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Fetish fantasies- 1

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After being suspended from school for doing drugs by his own mother upon his sister’s complaint , Ruhaan decides to teach his sister a lesson.

Ruhaan(17) was caught doing drugs(he took the risk since he was devasted upon his sexy gf breaking up with him for his best friend)by his sister Raashi(15) in the school bus , Raashi being scared for his health went and told their mother who is the principal. His mom being worried about the bad influence from school suspended him for a month and grounded him until he learns his lesson and took away his drug supply. He manages to stash away a few packets of drugs.

Ruhaan had access to his little sister’s private Instagram account through a fake profile with her friends name and knew all she was upto with her boyfriend and what all she did behind their backs.
He also knew that Raashi thought he was hot.
All of this helped him get revenge on her.

-Rest of the story in detail….
It was another average school day except Ruhaan couldn’t be at school because of being grounded and his sister was asked to keep an eye on him since the caretaker(btw who he fucked) was busy that day.
It has been a week since he got high since he didn’t need to get high because of the caretaker fulfilling his fetish fantasies.
But that day he had no choice but to do drugs to control his sexual urges. He got into the bathtub and got high.
Meanwhile his sister raashi got into the bathroom, stripped down and sent nudes to her boyfriend who was her brother’s age . All while being unknowingly witnessed by her brother(looks ran in the genes so they both were attractive) he opens the curtains and confronts her , she freaks out and drops her phone down , breaking it(she won’t be able to call her mother for help anymore). “Bhaiyya what are you doing in here?” She said while hiding behind the translucent shower curtain his eyes were fixated on her tits “please don’t tell mom! She will be the end of me bhaiyya please bhaiyya I beg of you” “will you what I tell you to? Then I won’t tell mom” “I will do anything bhaiyya let me justget clothed, would you mind going out?” “How is that fair? Your boyfriend gets your nudes , tits and pussy and I don’t? ” He said while scanning her body head to toe “what do you mean? I am not that kind of girl!” “Ik I couldn’t be the first person to take your innocence but atleast you should let me-” “no way! You are my brother! ” He quickly gets up and pushes away the curtain , grabs on her tit with his fingers and pulls her closer “bhaiyya stop it!” “Stop pretending love, I know we want each other , remember when you let me be your first kiss? You confessed that you found me attractive that was just two years ago love how could you forget?” “I- I didn’t forget… But this isn’t right” “fine then, go ahead get clothed ” she covers her big titties and hairy pussy and walks backwards grabs her towel and wraps herself in it . That is when he says “but if I don’t fuck you… Mom sure will, that too until ur done for, then don’t come crawling back to me” “bhaiyya don’t do this to me” “the clock is ticking , I am going to send all the proof to mom in 3……2……1…….” She drops the towel.
“Hm” he smirks “I’ll take that as a yes then , good girl.” She rips of his right black shirt and pulls down his boxers . This makes Raashi pee a bit , that’s what turns him on making his dick hard , but little does Raashi know about his fetish fantasies.

To be continued….

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