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Game night gets hot

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My wife Lynn and I got into the swinger lifestyle soon after getting married at 18-yo. Living in a small very conservative town plus Lynn’s father being the local preacher we had to keep our alternative lifestyle hidden and have most of our fun out of town. But we did have quite a few friends who we hung out with who weren’t in the lifestyle. One of those couples was Mike and Beth. We’d had a couple of threesomes with Mike when we first got into the lifestyle, but it had been a few years and was before he’d started dating Beth. Beth was very straight laced and religious so we were always sure to watch how we acted around her when they’d come over. I’d often thought it was a shame she wasn’t into our kind of fun because even though she dressed very conservatively you could tell she had a smoking hot body under those layers of clothes.

Out of respect when they came over Lynn always dressed conservative as well. We were all in our mid 20’s and they’d been married for about 3 years. She’d never had a problem with us drinking around her but I’d noticed over the past few months she’d started drinking a little. When they came over we’d usually end up playing cards or playing a board game like Monopoly or something like that. We’d usually just drank beer but lately Lynn and I had started fixing margaritas. So one night when they came over we ask if they wanted to try one. Not being used to drinking and never drinking liquor before Beth had quite a buzz going after only one drink. It was amazing how she changed while working on the second drink. She was laughing at everything and ever let some profanity slip out a couple of times which we’d never heard from her. We talked about playing a game and Mike and Beth were going to chose one while Lynn and I fixed another round of drinks. When we came back in the room they’d taken the games out of the closet and we realized there were a couple of games in there we’d accidentally left in there from when a couple we swapped with had come over.

They were adult games where you drank and took off your clothes. One was called bumps & grinds and the other was sip & go naked. Beth was standing there reading the rules and then looking at some of the cards that you would draw telling you things like take a drink, remove an article of clothing but then got hotter telling the girl to sit in the guy to their left or right’s lap, or kiss that person etc. We started saying how Lynn and I played them for fun with just the two of us and saying how sorry we were we forgot and left them in the closet. But were surprised by Beth’s response when she said it looked like it would be more fun if 2 or 3 couples played it. Then looked at me and with a sexy grin said are you sure you didn’t just put this here for me to find so you could get me naked? I just laughed and said yea you caught me. I started putting the stuff back in the box then Beth said if we play this do you promise not to tell anyone? Lynn and I both quickly said we wouldn’t tell a sole. She looked at Mike and said she knew he’d like to see Lynn naked, and asked if he’d mind if we played that game? I knew he’d want to but he played it cool and said sure if she really wanted to, and if no one else would find out. Beth pointed to Lynn and said hell she’s the preacher’s daughter you know they won’t tell anyone. Then said OK so whatever happens tonight stays between the 4 of us. The whole time putting all the game pieces on the table.

From playing the game lots of times I knew it was set up where the females lost their clothes a lot faster than the guys. Also there were some cards I’d had made she hadn’t seen telling the girl to suck the guy to her right/left’s cock for 3 minutes and telling the guy to suck the girl beside hims tits etc. I’d had all the cards reprinted so they all looked like they came with the game. I was curious to see what Beth would say if she drew one of those cards. Every few moves it was going to tell you to take a drink. It didn’t take long before it was getting interesting when Beth drew a card where she had to kiss me. I was expecting a quick peck on the lips or kiss on the cheek, but instead I got a long very hot french kiss from my friends usually straight laced wife. As expected the girls were loosing their clothes pretty quick, but I noticed Beth had taken off her top before her pants, shoes, or socks so was sitting there in a very sexy bra. I drew a card telling me to suck her tits and I knew that would be the moment of truth. I showed her the card and she just smiled and pulled her tits out of her bra. I took turns sucking one tit and then the other. Her tits were even bigger than I’d expected and as I was sucking on them she put her hand on my thigh and was rubbing her way up until she was rubbing my cock.

Mike soon drew a card telling him to suck Lynn’s tits and she’d already lost her bra. As he sucked her tits Beth was grinning from ear to ear and she reached under the table rubbing my cock through my pants again. Then leaned over and whispered to please tell her there was going to be a card telling me to fuck her. Then started kissing me again. Mike took his time sucking on my wife’s tits and I couldn’t resist fondling Beth’s tits some more. We were all pretty wasted by then but especially Beth. Soon both girls were naked so while Mike and I finished the game the girls went to get another round of drinks. Beth seemed as comfortable as could be walking around naked. When they got in the kitchen Lynn was in for a surprise when Beth said she’d seen Lynn naked before when they were showering in high school and asked Lynn if she’d ever seen her? Lynn said she hadn’t and Beth told her they’d both gotten bigger since then, and clarified by saying you know our boobs. Then Beth told her she’d always thought Lynn had a really nice body and could never get over seeing her red bush. She went on to say she always got turned on by redheads but that was the only time she’d seen a redheads pussy.

Lynn told Beth she had a really nice body too and said it was too bad they had to hide their bodies when they were around people in their town. Beth told her they had to hide a lot of things and leaned over with her tits pressed against Lynn’s and started kissing her. But she stepped back real quick and said she was sorry she shouldn’t have done that. But Lynn pulled her back and started kissing her as she reached up and fondled one of Beth’s big pear shaped tits. They kissed and fondled each other for about five minutes. And Lynn told Beth they were going to have to finish what they started really soon and Beth agreed. Mike and I had said fuck it and just stripped. I was sitting on one couch and Mike the other. We’d worked out a plan but weren’t sure if Beth would go for it but we knew we could always say we were just joking. After the girls sat down beside us we got up and swapped seats with me now beside Beth and Mike beside Lynn. Neither had drawn the card saying they had to suck a guys cock so I’d pulled them out and after sitting beside the girls without them complaining we showed them the cards. Lynn waited to see Beth’s reaction and it didn’t take long before she was busy sucking my cock, so Lynn started sucking Mike off. But after only a couple of minutes Beth stood up and we all thought the fun had stopped until she straddled me sliding my cock inside her and whispering that she’d said she wanted me to fuck her.

I fucked Beth in several positions and Mike did the same with Lynn, with all 4 of us ending up on the floor. I was surprised when I saw at one point the girls holding hands and then saw Beth squeezing one of Lynn’s tits. When I was ready to cum Lynn could tell and she looked at Beth’s tits and nodded her head that way. I moved and started to fuck Beth’s big tits and she really liked it. When I shot off I coated her tits in cum. Lynn told Mike to fuck her from behind and positioned herself over Beth and as Mike fucked her she licked & sucked the cum off of Beth’s tits, much to Mike’s delight. So Mike followed my lead and shot off on Lynn’s tits. Beth wasted no time in sucking & licking my wife’s big 34-DD tits. They started to kiss and run their hands over each others bodies and ended up in a 69 eating each others pussy and in the process getting each other off. It was obvious they both had been with other girls before. Though Mike had no idea his wife had been with a girl before or had any desire to be. By the time they were finished with each other Mike and I were rock hard again and they came over and started sucking us off. Lynn with Mike and Beth with me. Then Lynn leaned over and whispered something to Beth and she said no and then sure. Lynn told Mike and I that Beth had never had 2 guys at once. That’s all she had to say.

I got behind her and started fucking her while Mike put his cock in his wife’s mouth. I fucked the hell out of her as she sucked Mike off and Lynn left the room and came back with a tiny vibrator and started to slowly work it into Beth’s ass before turning it on. Soon Beth was having multiple orgasms as she told me to fuck her harder and saying she wanted my big dick as deep as I could get it. Then she started to suck Mike like she never had before swallowing his cock until his balls slapped her chin. I filled her pussy full of hot cum and Mike shot off on his wife’s face & tits. Beth was barely on her back before Lynn was licking the cum out of her pussy. And Beth was wiping the cum off her face onto her fingers licking it off. But left the cum on her tits for Lynn to lick up. It shocked Mike when is very conservative wife said she’d wanted to eat Lynn’s pussy since the first time she saw her naked and confessed she’d always find a way to see her in the showers. When Mike asked what girls she’d been with she said she wouldn’t name names because we knew all of them. But she would tell us one and that was Mike’s sister who had introduced them. I thought it was funny because when we were younger Mike confided in me to watching his sister in the shower and jerking off. And had arranged for me to see her naked once when we were only 14-15 yrs old.

After that night we played the adult games almost every time they came over or sometimes just got naked and fucked. Mike started taking nude pictures of Beth and she knew he showed them to me but had no idea he had a second set made of most of them and gave them to me and other guys. I had about a hundred pictures of her naked. They started getting into swinging with other couple we knew and some they found through swinger magazines but like us usually went out of town for that. It was always funny when I’d see Beth and Lynn downtown in our little town dressed so conservatively and acting like perfect little angels. Knowing they both were wild sex freaks given the chance.

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