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First time ever

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I met this guy on snapchat through the quick add feature and we began talking every day for a couple of months. He asked me if he could comeover since I was home alone and I said sure not thinking much of it because I’m only 14 but he’s 20. He let’s call him Tyler from now on. Tyler came to my house and we both went into my parents room so I can wear some of my mom’s sexy clothing I ended up in black lace panties a red bra black fishnets a red crop top and a black mini skirt he then pulled me in close and kissed me on my soft lips grabbing my hard cock when he did so. I was surprised by the length of his member when it lifted out of his pants and out in front of my face. I began to move my hands up and down his shaft before now the only cock I have touched has been my own. His cock got harder and stiffer the more I stroked then from my surprise I felt 2 hands grab the back of my head and push me onto his cock. My eyes started to water and I started to gag but that didn’t stop him from face fucking me and luring his cock with my mouth after what seemed like forever he pulled me off his cock and slapped me in the face with it before telling me to bend over and put my ass high in the air. I did so without complaining and felt a sudden warmth when he got close removing my black mini skirt and panties. I then began to feel his cock push its way into my tight virgin ass I yelled when he entered me but I don’t think he cared because he kept pushing in and out of me. After a while It began to feel good and I was pushing back on his cock without him even moving. I started to moan like the girls I saw in the porn videos I watched then I came all over the bedsheets. But tyler never stopped even after I came. I stopped bouncing on his cock rethinking my decisions and telling tyler I don’t want to do this anymore but he didn’t listen and trusted into me harder and faster then ever and after what felt like forever he came inside me not caring that I was yelling stop and was crying. I thought it was over but he got back on top of me and told me to clean his cock and stuffed my mouth with it again he got hard almost instantly when he put his cock back in my mouth. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and drenched my face with his cum. After he came he put his pants back on said we will be doing this the everyday your parents are gone slut. Then he left me crying on the bed with cum all over my face and leaking out of my ass.

That’s it for this story let me know if u want more and if u want my snapchat so we can chat in private.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    My snap is yung_skidmark and I’m the author

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    What are your socials? 😊

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      I second this

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    Slutty teen faggots like you are the best, it was entirely his right to rape you.

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      I completely agree. You deserved what you got, you little boy tramp!

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    Would love it first time in me

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    God that was hot. Shot cum all over myself.

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      it was hot. i love cock and pussy and cum