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Dog sitting for a neighbor

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Young and off for summer break so making a little extra money sounds great. Dogg sitting turns sexual first 2 hrs of being there.

It was summer and school was out for 3 months.
Needed to make extra money for our upcoming vacation so when Mr Jefferies ask if I could do some housesitting and feed his Rottweiler Samson I jumped at the chance. He left full instructions on everything from times to walk The dog to the liquor cabinet key.
He also wrote if you like to party there is a surprise for you in the desk drawer.I arrived at 3pm just as I was instructed he said to play with Samson for 1hr before feeding time at 6pm. A ball and rope was in the basket as well as what I can only describe as a dog shapped sex toy which looks like a dog penis. ???
We laughed about it wondering just what to do with it besides use it on ourselves. A note said use dog toy beforehand if you want to get frisky with Samson….WTF …we laughed even harder….After swimming and making some Top Shelf Margaritas my BFF had to run some errands for her parents and had to leave. I was getting pretty buzzed and playing music throughout the house I was dancing and stripping off my swim suit cover-up and sun hat. I was completely naked and enjoying the freedom of a 14 yr old in a house to myself.
I remembered his surprise he mentioned in the note and went into the desk drawer as instructed and the note read there are 4 tube pipes loaded with rock coke in each one. Do 2 in a row then smell the vapor from the bottle labled RUSH with both sides of nose recap and enjoy.So I went into the home theater room put on some porn and layer down a beach towel on the leather double wide chair.
I lit the first tube and hit the rock until it quit smoking and blew out a huge cloud of smoke. As I went to do the second hit from the tube
Samson came in the room and started to lick my leg then thigh then my crouch so I spread my legs and did the next even bigger hit.The rush from the pure coke hits went right to my brain and the sexual feeling of the Drug and Samsons wide lapping tounge on my clit made my pussy flow with cream. I stood up with wobbly legs and did the nose hits of rush as instructed and Samson pushed me from the back onto the bed and mounted me in one motion His 9″ pink shaft streached my pussy lips apart as he slid balls deep into my soaked mound. His knott followed which began to stretch my small pussy to the limit as he trusted his huge member deep in my hole hitting my cervix. As his orgasm came with mine the rhythm of my hips motion and his sheer power to thrust his cock deep in my hole.His hot dog cum filled my woumb and the knott held an air tight seal as we both laid motionless for almost an hour.As he began to pull out dog cum spilled out onto the towel soaking it with almost a pint of seamen.
Part 2 cumming soon

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