How I lost my virginity (WITH A BRUSH)

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Like the title said I lost my virginity yay I’m happy because if you read my other story’s you would know I wanted to lose my virginity but I lost it with a brush I was horny like usual after adding people back from snap on here and letting them rate me twerking by the way I’m 13 ok 13 because it seems I’m not making it clear enough I’m 13 but like I was saying after I added people back and rate me twerk I was soaking wet of course my pussy was in full view for people after that I watched some porn I was horny and I felt like I wanted to lose my virginity so I got a brush it was a big brush and just inserted it in me even though I felt nice I didn’t cum I’m waiting to cum on a cock but yea that’s how I lost my virginity today may 27th 2023 with the end of a brush I’ll update y’all once I took a cock and for those who don’t know what cock is it’s another word for dick my updated version is going to have the same title just with part 2 luv y’all Zia fan’s (I actually really hope I have fan’s if y’all are please tell me 🥺)

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  • Reply Daddy_for_princess ID:11aviywbqra

    Zia, I feel for you. I think it’s perfectly understandable to block someone when things get weird. I’ve done the exact same thing. Conversations with people on the net can take a turn for the worst, especially when they might too pushy or attached. It sucks that you stopped doing the things you enjoyed because of it, but I fully understand.

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Thanks ☺️

    • Daddy_for_princess ID:11aviywbqra

      Your welcome. Sucks I wasn’t able to find your posts before the drama happened, but oh well, that’s how life is sometimes. Some people have to ruin things for everyone else. Maybe someday you will do things like that again, maybe not. That decision is 100% yours. Don’t let anyone else try to make those decisions for you.

  • Reply Zia ID:vzge4ea8

    Captain America if some people can understand and stop when I ask them it’s not that hard I’m not mad at the comments however when I tell people stop I’m uncomfortable and they don’t that’s where I draw the line and then they get mad at something they caused

  • Reply Sonic457 ID:pwthk9uzrj

    Fuck the assholes who made her uncomfortable, now anyone who wants to see won’t get to and ngl, I was hella looking forward to rating. I’m sorry the assholes ruined something you liked doing zia

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      It’s fine thanks

    • Lord Chungus ID:1e75u2rn7uwx

      I feel the same it’s not fair cuz creeps got to say wired stuff and make her feel really uncomfortable I wanted to see her but can’t now oh well ig

  • Reply Lord Chungus ID:1dc950mos3ka

    I’m guessing she done with people rating her???

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Yes I am

    • Captain America ID:2kye84ke8k

      My question is Zia why have you come on here if you don’t like the comments it’s full of guys wanting to fuck little girls all you have done is reinforced there lust

  • Reply QWERTY ID:45xyls5ot0d

    Okay can we just stop for a second and appreciate the fact that there are 49 comments? (Somebody get it to 69!)

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      That’s actually really funny while reading this it made me smile I needed it reading comments of assholes that don’t know how to take no and making people uncomfortable as a answer

  • Reply Hornydom88 ID:bo1uhdn43

    I’ve become a fan. And I understand blocking if people make you uncomfortable. That’s just smart. And anyone who disagrees is showing why they would be blocked.

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Finally a person who agrees thanks also glad you became a fan master 😉

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      I agree with them as well Obsession can also lead to harm and you got to worry about that just in case that person is that way

    • Lord Chungus ID:1dc950mos3ka

      Honestly true I’m a new fan haven’t got to see anything cuz of people being assholes

  • Reply Bruh ID:fzq6ri558

    I didn’t have time to respond to you , you sent a snap while I wasn’t looking and immediately asked if I saw then deleted n blocked .
    I’m avoiding this too sus

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Umm ok good cause im not doing it anymore

    • G ID:1dc950mos3ka

      Y just y do everyone got to be wired all the time and ruin stuff for everyone else

  • Reply Wesley ID:2px1o1ilg8z

    Hey Zia, names Wesley and I’m 14 (turned 14 may 8th) been looking for a gf that enjoys the same kind of things as I do and enjoys talking ^^, if you want to talk my snap is W_Shelton2021 and my discord is Switch#7897 ^^ let me know if your interested okay? 🙂

  • Reply Deleting ID:fzq6riehl

    She won’t she add people from and they made her uncomfortable she won’t add anyone now

    • G ID:1dc950mos3ka

      Cuz people take stuff too far

  • Reply Pete Rock ID:8bvy5nbb0d

    Zia please can you check your inbox on Twitter. I sent a dm

  • Reply Bruh ID:fzq6ri558

    Sus Zia unadds immediately, no twitter bs

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I do have Twitter I’m talking to some people from here on it right now if I added you then deleted you than you made me feel uncomfortable

  • Reply Bruh ID:fzq6ri558

    Zia unadds you outta nowhere, apparently sends a snap n immediately blocks if you don’t respond , sketchy as fuck

    • G ID:1dc950mos3ka

      What she send?

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I don’t block everyone and I delete you if I feel uncomfortable I do it for privacy issues so don’t start

  • Reply G ID:1dc950mos3ka

    Sounds fishy

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8


    • G ID:1dc950mos3ka

      Just how dose a 13 year old find a site like this and post stuff

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I was looking up sex stories cause I like it better than porn and this site came up I read some stories did research and decided to post all my experiences or well some of them

    • G ID:1dc950mos3ka

      Wo for real

    • Bruh ID:fzq6ri558

      @G I believe she was gunna send her nude tweaking but I couldn’t even look before she deleted n blocked me

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    So you are still a virgin 🤣 hairbrush doesn’t count

  • Reply Horny daddy ID:fzq6riehl

    Shaina19 how does one watch you and your dog what’s social media?

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I meant my hymen broke which means if I would take a dick it wouldn’t break my hymen

  • Reply hmongboi31 ID:153lbspj8rc

    im a fan and love your stories….

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Aww thanks

  • Reply Anno ID:7h6fvqr9

    Would love to rate the twerk

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I’m not doing it anymore

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…Hi arianas dady im 19 do u want to text

    • Arianas Daddy ID:60pe32uj6ii

      Yes would like to text. Discord is LittleMissDaddy#6244

    • Steve Herbson ID:1dshfqe8wlvm

      Damn gorgeous girl….wanna text and chat….ill fill u up with my load of cum anywhere anytime

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…Hi arianas dady where r u and how old r u i love oldermen

    • Arianas Daddy ID:60pe32uj6ii

      Australia and 48, how old are you?

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…I get so horny i get on my knees and let my dog fuck me he make me cum i love it do any oldermen want to watch me geting fucked like the dirty hot litle dog bitch i am i want that

    • Arianas Daddy ID:60pe32uj6ii

      that sounds hot …

    • Dragonslove1922 ID:1clyrnioyuwl

      I would love to watch you get fucked like a dirty dog shut, add my snap: dragonsLove22

  • Reply Why did you remove me? ID:1etj1xt5zyrv

    I was a fan but you just remove people so yeah.

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I remove people when it starts to get weird

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…Hi oldeguy do u want to meet me where r u and how old r u

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…Hi u can fuck my skiny arse and call me a dirty litle bitch i love it when oldermen talk to me like that where r u

    • Older guy ID:1cnjv0kuhzb9

      Shania I would love to play with you!! Add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Bitchbuster ID:bttbyuenqk

    I know who you are and where you live. I am watching, waiting…
    You’ll find out what a cock feels like alright. Especially in your asshole.

    • Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

      Now Leave Your Comment…You can fuck my skiny arse and call me a dirty hot litle bitch i love it when oldermen talk to me like that

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Was that meant for me?

  • Reply Pete Rock ID:8bvy5nbb0d

    I’m one of your fans already

    • Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

      Now Leave Your Comment…Hi do u want to fuck my skiny arse and call me a dirty hot litle bitch i love it when oldermen talk to me like that

  • Reply Roman2105 ID:pa109ktoib

    Heyyy Zia just to let you know that I am a fan tbhh and I do like your stories a lottt they’re really cool and hot ngll and if it’s fine can we talk if you don’t mind my Snapchat is r0man_gabriel

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Look on my other story to add my Twitter cause I deleted my Snapchat

    • Roman2105 ID:pa109ktoib

      Okayy I will and I added you already let’s talk if it’s fine sorryy

  • Reply HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

    I’m gonna check you out