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How i started selling my body at 14

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I was always into sex and all but I never really thought I could be kinky lol so I started freshman year and my body was slim thick you know ? Big butt and small waist well anyways I started my day like usual and got ready for school, I went into my first class and ran into this older guy and not gonna lie but he was very cute and muscular for his age,well anyways we talk and I gave him my snap after he had ask ,soon after that we would be texting and come to find out we had a lot in common which was nice considering how attractive he was and after a few months we started dating and I always wanted to fuck but I was too scared but one night he came over while my family was gone and fuck I was so nervous but i wanted it more then anything. So here we are and I’m wearing this cute little set like kinda lingerie well anyways he was wearing shorts and hoodie soon after we made it to my room he started takin off his shirt and fuck it made me wetter seeing those abs and muscle,after making out he softly started taking off my lingerie and fuck I just wanted him to rip it off and eat me out like the other girls who get eaten out by a guy lol soon he made it to my pussy and Ngl I was tight as fuck and I was nervous bc I never seen his dick or anything so he gets naked and other the sheets after he had ate me out for a while lol we kept kissing till out of nowhere I grab his dick and woah is all I said like I was so shocked how big he was like damn he had 10 inch cock and over here 5’2 and 180 with a small waist and fatass but this man right here was at least over 6’3 and 250 or sum like that but anyways he puts me in doggy and I was so nervous but he put the tip in soon after that he started pounding me,then he put me in missionary then after that I couldn’t remember what happen lol all I know I got fucked but anyways towards the end I told him I was on birth control so I didn’t mind getting my first cream pie lol fuck he was so damn hot that we had to record it all ,he got video of me sucking his huge cock and Ngl it was so hot that I kept watching it whenever I got horny hehe so after we had finish fucking, he had to leave so that was end of that.
We would fuck at least once everyday but sadly he moved away but at the time I was heartbroken bc he was my first bf and definitely the biggest dick I ever had lol soo months after our breakup and I had this random guy add me on snap and Ngl he was very nice and cute but I wasn’t interested in relationship or anything but I notice all he wanted was sex and at the time I didn’t wanna fuck or anything but he did try and convince me to sell my body and I told him I wouldn’t do that but after we few weeks of talking he convince to at least send him nudes and videos for money and at first I was so nervous but I didn’t realize he was serious but yeah I sent him my nudes and videos, he sent me $200 bucks just for my nudes and videos so soon after that he had me doing so much that I fell in love with selling especially when i got comfortable enough to be kinky. I love it when men spoil me like trust me I’m slut for money lol but anyways yeah I’m slut now and I’m having fun doing it too here’s my snap luvs !! Be nice and respectful ( vlopez237773)

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  • Reply REGINA ID:1ah770leqri

    u can do anything for money?

    • Vanessa ID:1dkxjd05gv6k

      yeah just text me on Reddit luv

    • DrippyKak ID:mqxmkggcc62

      @Vanessa what’s your reddit username?

  • Reply G ID:1dc950mos3ka

    Still doing it?

  • Reply Dkon ID:7ylhc2b9d0

    Great story I added you

    • Shane ID:1ck7wqsfmgwr

      Sure did