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Honeymoon horror

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Short story of my detailed rape of the wife of a newly married couple.

Last month I was solo travelling around Bali. I lived there as an expat so whenever I had free time I would get out and explore. On my way riding a scooter moped around the island, I stopped at a nice little restaurant/ cafe to have dinner before I checked into my hotel. As I sat there and ate alone, a young European couple arrived and were seated by the waitress. They were on their honeymoon I assumed. They couldn’t stop touching each other. It was sickening to watch. Even still I couldn’t stop looking at them.

The woman was gorgeous. She was petite, no taller than about 5-foot, shoulder length black hair and had a Spanish look about her. They must have just come from the beach as she was wearing a tiny white bikini. She had average but perky, youthful boobs, a round, tiny little ass, like a pre-teen girl and from what I could see through her bikini bottoms, a tight little pussy.

I was memorised. What the hell is she doing with that loser I thought to myself watching her pathetic husband fumble around trying to fit his oversized bag under his table. He was a sad excuse for a man, fragile, bad posture no confidence, unattractive, I was dumbstruck trying to work out what a beautiful woman like her saw in him.

As I sat and ate dinner, I kept watching them, discreetly. My thoughts were becoming more and more intrusive, more perverted, driven by jealousy and a psychotic sense of entitlement. I would destroy that little pussy I thought. Give her a real fuck. I bet that useless cunt under performs. I should just rape the little bitch. Who would know. This is obviously their first time in Bali,  I know this place like the back of my hand. The police don’t care. There would be little here in terms of follow up and they would have no idea how to anyway. It’s a dog eats dog world and out here, there may be the illusion of safety but it is every dog for themselves. I was working myself up as my thoughts became more and more obsessive. There is no way he could stop me, I was 6 foot and fit, he was like a child compared to me. I’ll rape the bitch in front of him I thought, laughing to myself. My heart was beating quickly now. I knew deep down this was going to happen, I was filled with adrenaline and excitement.

I waited for them to leave and pretended to be occupied with my phone. The couple left the restaurant and walked down the road. I waited a few minutes and followed on my scooter. After walking down the main street for 5 minutes or so, they turned down a side alley/ street. I drove to the corner and watched them through the hectic commotion going on around me. It was Bali, there was always a commotion going on, it was easy to follow them unnoticed. I parked up and followed on foot. About 100 metres up the couple turned to enter their villa. It was actually a beautiful little place surrounded by ferns and palm trees. As soon as I knew which villa they were staying in I left to prepare and check in to my hotel. After checking in I went shopping. I bought a large fishing knife, some duct tape, this twisted looking clown mask and some Viagra pills. I waited until dark, dropped a pill and then returned to the villa.

When I returned, it was quiet, about 930pm. I snuck into the villa through a side gate and quietly waited outside their window. The curtains were drawn but I was able to listen. I heard laughing, the cheering of glasses and the faint sound of music being played off a phone. It sounded like they were having a quiet little drink, a romantic, intimate night. How wrong they were. My heart was racing at this point and my dick was already hard from the 150mg Viagra I had bought from some guy off the street. Now would be the time to strike.

I put on my mask and in one kick I booted open the double French doors leading into the villa. It all happened so quickly. The couple was in shock. I launched at the husband, grabbing him by the collar and throwing him out of his chair and on to the ground. His wife screamed as I hit him a few times breaking his nose and making him bleed all over the ground. “Shut your fucking mouth”, I replied as I revealed the knife from my back pocket. She whimpered, trying to comfort her husband. As he began to gather himself, I grabbed his wife squeezing her ass and winking at her, giving her a hint of what was to come. I threw her on to the floor next to him. Pinning her husband’s back to the floor. I taped her arms behind her back. “Move and he dies”, I snarl at her.

“Please don’t hurt us”, she cried as I picked her husband off the floor and threw him on the bed. He was cowering, refusing to look me in the eyes, holding his nose from bleeding everywhere. I forced my weight on to him, grabbing his arms to pin them to the bed posts. I wasn’t joking before I thought, I was going to rape her on top of him. After taping him to the bed I gagged him and turned my attention to his beautiful wife crying and whimpering on the floor.

I picked the wife up and forced her on to her knees. She was crying and shaking her head in disagreement. “Shhh'”, I whispered quietly in her ear as I held the knife to her throat. The husband was going hysterically at this point, squirming, trying to break free and talk through his muffled gagged. I looked at him with a very deviant smile.

I pulled my dick out. The husband went even more hysterically, his wife completely fixated on my cock. I put the knife to her mouth and signalled for her to open up. Still crying, she slowly begins to open her mouth nervously. As she does this I drop the knife, grab her by the ears and ram my dick down her throat. “Blarg (hhh), blarg (hhh), blarg (hhh)”, she gags repeatedly as I violently face fuck her.  Every rapid thrust into her I try to push my dick deeper and deeper down her throat. I pull out, she coughs, trying to get her breath back. “Please sto…, blarg (hhh), blarg (hhh), blarg (hhh)”, before she could finish talking I ram my cock back into her mouth and down her throat again. Again grabbing her ears, pushing my dick as deep as it can go. After several minutes of this, I can feel myself cumming. I go even harder, literally shifting her across the ground in a volatile, aggressive motion. As I ejaculate down her throat I hold her head close to my crutch, she tries to resist and pull away, but it no use. She is powerless to stop me, at the mercy of my hands holding her head and my thick cock engulfed in her throat.

I pull out laughing. She is coughing and retching trying to vomit my cum up from down her throat. I pull her up off the floor admiring my cum dripping down her chin. I walk her over to her husband who looks enraged and like he has been crying. I grab his wife’s head and rub her face across his, wiping my cum on him in the process. “Your wife sucks dick like a champion mate”, I taunt at him with a smile on my face.

I pick his wife up again and starts fondling her. She knows what is coming. She is still dazed and crying, recovering from the amazing head job she reluctantly gave me. She is not resisting as much now, knowing she is at my mercy. I rip off the pretty yellow sun dress she has on revealing her perky little tits and black lace underwear. She is standing timidly, looking straight at the ground, sulking. I start to rub my hands across her body as I make eye contact with her husband. I have never before seen such rage in someone’s eyes as he had with me.

I pull down her underwear, revealing her cute little bum and tight little pussy. I grope at her a bit longer, before throwing her on top of her husband who is lying down on his back, his arms taped to bed. He stops squirming as his limp wife is thrown on top of him. I spread her legs. He starts going berserk. I give him another jab to the face and he calms down a little. Covering his wife’s mouth with one hand, I spit of my still rock-hard dick with the other and in one motion thrust my cock hard into her tight ass. She screams in agony into my muffled hand as I forcefully insert myself into her, quick, hard, full-length thrusts into her bum. It feels amazing, like I was the first to do this to her. She screams and yelps, as I rape her hard on the bed, on top of her husband who looks in shock at this point. After 5 or so minutes of this I pull out again looking at her now golf ball size ass hole. She is struggling to maintain consciousness. I push her ass in the air and put her in doggy position.

Let’s make this interesting I thought. I push her broken body aside slightly and start taking her husband’s pants off, much to his disgust. His legs were pressed under his wife’s body and there was little he could do to stop me with his arms taped. After jerking his pants down revealing his dick, I grabbed his wife and forced her mouth towards it. To my surprise he was already semi hard and within a few seconds of feeling his wife’s lips across his cock he developed an erection. I forced her mouth open with my fingers and directing her head, forcing her husband’s dick inside of her. Blarg (hhh), blarg (hhh), blarg (hhh), I made her gag again and for a few minutes I controlled her head, face fucking her husband who looked like he was in a state of pleasure and pain at the same time, loving it, but hating it. They were both crying hysterically now. This was actually an incredible turn on and I went back behind her to line myself up to her tight little pussy staring up at me. Again, I spit on my dick and ram it aggressively into her pussy. She Let’s out another yelp as I start raping her, trying to scream with her husband’s dick still inside of her. I grab her taped arms with one hand and her hair with the other and go hard. I rape her with everything I have, I slam my cock into her as fast and as violently as I can. I feel like I am going to split her in half. I have full control over her tiny little body. I rape her for ten or so minutes until I am exhausted and need to catch my breath. I pull her up off the bed. Her and her husband are still crying, she is also trying to catch her breath, looking a little out of it. She has more cum dripping down her chin from her husband who looks like he might have blown quite a big load in his wife’s mouth watching her getting spit roasted and raped.

I am a little frustrated that I haven’t come again. I flip her on to her back and pin her to the bed while lifting her legs in the air. I direct my dick back inside of her and start rapidly thrusting again. For another several minutes I watch my cock rape her little swollen pussy, it does the trick. I can feel it building up so I pump harder, faster, more ruthlessly. As I ejaculate inside of her, I give her a few more hard thrusts, rocking her little body every time I do.

After pulling out I move her around and position her so her husband can see her, legs spread, cum dripping from her pussy. “Mate, she was a fucking good root, you are one lucky man”, I say sarcastically. I take the tape off her hands and she curls up into a ball next to her husband. “Wish you guys all the best”, I say in an upbeat tone as I walk out. That is one honeymoon they will never forget…

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The last two are under my other name Tonese.

Thanks for reading.

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    I was the best man at my cousins wedding, we partied until til everyone went home. My cousin told me to use the spare bedroom. My cousin and his wife were so drunk they staggered to the room next to the spare room I was in. I went to use the bathroom and my cousin was snoring away and so was his new bride and she wasn’t covered and just had a pair of panties on. I decided I wanted to finally fuck her. So I did. I fucked her in her pussy and ass. I cleaned her pussy and ass and went to bed. She never knew what happened.

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    I was waiting for you to fuck the husband in the ass also

    • One of the good ones ID:1d933boxwl7x

      It is only gay if you take it