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Detroit and further west

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Meeting young Kya and getting to know all about her.

I was travelling around northern USA and was in Detroit in a pretty rough area, small shops, shabby houses, vacant lots, with mostly black residents. I decided to park the car and walk round, see what I could find. It was a very hot summer day, mid-August, and everyone was wearing their lightest clothes. A young slim black girl, maybe eleven years old or about, was in front of me, standing and looking in a shop window. She just had a loose sleeveless top and as I passed her I realised that looking from the right angle I could see a tiny, budding breast and a nipple, when she moved her arm. This I really liked and wanted to see more, but it would be hard to keep watching her closely without it looking obvious that I was perving. Anyway, when she moved off, I followed at a discreet distance. She went into a grocery shop and after a minute or so I followed. She was buying sweets and again I got a glimpse of a lovely little brown tit. I bought a Hershey bar and, as she’d left the shop, I did too. I looked around and saw her standing across the road facing me. Her loosely fitting little top was nicely pushed out by her two delightful pokies. I crossed the road and was almost in front of her when I turned right and walked up to the nearest shop window. I’d checked her out and seen a really pretty young face, a not very dark skinned black girl, short natural tight Afro hair, very slim, very cool looking. She walked past me and, before she turned into the next side street, looked back at me. After a few seconds I followed. I walked along, turned into the side street and couldn’t see her, perhaps she’d gone into the first house? But between that house and the next was a very narrow passage and as I reached it, I saw her standing a few feet back in there facing me.
“Like what you see?” she said.
“Sorry if I’ve stared at you and upset you, but you’re so pretty I had to look”.
“I’m short of cash, if you’ve got ten dollars you can see a lot more”.
“What’s a lot?”
“Anything you want. I live just down the road over there.” She pointed at a house just across the street. I wasn’t going to risk going in the house but she was prepared to go with me to my car. I’d already booked a cheap but nice motel not very far away for the approaching night, and she came with me into my room. I can’t believe my luck.
She simply lifted her top over her head and was naked above the waist. The little breasts stood out proudly and her round firm nipples tipped them. “You’re so beautiful” I said and moved to touch them.
“Seeing’s ten bucks. Touching’s ten bucks more”.
“You’re worth it” and I was behind her with each arm round her and each hand caressing a little tit. I felt her nipples hardening as I touched them. I kissed each breast and gently bit each nipple. I put my hands down and started to unfasten the top of her jeans. My right hand was inside her panties and I felt a juicy wet pussy, my finger slid into the damp crack. I gently rubbed and could feel the hardening tip of her clit while my left hand still fondled her lovely little left breast. She began to move against my probing finger and moan gently. I think she’s actually enjoying this, I certainly am.
I started to pull her jeans down. She finished the job and stood there in her panties.She looked at me, smiled and removed them, all she had on were her short socks.There was no pubic hair, just a tight slit between her legs. Naked, she looked quite delightful, a perfect example of young and sexy femininity.
I quickly pushed her back on to the bed, and went down to the wet juicy crack with my mouth, eager to explore the inner hole. She obliged by spreading her outer lips and I was probing the hole with my tongue and then my finger while the tongue found her hard tiny clitoris. Both my hands went round her back and gripped her lovely bum cheeks and pulled her hard towards my mouth. To my surprise her hands were behind my head and pulling it towards her, she really was participating and enjoying the sex. She started bucking and my head and her body were in rhythm, she was squealing and her sweet juice filled my mouth.
I was taking my clothes off, she was lying on her back on the bed, watching me. “That was my best cum ever, now I want more”. Naked, I lay next to her and put my arm round her small perfect body. I wanted just to cuddle her for a few minutes, and make the experience last, but she was hot to continue with the sex and her mouth went to my dick. She held it, rubbing and gently wanking with her hand, and sucked it. I was hard already but she had me as stiff as I’d ever been. You’re not cut, I’ve never had a dick like that before, I love pulling your foreskin back and watching the wet end come out, your dick’s lovely to suck.
She got up and my cock was standing up stiff as I lay on my back. She was above it and slowly lowered her body until my cock end was touching the lips of her pussy, then she was down lower and my cock was enveloped by her tight velvet wetness. A few moves from her and I was all the way inside her exquisite young body. She was on top and again my hands went round her bum cheeks, pulling her to me as we found a rhythm to satisfy both of us. It’s like heaven and I want it to go on for ever. But she’s so tight that I can’t resist responding to her body rhythm with my thrusts and I’ll cum soon.
“I’m there, I’m cumming, don’t stop” she said and flopped down on top of me. I gave more thrusts of my dick as I came, my spunk was shooting into her pussy. “Fill me up, keep cumming”. I did, my cum went on longer than ever before.
I was still inside her, she was still on top, but we were motionless and breathless holding each other close. I kissed her and her response was incredibly exiting, I never felt such a thrill from just a kiss, this girl is just magical.
I’m not sure how long we stayed like that, the feeling after the sex was almost as good as doing it. I had to learn everything about this girl and why she was selling her sweet young body.
I learned that her name was Kya. “Is someone forcing you to go with men, is someone controlling you?
“No, I never did this before. I need cash and you were looking at me and I thought you looked OK and I thought maybe you’re admiring my little body. I know men pay girls for sex and men have been eyeing me up ever since my boobs started to grow”. I asked why she needed cash. “My folks are poor and they’ve gone fruit picking to earn some better money than they can earn here. I’m left home alone and I’ve run out of cash for food. You saw me buying a few sweets, that’s all I could get with what I had and I’ve no cash left after that”.
“When are they coming back?”
“At the end of the picking season, it depends, maybe a couple of weeks, maybe much longer if they find another farm after this one”.
“Would you like to stay with me until then? I promise to look after you. I’m travelling round seeing the USA, heading west from here”.
“I have to start school again 29th August. I think I’d like to be with you until then, but I have to be back here then, my first year in high school. But if my folks aren’t back by then we could still be together, if you still want to and we’re still getting on OK”
We stayed in bed for a while, talking and learning about each other. Then we returned to her home so she could collect clothes and a few other bits to bring with her. The house was small and the contents weren’t new, but it was clean and tidy and looked like the home of a poor but decent family. After that, a good meal. She was hungry and I enjoyed watching her eat as much as I enjoyed my own food. She really does look gorgeous, the more I see the more I like, and she’s a cute kid, and obviously very bright and intelligent with it.
Then, back to the motel, bed, watch some TV, cuddle together and she’s soon asleep still holding me.
Next morning and I’m awakened quite early, feeling a soft mouth surrounding my cock. Kya’s ready for more sex and getting me ready too. I think I’m going to enjoy the next couple of weeks and maybe longer. Let’s hope the picking work goes on for months.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Black is a deal breaker

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    You stories are so enjoyable,. but 20.for.all.that seems a little bit cheap