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Femboy sextures (I got fucked by my gym teacher)

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Femboy travels and gets fucked by real men

Hey there my name is Kevin am basically a loner l was born intersex which means I have female and male parts well l have a vagina yeah I know pretty badass. Which is why l was never one gender l like to switch and it helps that l look like a girl pear shaped body thicc thighs and a thicc ass feminine face l was 5’2 with curly 3b hair green eyes. I got alot of unwanted attention but they ended being fun like in this story or diary of my life.

It started in gym class which was basically the most boring class of the day maybe it was fun for other people but not for me for three reasons. Reason number one l suck at sports or anything doing with athletic activities absolutely suck at them. Reason two the kids in my class are alright l guess some football fans some wannabe gangster some volleyball girls and the rest are like me just trying to get by. Reason three the perverted gym teacher he is a big pervert before I entered highschool he was caught fucking a senior girl by the principal. Apparently they were fucking in his office the girl was on her back with tears running down her face makeup ruined, while he was pounding his cock in her saying things like ” you like that slut yeah l bet you do shouldn’t have wore those tight shorts bitch”. He wasn’t fired surprisingly l know he was just suspended l guess the school is to poor to fire a teacher, when l began my highschool journey (am a freshmen btw) he was brought back.first time l met him he immediately slap my ass we were practicing volleyball l was put in the girls team people always confused me with being a woman, that isn’t the problem l don’t mind it but l guess we ran out of comfortable shorts cause the gym teacher gave me some short tight shorts. That well let’s just say that for someone who ass is big it really showed everything showed my ass cheeks in my thong ( l like wearing thongs) and my dick and balls so not yay. So imagine this shorts were small after the game my team won we were walking to the locker rooms the gym teacher was giving everyone high fives well all the guys (except for me) all the girls he would slap their ass. It was quick but loud everyone was was weirded out by it but we couldn’t do anything, when it came to me he slap my ass like all the girls but he didn’t move his hand and it wasn’t quick it was slow and when he rested his hand on my ass he grabbed it letting out a happy sigh. The next time l had an encounter with him was the grocery store l was in the sport side when he came behind me l didn’t notice him till my ass started to sting (he slapped my ass really hard) turning around l was immediately scared *why did you just slap me y-you asshole* he let out a quiet short laugh and said * you have got a foul mouth pretty girl oh am sorry pretty boy is that better pretty boys like you shouldn’t say curse words ruins the image of you* he rub my cheek on my face with his right hand while his left hand was having a Field day with my ass *mhmm* he said * that ass on you boy you know that is how I recognize you by your thicc ass the imagine of you in those tight shorts oh my Lord that was the best* he started walking more closer making me back up to the wall *what are you doi-*shhhh you smell good* smelling my neck he kissed it surprisingly he wasn’t bad now both his hands were groping my ass while his tongue glided through my neck, l didn’t want too but l let out a moan he chuckled that’s right femboys like you only want to please a man don’t you. He put his finger in my bottom lip then force it in my mouth making me choke *look at me he said* *l want to see your pretty eyes look at me yeah* taking out his finger he got closer now. l could feel his boner through his clothes it was huge, and felt like it wanted to be released l knew what he wanted, so l moved my hand to his cock rubbing it softly he moan in my ear. Calling me a “good boy” then he pushed me to my knees l unzip his zipper bringing down his pants, then his boxers the cock was huge and thicc. The minute it was released it hit my mouth l was shocked he forced his cock in my mouth, making me choke he didn’t care pounding away it didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon ( to be honest I didn’t want him to stop). Saliva fall down to the ground as he took out his delicious cock from my mouth it was covered it pre-cum and my saliva he started to jerkoff his cock. Saying things like *your going to be my sluty bitch aren’t you bitch* l nodding my head like a clueless slut who didn’t have any thoughts besides cock cock cock. He finally came covering me with his white stuff on my face and hair he took a picture, definitely sharing that with the group bye slut can you say bye daddy, l nodded my head b-bye daddy.Alright that’s it if you want more let me know ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ™๐Ÿคค๐ŸŒ

๐Ÿ‘„This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.๐Ÿ‘…

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