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Grandpa has more fun for me

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Grandpa told me he was gonna give me lots more cum to swallow before my Mom picked me up tonight and I was so happy he liked my bj’s I was giving him. I know I sure like them and loved swallowing all Grandpa’s creamy cum. After breakfast Grandpa and I cleaned the house and got all sweaty so he said we should shower together to save water and time. It sounded like a plan. So we stripped off and threw our clothes in the dirty laundry and then hopped in the shower together. I washed my hair and Grandpa shaved, then I felt his soapy hands come around from behind me and play with my little boobie buds making my nipples hard. I could feel his bug hard cock between my legs as he soaped down all my front with me leaning back against him, it felt awesome and my kitty was soaked inside and out. Grandpa turned me around and kissed me on the mouth sliding his tongue over mine. I reached down and wrapped as much of my hand as I could around his hard cock and began stroking him. The shower spray had cleaned the soap off my titties and I dropped down to my knees sucking his cock into my mouth. He hadn’t used any soap on his cock yet and it was salty in my mouth, I had never tasted that before and I liked it. I sucked harder stroking the length of cock that was out side my mouth and playing with his old hairy balls balls. It wasn’t long before he was shooting his load into my mouth and I swallowed it down my throat, yummy I love the taste of my Grandpa’s cum. We finished washing off and got out of the shower, Grandpa dried me off and said he wanted to play an adult game with me. He said he wanted to tied me up naked and blindfold me on the lounger on the deck. Then he was gonna do thing to me but not say a word so I couldn’t be sure if it was him or someone else. I laughed and asked who else could it be? So naïve.
We walked naked out on the deck and Grandpa put a hood over my head that covered everything except my mouth, it was totally black inside and I couldn’t see anything. Then he lay me down on the lounger with me head over the end and my arms and legs spread wide. I was getting very excited about it all and thought this was a fun game. Grandpa got up and I heard him walk inside then nothing for like 10 minutes until I heard him walking back past me with his shoes on. I will be back in a few minutes he said to me and I told him to untie me until he got back. He just laughed as he got into his car and pulled out of the yard.
I couldn’t believe he had just left me hear tied up and naked on his porch in broad daylight. I tried to get up but I was tied tightly and so I just lay there feeling the warm sun on my bare skin. I began to wonder how long he was gonna be it felt like I had been here a half hour or more when a car pulled up beside the house and car doors open and close. Wait a minute is someone with Grandpa, fuck this wasn’t fun anymore.
Grandpa? I called out but nobody answered I just heard footsteps walk up on the deck, more then one person was here. “Who’s there?” I asked but again no answer. A finger touched my nipple on my right boobie and I asked again who it was. Silence, then the sound of shoes being dropped on the deck and clothing rustling. The finger had now become a hand on my little boobie and suddenly a mouth on my other nipple, making me gasp in surprise. The mouth started to suck and the fingers pinched my other nip. Hands were running over my naked hot flesh and I was scared shitless and excited as hell.
A cock rubbed over my mouth I could smell it kind of sweaty and then it pressed against my lips and I opened my mouth taking it in. It was a little sweaty tasting and it wasn’t Grandpas but I didn’t care I started to suck on it right away. He pushed in and out of my mouth as the other person moved between my spread legs. His tongue licked from my sweaty bum hole all the way to my clit and my hips pushed upwards as he gave my clit a suck.
I was totally horny now and so excited at what was happening, I sucked and licked the cock in my mouth as he groaned above me. My head was hanging down over the end of the lounger and it must have opened my throat a little because he pushed his cock head down into my throat. I started cumming on the mans tongue in my pussy as the cock erupted down my throat and I swallowed. When he stopped cumming the man between my legs moved up and pushed his cock into my mouth as I heard another vehicle pull into the yard. OMG more I wonder how many, am I gonna suck more cocks I thought as I felt my juices run down the crack of my ass. The cock in my mouth started spurting and filled my mouth with warm cream, I swallowed greedily loving the taste.
Another person had his head between my legs eating my little virgin cunt as two mouth sucked one nipple each and another cock found it way in my mouth. I was orgasming like crazy my juices flowing out of my little cunt.
I lost count of the cocks I sucked and just got hornier and hornier until I was going insane with lust. I felt a big finger rubbing up and down between my swollen pussy lips and then a pressure and pain. I cried out as something pushed its way deeper inside of me threatening to split my little virgin pussy in half. There was cheering now and men urging the man to fuck me good and hard. Oh fuck it hurt but I was cumming anyway I wanted it in me and out of me . The cock pushed in until it couldn’t go any further , OMG I felt so stuffed, it was awesome and I loved it. He was fucking me now pushing the monster cock in and out of me, yes I screamed FUCK ME. I am baby I heard my Grandpas voice say and I knew it was him. I felt an overpowering love and emotion. I dont know how many times I orgasmed as he fucked me before he pushed in deep emptying his balls into me filling me with his Grandpa cum.
We lay there for a minute and then he asked if I wanted to be fucked again and I said yes thinking it was going to be him doing the fucking but he slid his softening cock out of me and moved away. There was a slight pause and then I felt him back between my legs and his cock pushed back inside me, only it wasn’t Grandpas cock, it was a strangers. He started fucking me faster and harder then Grandpa and it felt so fucking good I gave myself to him, cumming on his cock before he pushed in to cum inside me. After him it was another man, then another and another, 7 men after grandpa fucked my little pussy raw and deposited their sperm inside of me and although I was very sore I had loved it.
Grandpa untied me and pulled the hood off my head after they all left. I asked Grandpa who all those men were and he said just a few friends of his who needed release in a hot young pussy.
Grandpa took me upstairs and into the shower where he washed me all over then it was almost time for my Mom to pick me up so I got dressed putting two pairs of undies on cause my pussy was still leaking cum. Mom pulled into the driveway as I was coming down stairs and I thought wow if she would have been a half hour earlier she would have walked up to her daughter having her first orgy. I kissed her on the cheek and hoped my breathe didn’t smell like old mans cum.
Grandpa aske mom if I could come back next weekend we had such a good time. Mom looked at me surprised and asked if I would like that? I told her I would love to spend every weekend at Grandpas.

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    suck and fuck that’s what females are made for

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    You have a good grandfather

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    Just how little girls should be fucked

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      Hard and fast filled full of men cocks…..pussy juicy and needy

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      i saw my granddaughter sniffing my pee stained underwear and pinching her nipples. it was the hottest thing ive ever seen
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    Young girls don’t talk like that

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    Love the stories and how is building can not wait to read more from you

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    Good girl!, taking what belongs to you lol!