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Hot Mama 4

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Charles and Cindy take new strides into their sexual desires

The next day as Charles walked downstairs for breakfast, once again he saw his mother standing cooking food, yet this time just in a pair of panties that looked a bit too small for her, but he sure wasn’t going to complain. He started walking over to her when she turned around showing her tits in all their glory just waiting for him to grab them.

“Morning, I see someone ready for some breakfast and a little attention as well.”

His dick already at full mast as he continued to walk closer to her just for a quick squeeze of both boobs and then run his finger up the front of her pussy.

“Yup, completely starving at this point.”

“Good, after breakfast, today were going to be putting ourselves to work instead of sitting around inside all day”

A slight look of disappointment stretched across his face as he figured that meant that the clothes would go back on and no more fun masturbating together.
After breakfast and Charles non stop looking at the jugs across the table he went upstairs to put on some more work attire, but when he looked outside before going down he noticed his mother outside still naked and beautiful as ever with her hair cascading down her back just barely brushing her ass. Quickly he made his way down and outside only putting shoes on like his mother.

“Look who decided to come help outside and put themselves to good use” she said

“I was going to get changed for working outside since I figured we wouldn’t want to be seen.”

“I’m not too worried about that since the Ashtons moved out last month, and old miss garber would never be going outside. Besides, I hate when I get tan lines outside, and I also would love to see that penis get a little bit of sunlight as well” she chuckled.

He looked down and saw it flaccid just swinging about then thought about how nice it feels to have nothing on while outside. The breeze flowing through every part of him, nothing concealed or left to hide.

“Well don’t just stand around there. I need to have you now and then we can be done for the day.”

She then bent over showing off her ass and pussy to the sunlight and him bringing him to full mast as he walked to get the push mower.”

“You’re not making mowing this any easier with you dancing like that in front of me.” he laughed.

“Just trying to give a little encouragement to help the work get done” as she smacked herself on the rear.

Charles started up the mower and got to work while Cindy tended to the flowerbed and cleaned up anything else around. After all the work was done, Charles was exhausted and ready to go relax for a bit and it looked like his mom had already left him after looking around for a bit. He then spotted her near the door connecting a hose to the house. She quickly watered the few plants around as Charles walked over.”

As he got closer he asked “anything else?”

“I don’t think so,” she responded, “just probably to cool off at this point.”

“I can think of one way,” he said, quickly grabbing the hose from her and gently spraying her with it.

She just laughed and jumped into his spray cooling herself off and running her hands down her body across her tits and all the way down to between her legs.

“Someone looks ready for some more personal entertainment.”

“Mmmm almost” peeling her hands away from herself, “Just now your turn” she said, snatching back the hose and rising down her son at this point. After both had rinsed off Cindy then realized they didn’t have anything to dry off with.

“I suppose we’ll just have to wait outside for a couple minutes, wish I would’ve thought about the towels sooner, now I need to go and pee,” she gasped, snatching her legs together.

“Why do you need to go inside, completely buck naked means you don’t have to worry about peeing inside,” said charles.

He strode over next to her and grabbed his penis in one hand and stood for a second before releasing a crystal stream onto the grass. Mesmerized Cindy stood there frozen. She never realized she was aroused when watching others pee. She never gave much thought to water sports as she took a step closer to him and reached out and interrupted the steady stream heading for the grass.

“Mom what are you doing” he asked, he also found it hot that his mom was interested in this but taken aback at first.

“Let mommy have some fun real quick” she responded then stepped in front of the stream and got on her knees so the stream sprayed her right on the tits as she massaged the golden shower into her flesh. At this point the stream died down as Charles gave it a few quick shakes before releasing it.

“Dang, that was hot mom, you really went in for it. I-I think i’d maybe like to try that as well if you don’t mind.”

“At this point not all,” she stood up and reached down and pulled her pussy lips back a bit to hopefully give her a little better aim as her son kneeled down to his mid-chest where he was right at her pussy height and then the current of piss started to flow out like a geyser from his mother. He couldn’t believe that she was the one who gave birth to him and he was having such an erotic experience with her as well as her juices flowed down across him. He reached down and started to grab his rock hard erection and start stroking it under her stream while he looked into her depths. He then looked up and saw her beautiful tits still dripping from him and then his mother smiling down at him and moaning as well relieving herself of that pressure inside. And again the stream stopped flowing and he stood up grabbed his mother and kissed her passionately on the lips. Their tongues interwinded with each other for a while as he pressed his penis onto her belly.

After separating he gasped, “You’re the most beautiful, sexy woman I’ll ever know and I love you so much.”

“Me too,” she exclaimed, “I can’t stay away from you any more, I need to have you inside of me tonight.”

“Why not now?”

“I want it to be more special and well worth the wait I promise. Let’s get cleaned up.”

They made their way to the hose again to rise off again and fully dry off. After their showers she started making dinner and Charles watched some tv, and while sitting there he started watching his mother prepare the food and started stroking himself as she danced around the kitchen without any clothes on. Her clean ass bouncing up and down in time with the boobs. Her pussy lips just slightly out showing its pink interior depths. She saw what he was doing and then hopped up on the counter and watched her son’s hand flying up and down while she inserted 2 fingers inside herself.

“Your penis looks so big son, it’s going to fit nicely right in your mother where you came from,” she said, then inserting a handle of a rubber spatula, thrusting it in and out furiously.
They both got quicker and quicker until her son got up and walked over to her and started stroking again this time pointing at her stomach and within moments released a torrent of cum all over her. There was so much she couldn’t believe it as it flowed down around her. She quickly started using the spoon from herself to clean and lick it up and then kiss her son, before saying,

“Now no more touching yourself, not until tonight’s fun, I want to pop your cherry.”

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