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How I started having sex with my mum part 2

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It was nearly my 13th birthday and time for sex

For 3 months my mum had been wanking and sucking my cock and I had been licking and fingering her .
It wasn’t long till my 13th birthday and she had said that we could have full sex on that day (what a present), I had noticed that she was doing as i asked her to do like wear sexy clothes when we went out. I also had been on the Internet on incest sites getting info on what to do most of them told me to make my mum do what I wanted be her boss.
I had tried it a few things with her like I asked her to give me a wank in the movies which she did also asked her undo her buttons on her blouse And flash her bra while we were in MacDonald’s , which got loads of looks from boys and men and made me horny and she gave me a wank in the car out in the car park . When we got home from Macdonalds she told me that she was so turned on flashing to them men and boys and she stripped off and got down on her knees to give me a bj it felt so good knowing that I seem to have her under my control after the bj I got between her legs and gave her a good 30 minutes of licking and she was flooding put by the time I was done . We lay together on the sofa for the night watching tv she kept holding my cock and I sucked on her tits I was in heaven a usual .
The week of my 13th birthday was here and the excitement was unbelievable I was going to loose my Virginty to my mum .
She told me until my birthday this week we couldn’t do anything sexual 4 days without my mum sucking or wanking my cock,but hopefully it will be worth it .
The morning of my birthday was here and my mum told me I was staying off school she woke me up wearing her dressing gown and I could see she had black tights on ,not sure what else she had a big smile and her hair was down she told me to come into her room and we can have sex as many times today as I can , I followed her into her room she turned around and undone her dressing gown she was wearing a school uniform black tights and she tells me to strip her and put my cock in her pussy ,I lean forward shaking as I undo her white blouse revealing her white bra I undo her pleated school skirt and it slips to the floor revealing a pair of white school panties and black hold up stockings, by now my cock was as hard as ever I could feel it pulsating as I undo her bra and let it fall to the floor revealing her tits and last I pulled her panties off her legs and she falls onto the bed her legs are open as I crawl between them and up her body she then whispers in my ear put it in and fuck me shoot your cum right in my womb as I place my cock at her pussy entrance ,.
Here goes my virginity as the head goes in and I feel the warmth of her pussy it’s the best feeling as I thrust it in and then out trying not to go to fast but i want to and I go fast and seconds later I shoot my cum into my mums womb for the first time, she grabs me tight and tells me now your my man not boy and you need to fuck me whenever you want , as she talks I feel my cock go soft and plop out she reaches down and grabs it and starts wanking to make me hard and in minutes it’s hard again as she places it back in and I start again thus time 2 minutes and I’m done .
I roll off and she tells me I hope you enjoyed it as today your doing it all day make me your cum slut fill my womb up with your baby making juice . She stood up and told me that she wants me to fuck in her in every room, I don’t think I will have enough energy but seeing standing naked with only a pair of black hold ups on makes me hard again this time I bend her over the dressing table and fuck her doggy that’s 3 times and it’s only 9am .
After filling her again I was drained and she told me we should get a shower together and talk about later as I was having a little party with my best friend coming over

Me and Bobby have been friends from little we have experimented with each other he was the only other person that had touched my cock and sucked it and I did his we had always talked about sex with our mums and I was first he was still a virgin but he was 12 not 13 like me .
Mum had planned a little party she had told me she had some games for me and Bobby and she was sure we would both like the night and Bobby was staying over

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    What stupid bull shit.lets get a big mac mom, oh and flash your tits at everyone in the drive through mom.so dam stupid.made up, made up