Don’t Say You Can’t Fall In Love At A Young Age

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I just read Prissy’s story My Sexual Explosion at 10. My heart goes out to her over her instant love for Brad, the guy who was 10 years older than her, that she fucked and fell in love with. I emphasize with her because I met Richard when I was 11 at a softball game. He was 20. Me and my cousin were setting on the ground on a blanket and he walked up, squatted down to say hello to my cousin. He smiled at me and I was instantly in love with that man.

How was that possible, I don’t know. But, I never stopped thinking about him. Five years later he ask me out and he was the love of my life. We dated for years. Sometimes on and off but he was the one who I would do anything in the world for him. My parents moved out of state and I was devastated. I ended up getting married and so did he. But, we still had this thing between us. We saw each other a few times after we were married. I know he loved me too.

He ended up having health issues. He had to have a heart transplant. He was good for about a year but, then his body rejected the heart and he died. My heart was broken for him. He was such a wonderful person. I think he reminded me if my daddy. There’s those daddy issues again.

I can’t go into all the things I did with and for Richard but, it was a lot. Very sexual things. If interested tap on my name (Taylormade) and you’ll see what I’ve written about him and our time together. I wish Prissy would get a chance with Brad. I don’t think he’ll find anybody that adores him more than she does.

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    The fucker got what he deserved