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How I raped 14 year old Olivia at Church Camp, part 2

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Round 2 of brutalizing 14 year old Olivia’s tiny, innocent little body and fucking up her mind for life!

I wrote part 1 under the author name Corruption of mind. I changed my author name to reflect my new reddit account. TABOOandBDSM, like last time you are welcome to come chat with me.

And if you’re a girl let’s say 12 or older you are highly encouraged to come say high. I love my jailbait!

I’m sorry I took so long to write part two I was busy with other things. Nonetheless I recommend you read part one or re-read it as there are a few things that won’t make sense unless you read that first. This one is quite a bit shorter as I didn’t have much time in the story. With that out of the way, let’s get into some depraved, hardcore underage rape!

If you read part one you know that at about 4 in the morning I finished raping Olivia, tore up some of her clothes and left the little girl crying with cum dripping out of her stretched out jailbait holes.

I left the gym pretty satisfied that night by the time I was done showering I was already feeling pretty horny about how bad I violated that little child. My dick got hard thinking about how she was probably sobbing to herself in her bunk. I just couldn’t wait to rape her again. I hadn’t originally planned to do this because it was risky and I wanted to sleep but I decided that I might as well use her again that morning. I did head to my bunk and sleep for a few hours but I got up at 8 AM and took a caffeine pill. I was too horny to be that tired.

I got into my truck and parked a little ways away from the girl’s cabins and took 4 pairs of handcuffs from my truck. Their cabins were just outside of the woods so I just walked over to Olivia’s cabin from the tree line and waited for the girls to leave for breakfast. You see breakfast was “optional” but usually kids are pressured into going anyway but I figured since Olivia spent the night getting violently raped last night instead of sleeping she’d probably be sound asleep instead of going to breakfast, meaning she’d be alone again. I watched and waited and sure enough all the campers and counselors who were assigned to that cabin had left except for Olivia. A decision she would come to regret very soon.

As risky as it was I walked over to the back of her cabin and peered through the window, I didn’t see anyone inside but Olivia sound asleep in her cabin. I went inside and thought about how I was going to do this. On the ground I saw some trash bags under the other bunks. I recognized these as probably having dirty clothes in them since you can’t really wash your clothes at camp, most people used trash bags for their dirty clothes. I also realized that Olivia was bunking next to her 13 year old best friend Anna and her mom. I opened up the trash bags and found a dirty pair of panties from both of them.
Anna was this really innocent blond little piece of rapemeat too but honestly her panties didn’t smell that great, just kind of sweaty from playing sports that day. But Olivia’s mom’s panties on the other hand not only smelled delicious but were actually wet around her pussy’s entrance. I guess she was playing with herself or something.

I laid both pairs of panties on Olivia’s pillow on both sides of her head and slowly started to peel away her covers. She was wearing a nightgown with panties but no bra. I could have violated her a little while she slept but I’m a sadistic fuck and I wanted the little slut to be awake for everything so I just grabbed her by her tits and started shaking her. She bolted awake, screamed for a second then realized that she needed to be quiet because I would still have her brother killed if we got caught. Her face immediately turned to horror as she realized that she wasn’t safe in her own bed and that I was going to rape her underage body again, taking away the one place at camp she may have felt safe from me.

She started whimpering “Please no! Not again.” “Shut up bitch!” I replied as I started shoving Anna’s panties in her mouth. She was confused until I said “How does your best friend taste, Oliva?” then she looked even more horrified as she realized that her friend’s used panties were in her mouth.

I removed her nightgown and started sucking on her neck and tits while she just started to cry again. I kissed and licked her lower and lower until I got to her pussy. She was just frozen, she knew not to squirm around it would have only made me mad. I took off her panties and took out my handcuffs. I attached all four of her limbs to each of the bed posts and took my clothes off. The stupid little girl was trying to close her eyes and look away again so I belted her tits really hard grabbed her by her hair and yelled “watch”. She complied and I went down on her, licking up and down her little 14 year old vagina.

Yesterday I wanted to keep her hymen intact but now that I had raped her virginity away I could start violating her with my fingers too. I found her g-spot pretty easily and I went crazy on it with my fingers, while rapidly lapping up her clit with my tongue. I was overstimulating her and it was driving her crazy so Olivia started moaning like crazy. Rape victim or not the little whore just couldn’t help it. Her legs were shaking around like crazy and within maybe 3-4 minutes she squirted all over my face.

I knew I probably didn’t have that much time left and having her squirt on me turned me on like crazy so I figured it was time to fuck her. I took Anna’s panties out of her mouth and grabbed her mom’s panties. I took the wet part and told Olivia to stick out her tongue I put the inside of her mom’s wet panties directly on her tongue in such a way that when her tongue went back in her mouth she was still directly tasting her mom’s vag juice.

I rubbed my dick on her pussy for a second getting some of her squirt on it as foreplay. “You like the taste of that pussy don’t you, you little whore? Well guess what those are your mom’s panties!” Her cheeks actually turned a little red after that comment, I had found yet another way to violate her teenage innocence even more. I finally stuck in inside her slippery wet cunt, but it felt a little different this time, you see she had gotten a little swollen from the pussy pounding I put her through a few hours ago.

For about 10 minutes I fucked the shit out of her pussy and asshole, alternating back and forth between her fuckholes the whole time her bed was squeaking like crazy and the chains of the handcuffs were rattling. Every once in a while I would slap her tits or face or just spit on her to hurt her a little more.

That and I kept saying stuff like “You know you’re a depraved little whore, that’s why you squirted all over me, you love this shit!”, “I can’t wait for us to have a child together in 9 months.”, “So what I raped away your future, your husband couldn’t have fucked you like this anyway.” “How does your mom taste you little cunt?”, “What kind of a whore has done all of this at just 14 years old?” And just all kinds of other nasty degrading stuff to her to just really rip her heart up even more.

Finally I came in her pussy one more time giving the child a nice pregnancy scare and then it was time to stop for now, people would be coming back to the cabin any minute. I undid the handcuffs, took the panties out of her mouth and told her to clean up the mess I made.

I put on my clothes and told her “Remember I own you little girl.” then I forced a deep, long tongue kiss on her “See you in the gym again tonight.” The despair in her eyes was just delicious but it looked like she was starting to come to terms with what her week was going to be like.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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