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Foreign Affairs (Part 2)

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Having been subdued and abducted. The two hapless foreign kids are given a glimpse of their fate should they resist to co-operate fully.

The drive home from the beach was done very steadily. Didn’t want to be stopped for speeding, or have plod getting curious about my passengers trussed up in the back of my van.

I called some numbers on my hands free. “Yeah she’s a little babe, he’s ideally what we need for a sissy though. Ok no worries, see you then.” All good I thought this has been a very fortuitous day trip. I chuckled as my two little babes went through tortures in their minds. No doubt, judging by the moaning and wailing I could hear.

On arrival at my cottage. Nearest town was over two miles away. Nearest neighbour over a mile. Surrounded by woods and a lake, the cottage had been extensively renovated and had a very large basement, this too had also been extensively renovated.

The additional fixtures and fittings all done by myself and like-minded associates. Took a bit of messy work to get the two piss and shit stained fuckers into their new nest and stripped for cleaning. Kept well secured hands and feet but no gags and blindfolds.

They were both chattering in their own tongue. I was happy not to know probably was aimed at my demise ha ha. Anyways having got both hosed down and cleaned up a bit more. Time to see what we really had to play with. So to speak.

I strapped both to the ceiling hooks and hoisted them upright just so their feet were on the floor. Legs spread, ankles shackled and shackles moved so access to their arses was available. Needed to make sure their holes were clean before use. The boys jaw was a mess but unbroken, he’d have bother chewing for a bit but would be fine.

She was bruised also but not as bad as him. Her mouth would hurt for reasons she would not care to hear about. Her tits were superb, large nipples hard in the cold of the basement, jiggling as she stood head bowed, sobbing hard, hair ringlets damp hanging in front of her very cute teen face.

Her pussy glistened in the harsh lights.
Her damp soapy pubes oily and trimmed roughly so covering her cunt lips and giving a mature look to her frame belying her true age. (15).
A quick shufty at her bum. Omg… I have seen many girls rear ends, this babes arse was priceless. A perfect pair of orbs with a crease into her pink puckering ring that my tongue was unable to resist.

She squirmed at my sloppy ministrations but shit or no shit I stuck my hands on her hips and delved up her rectum. Mmm, nectar she smelt of soap and musky wood. Her hole squeezing my tongue tip trying to expel me from her arsehole.
I replaced my tongue with a finge and it came out dirty.

I stuck it under her nose rubbing it into her mouth while pulling her head back by the hair. I slapped her tits twice making her struggle as she screamed at me. Ramming my hand onto her cunt I pulled out a clump of public hair.
Screeching in pain she slumped forwards howling and shaking with pain and fear.

He was watching through tear streamed eyes at all this and was swaying to and fro wailing in his own lingo. Probably cursing me but who gives a shit. I grinned over at him then suddenly thrust two fingers into her moist vagina.

She screamed and thrashed as my fingers wormed as far upthat slit as they’d go. Thrusting, degrading, fingering. Cruelly, forcefully manipulating her tight young fanny.

After some minutes she either came or pissed on my hand? Maybe both!! She dropped forward unable to stand upright, her chains rattling loudly. Gasping for breath, her sweat covered exhausted body heaving as sticky moisture drips from her abused slopped up cunt hole.

I moved over to the boy, his long blond hair hanging down his back as he reared back from my sticky smelly digits. I grabbed him by the neck holding my digits are his mouth. Rubbing them over his pouty lips I made sure he couldn’t bite me. I ran my hand the length of his young slim frame until I got to his hairless balls.

Smiling into his moaning face I looked down and gently squeezed them. He flinched, groaned. I grinned again and pointed to his girlfriend or whatever she is to him. He looked at her hanging fucked and helpless.

Forcing his mouth open, I catch some of the moist slop from his crying face on my finger. Swinging him around to present his ripe taught bum cheeks to my gaze. Peeling his wriggling arse cheeks open, after a few hard spanks on those nice cheeks. I press the gloop onto his young, girly looking, tiny anal opening. Slowly working my finger around his puckering fuck hole.

Eventually I held him steady spitting onto his wet anal opening, I worked a finger up his arsehole to the second knuckle. Boy did he grip my finger… Soon be my cock. I signaled to him. Pointing to my bulging crotch. She was now watching intently. I fingered his bum roughly, making his little pecker grow some. Her eyes never leaving his prick as it throbbed and got harder.

I was getting ready to cum and knew it would be quick. I was too horned up for a long fuck session. Plus, I still had things to do. I pulled my finger out his damp bumhole, a clear shloop sound and a cry from him indicating it’s exit. I wiped my shitty finger onto his arse cheeks. Spanked him a few more times while playing with his little pecker, before I moved back to her.

I pulled her face close to mine and kissed her hard, playing with her tits. Her nipple’s hard, her skin soft, tits so suckable. My mouth clamped on her right tit as I fingered her cunt again. She had a very sensitive clit apparently and was dripping in no time. I stood up fingers slipping out of her juicy minge.

Having taken off my clothes before cleaning those two skanks earlier. I dropped my trunks. Her face froze, she gawped, shaking her head. Gazing in terror, as if to plead and say no you can’t? My cock was thick, brick hard, dripping pre cum. I dropped her chains to my waist level, the electronic hum of the hoist drowning out her and his moans and protestations. Like I gave a fuck….

I slapped my cock around her face as she blinked and flinched. Crying and sobbing, mumbling. She obviously knew better than resist, surprisingly opening her lips slightly as soon as my blood engorged knobhead touched her pretty little mouth.

I looked at the boy watching me. Cursing again, as I slowly slipped my cock onto her mouth. Letting her taste my pre cum while threatening her with my clenched fist, dont to even think of biting! She got the message,. Slowly opening up wider while slurping on my throbbing tool.

I couldn’t hold back and grabbing her by the hair, I forced her to look at me as I fucked her mouth like a cunt. She gagged and choked, tears and grool flowing from her eyes, nose, and mouth. Her pussy too judging by the piss at her knees. I pumped harder and held her on my final thrust.

She near drowned on the pile of creamy spunk I managed to pump into her young stomach. I fell back, a loud plop sounding as my aching cock exits her tight jaws. I’m watching her spit and shake as she vomits my spend onto the basement floor.

What a fucking blowjob. Well worth the cleaning required. Still don’t mean I’m doing it does it I say to the wailing children now totally aware of the tortures that lay waiting. They had no idea really though? Their wildest imaginings couldn’t prepare them for the days, weeks, months or eternity awaiting for those tight young openings…..

Part 3 to continue if wanted.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Fuck yes! Give us more.
    Loved their panic and that throatfuck, making her puke. Love to see you hurt those little fucks.
    I can hardly wait for you to fuck both of them in their ass. Please, hurt the little bitches. Hurt them good. And fist that little cunt. Give her a hard hand and cock dp,your fist in her cunt and your cock balls deep in her ass. Make her feel it. Hurt the whore. And as for that sissy boy, choke him hard as you assfuck him, feel him tighten his ass in pain around your cock. So fucking good…