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Foreign Affairs (Part 4)

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Last part of the ordeal our poor kids have endured. Hope you aren’t too squeemish. Warning. Snuff and extreme violence.

Irena woke up. Shes spread eagled on a king size bed a TV with her being fellated by a unknown man was playing on a loop. Her head felt like it was spinning around from inside while stationery outside. She remembered being with Vito last night? Where was he anyway.? She pondered.

She realised her legs were raised slightly on some kind of padded stool?. Her hands and ankles were attached to cords tied through restraints on the wall and floor, her head could move but her neck had a collar and chain attached. The thing was tight and rubbed at her skin annoyingly.

This my friends would be the least of annoyances due to be visited on young Irena’s delectable skin. She turned her head on hearing the electronic whirr from something near her feet, or so it seemed? Flinching she squeezed her cunt lips tight as a slow length of thick pliable rubber wormed it’s way into her moist, sweaty vaginal entrance?

The girl whinnied like a pony when suddenly the object speeds up it’s drilling into her cunt and pushes all the way up her already a used pussy. Pain upon pain rushes through her crotch as the machine starts fucking her tight teenage fanny in earnest. Ramming and stretching in equally pain filled measure. She orgasms very quickly, moaning loudly as her recently used, stretched cunt explodes. Squirting her creamy musky juices soaking into the bed sheets.

She hears voices, a door opens? A girl, much younger than her? Is placed onto a large barrel shaped stool. Her little legs then tied, to the stool legs. Thighs now spread, her summer dress and tight panty clad buttocks strain, as she’s bent forward slightly. Restrained by cord, tied around her wrists and attached likewise to restraints in the floor?

A hellish howling erupts getting louder as it approaches the room. A blond girl about 20 yrs of age, naked, trimmed pussy, nice looking , long blond hair to her round arse approaches the bed, says nothing, she unties Irena’s legs, before putting the frightened teen girls nude, musky, sweaty body into a kneeling position.

The stool her legs were splayed on previously, now placed under her stomach. She is then spread eagled, again, with her moist, pale arse pointing upward her dripping cunt gaping for anyone to enjoy. Her tits are left dangling and her face covered by her sweat soaked hair. Drool and tears soak the bed further, her terrified pleading fills the room. The other little girl wailing and howling in tandem with the fear racked Irena.

The door opens again and some men stand at the side of the bed. A strange gurgling sound emanates from the girl astride the stool. Sudden silence from her crying just a mumbling choking drone. Irena has little time to ponder the reason as a very hard, long cock is thrust up her gaping young pussy and she is raped mercilessly for the next ten minutes. Her 15 yr old body hammered by slaps and cruel groping hands. All the while she’s screeching. This, her painful first time with a man’s penis inserted up her hole. Ends with a flood of sticky grool, that leaks down her arse and thighs, dripping to the bedding below. Her cute reddened arse cheeks and intensely bruised tits ache and throb. Irena is in abject misery.

With no respite, another cock fucks her, fills her. Leaves her moaning in painful orgasm. Two more rapists enjoy sloppy rides on her young, once fresh cunt. All the while, little grunting and squeeling sounds have been erupting from the girl on the stool. As Irena is untied and allowed to sit up. She sees her attackers and the other recipient of their sadistic orgy. She is shocked! She screams, staring wide eyed at what’s in front of her.

The girl on the stool is lovely and very cutely adorned. Her long hair is in bunches, little red ribbons attached. Her eyes are made up, with mascara, pouting mouth lipsticked and blusher. Giving her a living doll like appearance.
Sex doll that is. Her blue plaid school dress is hitched up her back, her pink cotton panties pulled down to give access to her holes from the rear.

Well, hole that is. As Irena’s looking closer she recognises the girl…. But no? It can’t be. It is!! She screams out Vito’s name and he chokes and splutters on the cock in his lipsticked mouth. His screams muffled as another fills his girly hole shafting him back and forwards as he’s fucked to and fro on the stool.

Irena is dragged off the bed and taken by two of the three men who raped her into the bathroom. Loud sobbing is heard as she is douched, showered while brutally spanked and fingered in her arse. On return to the room. She sees Vito’s ordeal not getting any better as a fat Japanese looking man is hammering his dick into the boys ripped bumhole. Vito’s crying a mere whimper now as he’s near passed out with pain.

Irena is thrown face down on the freshly changed bed. Her arsehole fingered again roughly. Some cold lube is applied. Then….. Oh mother of god. She didn’t know such pain could exist. Two men mount her on the bed. One is thrusting up her fanny! as he settles inside that musky hole. The other pushes his fat cock hard and firmly up into her bumcheeks.

Torn, ripped, her rectum stretched obscenely. The wailing girls arse is on fire. Stars are flashing in her eyes as she is double dicked. Both raping her recently unused 15 yr old holes without mercy. Grunting like pig’s as they’re rutting into her abused, pliable squelching pussy and shitehole.

The orgy goes on for another few hours. Both her and her sissy companion, raped, fellated, sodomised. Totally used and abused, alongside the 20yr old. Who was unaware of her fate until being held down and repeatedly used in every hole. Screaming at one of her protagonists and calling him uncle??.

Both Irena and Vito are taken by the old man who captured them, back to the cells he had kept them in. Cold, smelling of sex and shit down in the basement. There they would stay for next few days to recover. Well physically if not mentally. Wouldn’t matter in long run. This was their life now until either their sold on, or no longer an asset. No profit in prolapsed teens.

One week later, Irena is told to dress as a novice nun and Vito as a choirboy. They are to make a movie together with some others. The camera room is now made up to look like a priests room. Irena is stood in her habit and looking gorgeous as ever. Her young thighs and bald cunt just visible as she’s walking across the room.

Vito is standing, songbook in hand and his bottom half naked. The fat guys niece servicing his young but eager penis with her mouth. Vito very much enjoying the change of gender from last time. The niece is in a mother superior outfit draped up her back, no panties. Her hairy cunt, and large bum an enticing target for the waiting hard ons all gathered around. Anxiously waiting for the word action!!

The word comes suddenly. The waiting men eagerly put the available genitalia of rapist and victims to good use. Scraming, squelching, flesh slapping noises. Grunts of pleasure and pain, interspersed with crys of utter despair.
Cock after cock cums in both females cunts and anus. Mouths used like pussy as milky froth and spit drip slowly out their fucked jaws. Vito is thrashing wildly as two hard dicks attempt to enter his overstretched anus simultaneously!!

Irena is dripping cum from every orifice. Her young abused body no longer hers to control and she pisses a long strong stream of piss and cum over her latest rapist. The older girl. The neice?. Is bent over the stool Irena was tied to earlier. Her stained abused labia and engorged bumhole frantically wriggling in defiance of the hands slapping and kicking them.

“No uncle please I won’t do it again please”… She wails. The man who is uncle just snarls at her shouting action. Three men attack her mercilessly, fucking her with bottles and sex toys. Her grunts and pathetic screams get much, much louder as a giant canine, black and with its large bell end drooling cum.

Frantically anticipating what he’s used to getting when sniffing girl pussy. He’s whining and howling excitedly his thick purple headed veined tool jerkingvand throbbing under his hind legs. The girl screeches and the other two naked, humiliated kids. Look on in horror as the giant dog is introduced to his bitch.

Irena is punched when trying not to watch the events in front of her. Groped and bitten as she does so. The boy similarly is engrossed but sickened as the unbelievable is unfolding in front of him. His abusers momentarily not interested in his girly hole. The dog is scratching at the girls back which bleeds badly, she is screeching in agony as this solicits cheers from her audience of sadistic bastards.

Soon her pussy is stretched around his doggy cock and the beast hamer fucks into the now unconscious niece’s babyhole. He howls then holds fast as he knots With his mate. Drool runs into her hair and face from the panting growling animal. Irena feels sick from all that she’s witnessed and her own abuse. The old man slaps her face and spits his warning at her.

“Let what you see today, be a lesson. You miserable cum dumps. This will be your fate. Should you try to escape, or, refuse to do anything? Your told to do. Now, watch carefully.” The big animal, more like a small pony than a dog. Is coerced slowly to release his knotted partner. With a giant plop and a flood of slimy goo and blood, his penis drops out the niece’s ruined vagina. She moans in utter agony and degredation. Her ordeal though not completely over yet. Nor the other two either.

The fat Japanese man thrusts his hardened prick fully up the neices sopping rectum, she never flinches as he rapes her poor tortured bumhole. This will be her last feeling on earth. As she is taking his load in her wrecked bowels. A thin silk scarf is tightening around her throat. Tighter, tighter.

Then with a wide eyed muffled grunt, her lifeless head drops to the floor. Irena is besides herself, her very sore cunt and arse once more attractive to the engorged bunch of sadistic cunts she is held captive by. The neices dead body is dragged out of the view of the camera’s lens. Vito is wailing, his mental state in turmoil.

He is shouting, screaming at everyone and is suddenly knocked out by a blow to his head which bleeds badly. Irena crys out for him through grunting gasps as her body sways in time to the thrusting cocks abusing her constantly. The old man waits till they empty and satisfy themselves and awaits their exit from the room. A copy of their film to be edited and given to them on their exit a few days from now. Until then.

Both young Irena and her young companion, will be entertaining them. As and how? Only these evil bastards will decide. Two days later. Irena is introducing twin 12 yr old girls to some new customers of the old man. Irena is naked and is assisting the twins to be positioned for further use very very shortly. Her mind reminiscing about the fate of the last older girl who assisted in such a manner!!

” Irena. Fucking hurry up you slack holed cunt” an angry voice shouted. ” “Yes uncle.” She replies….. Was that a dog howling she thinks to herself.

The end.

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    Brilliant loved it
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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y49d

    Well, you certainly didn’t disappoint! You must be an even bigger perv than me!! This is fantastic stuff and I laughed fit to bust at the rape and torture going on. Please give us more sick porn writing to get the spunk flying!!