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Hey it’s me again ;)

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So after few weeks since my ex bf moved away I started smoking weed and whenever I got high I would get sooo horny and I couldn’t help but take pics and videos made me feel special in a good way lol so anyways I had this guy add me on snap and I didn’t think much of it since I get hella adds on snap well anyways I notice he would try and talk to me by commenting on my story’s or just snapping me pics which I didn’t mind till I started getting annoyed then I ask him why he wanted my attention so bad and he said he wanted to talk to me and all I remember was trying to leave the conversation then when I did he would always try and continue the conversation well anyways I told him I was gonna block him till he asked if I wanted to make some money and at first I didn’t know what he meant then after talking for a few minutes I understood what he wanted and I didn’t know if I wanted especially when my ex just moved away well he told me to think about and after few days I gave in and he had me sending him pics of my pussy and titties then my ass like he was obese with my body and he really did spoil me with random gifts like this one time I videchat him and start playing with my pussy till I came and he gave me a new phone and some clothes like I wasn’t complaining or anything but wow I couldn’t believe someone would be so obese with me,This went on for few weeks till he ask him if I wokld be down to fuck and I didn’t know if I wanted to be that type of a person but I couldn’t help it since I hadn’t been fucked in sometime so I ask him what he would do for me in return and boy do I tell you this man was willing to do anything for me so eventually we agree to meet up and we met up days later after discussing it and I met him at the hotel with my bag which by the way had all my lingerie and cute sexy clothes for the crazy night so I knock on the door and he opens it,I didn’t expect him to be super tall but he was good lookin man for 40 year old dude so after I got into the room I told him I had to get ready so he stay outside the bathroom while I changed and look at slutty and cute, after few minutes i finally told him I was ready so he turn off the tv and I walked out wearing this cute red lingerie and not gonna lie I looked hot asf for my age after I walked out he grab me and pick me up as we made out and slowly took each other clothes off and soon we were both naked,he made his way down to my pussy and started eating me out while I grab his hair and moan like crazy as he plays with my clit and makes me cum all over his face.So after sitting on his face and cumming all over his face I decide it’s time to get my knee and sick his dick but I realize I didn’t know what his size was and I was worried he was gonna be small but I was wrong… I didn’t expect old guy like him to have big dick but I was glad and excited so anyways I started sucking his dick and balls till he came in my mouth and the entire time he kept fucking my throat and god I loved it soon after that we got into doggy and he just shoved his cock inside of me and started going slow then fast and faster, idk what he was doing but god I kept peeing and I didn’t realize it was squirt till after we had finish fucking well always we kept fucking in different positions like cowgirl and missionary, many more.We literally did everything and right when he was about to cum he ask me if he could cum inside of me and ofc I said yes and fuck it was my first time getting filled up with cum and fucked the minute he busted into me I lost my mind and moan so loud that I left scars on his back from all the sex we had from that night well anyways he cam inside of me and after that we got dressed and got food like we didn’t just have nasty sex. Here my snap luvs and I hope u enjoy my sex storie (snap- vlopez237773)

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Can I rate your twerkinh skills

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    Damn she knows how to shake that thing

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    Now Leave Your Comment…Bullshit

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    Now Leave Your Comment…Why dont u text me where r u at

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      I tried 😔 it never worked email is easier

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    Do you have email?