking at my pussy. I’m trying to get my arms free from his gorilla like hold but I can’t. He’s inside my pussy lips and I’m bucking up my hips to get him off of me when he rams his dick in me. Son of a bitch, he fucking me. Oh my gosh, he’s got a big dick.
I can’t believe this. His dick is the biggest one I’ve ever had and fuck it feels so good. Man does it ever feel good. I quit fighting and I’m just letting him fuck me the way he wants to. Holy shit, if I knew it would feel this good, I’d let him fuck me years ago. No wonder Jenny adores him. Ohoo, that building feeling is, oh,oh, I’m cumming on his dick and now I’m fucking him back.

He said, “There you go baby, cum on daddy’s dick some more.” And, I do, I cum again. He said, “Fuck your daddy, daddy knew you would love his big old dick.” Oh my gosh, I’m loving daddy’s dick.

He fucks me a long, long time. I can’t believe he can go this long. I ended up cumming again and then he said, “If you’re done baby, I’m gonna cum.” I said, “Yes.” He speeds up, his dick swells up bigger and he shoots his load in my pussy ramming it in me.
I was speechless. He raised up and said, “Fuck, that was good.” I looked at him and said, “Yes, you’re right, I’ve never had a dick as big as yours or enjoyed one more.” He smiled and got up. I felt weak in my legs. He said, “See you in the morning.,”

All I could think of all night was that fucking I just got. I finally got to sleep and when I got up Leland was gone to work. I tended to Jenny all day and thought about Leland too. I wondered if he would fuck me again. I hoped so. I wanted that dick again. I fixed supper and Leland got home. He went up to spend time with Jenny after supper and stayed a long time. I got everything cleaned up and put away. I went up to see if Jenny needed any thing and she said she was hurting so bad tonight.

I called her doctor and he said she could take an extra pain pill if she needed it so I gave it to her. We stayed with her until it started working and she was getting sleepy so we left her to rest.

I went to shower and just like before when I went to my room Leland was sitting there in his boxers.
He said, “Drop that towel and come here.” I dropped my towel and walked over to him. He said, “I want you to get down on your knees and suck daddy’s dick, and you better suck it good or daddy will have to spank you.”

I said, “Oh, I’ll suck it good daddy, I promise.” I knelt down pulled his dick out and marveled at how big it was, then put my mouth on it. I had to open wide but I loved sucking it. He was playing with my tits and talking dirty to me.
He said, ” You know I’m gonna fuck you the whole time you’re here, and you’re gonna be my fuck toy and my cum collector.” “I’m gonna make you suck my dick whenever I want.” “I don’t want you to wear any panties while your here and if you have any skirts I want you to wear them.”
His dick was so hard and he said, “I want you to suck the whole time I’m cumming, start sucking I’m gonna cum in your mouth.,”
He had my head in his hands and started cumming in my mouth. He kept cumming and I kept sucking. Then he stopped and said, “Swallow that.” So, I did. He pulled me up and had me straddle his legs. He reached down and stuck his 4 fingers in my pussy and put his thumb on my clit. He was ramming his hand in me and I started cumming on his hand. It was squirting and he said, “Oh, you like this huh?”
Leland kept pounding my pussy. I was cumming again.

We sat and talked for awhile then Leland said he was gonna fuck me now. I couldn’t wait to have that big dick back in my pussy. He bent me over the bed and fucked me from behind. He’s got my hips and pulling me on to his dick. Leland said, “You like being fucked don’t cha?” I said, “Yes, I do.” He said, “Have you ever had your ass fucked?” I said, ” No, and I don’t want to .” He said, How do you know if you’ve never done it?” I said, “It just sounds sick.” He said, “I’m gonna cum,.” He pulled out and said, “Sleep good, see you tomorrow.”

Everyday I was there Leland fucked me. I never had more sex in my life. When I went back home I was gonna miss him fucking me with that dick of his. He kept wanting me to let him fuck my ass but I said no. That wasn’t gonna happen, not with that dick.

Jenny got better sooner than expected. I fucked Leland one last time and he took me to the airport. He said, “You have been a delight.” I said, “So have you, Leland.” “I’ve loved it all.”

After I got home I thought about my time there. Now, it’s just a memory.

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    To bad he didn’t give you a baby. [email protected]

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    Well written and I agree, Just a memory of years past. My time in the military was just like this and all the wonderful times I spent over seas are now just a faded memory.

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  • Reply Shane ID:1ck7wqsfmgwr

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