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Detroit and further west – Part three

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In the Travco, an RV trip with a sex and love experience

Read the first two parts before this one.
Sorry this goes on a bit off track and after plenty sex at the start turns into a love story again, I guess I’m just a romantic at heart. And a bit of preaching at the end, which Avenger who comments to say “Black is a deal breaker” certainly won’t like, if he reads it. But my answer to his comment is, any colour pussy is good pussy, and any colour brain works the same way as his and mine. No racism, no rape, no pain, in my experiences.

Back from the mall, I said “I need to prepare and cook our first meal in the RV. After that, it’ll be our first night in the RV, we can go to bed early”. Kya looked at me sweetly and smiled “We don’t have to wait until we go to bed”.
“I can cook OK but not fast, it takes me ages. If I don’t start now we’ll eat late”.
Kya replied “We can cook our meal together, I’ve been cooking my own meals last two weeks since my folks went picking, and lots of times before that, they were away picking for weeks last year too. This little black girl can cook, she can do lots of things, she’s not just your little sex machine”. I think, my God, this girl’s perfect, she’s even got a sense of humour like mine! I’ve known her only a bit more than 24 hours but it seems like we’ve known each other for ever, she’s so comfortable with me, I am with her, everything seems so natural. It was at this point that I realised for the first time, I’m in love with this little angel.
I had to kiss her and again her response thrilled me but even as she kissed me back she was unfastening my belt, then the top of my trousers. This cute eleven year old has taken control and I love it. She took hold of my cock and it was in her mouth, her soft mouth sucked the end as her hand wanked me. We moved to the bed and she was naked in seconds, kneeling on the bed with her bare butt facing me, her invitation for my cock to invade her pussy, doggy-style. Lovely to admire her tight crack from this position before pushing it open with my stiff bell-end and pushing into it, gently at first and then harder and harder as the whole length was in her exquisite, tight wet velvet hole while my hands were round her body and holding her two little cone-shaped, soft yet firm titties, feeling her nipples hard against the palms of my hands, absolute bliss. I wanted to leave my cum for later after bedtime, and it worked perfectly as her movements and moans showed that she was starting an orgasm. I took my cock out and first with one finger, then with two fingers I was finger-fucking her as hard as I could. She collapsed on her back on the bed and I finished her off with my mouth, she was moaning and shaking as I tongued her clit and sucked the wet juices from her honey-hole.
“You’ve done it again, my best cum ever” said the lovely Kya, my little angel, still lying flat back on the bed.
A cuddle on the bed for a while, I loved to run my hands all over her body, I loved her smooth, silky, dark-coffee-coloured skin. I kissed her breasts, her nipples, her mouth, her nose. She just lay back and relaxed, recovering from her orgasm. After a while she got up. Standing against the bed she bent down and gently kissed my mouth. “Come on, time to cook”.
We prepared everything in no time, she’d have done it all on her own if I’d let her. We got to know the RV’s equipment and everything, the gas hobs worked well, food was soon ready and we enjoyed it. Left the washing-up for the morning.
We went to the back of the Travco, to the bed. “Let me take your clothes off” I said. She sometimes answers with just her smile, not her voice. She looked at me in her cute way, as if to say “Please go ahead, and then fuck me”. It’s been a hot day, both of us are wearing light clothes. I pull her plain yellow t-shirt over her head. She has little bras among the clothing stock I checked out as I helped her store it in the RV, but I haven’t seen her wearing one yet, and her perfect pokies don’t need one. “There should be a competition for the sexiest eleven year old tits, you’d win by a mile. Or just for the sexiest tits, full stop”. I caress them, pinch her nipples, my hands hold the little orbs, I’m in heaven again. She’s not worn jeans today, just a short tight black skirt, short socks and open sandals. She’s looked so lovely all the day. At the restaurant, at the RV dealers, at the mall, I see people looking at us and particularly at her, such a beautiful and cute, sexy little thing, what are they thinking about this black and white duo?
Her skirt is soon down and her sandals, then her socks, are off. Some guys have a foot fetish, that’s not for me, but her feet are as beautiful as any you could see. But it’s her gorgeous, slim, perfect legs that turn me on almost as much as her little, cute boobs. And they go right up to her tight white panties, with their little damp patch. I want to take the panties off, and I will, but first I want to put my hand inside them, and I do. To feel the moist crack, run my finger along it and push my finger inside. I pull her panties below her knees and she steps out of them, one lovely foot at a time. I check out the panties, she’s been wearing them all day, they’re damp at the crotch and her juice has marked them slightly, they smell as sexy as she is.
She’s on her back, on the bed, and I examine closely between her legs, her perfect pubic mound and her lovely pussy. The mound has a few little tight black negro-hair curls, they’re there, around her crack too. Spreading her pussy lips reveals the darker inner lips around her vaginal hole, above that the tiny knob of her clitoris. All glistening with her wetness and awaiting the caresses of my worshiping mouth and my probing tongue. Kya moans with pleasure as I attend to her needs, I know she loves my pussy-gobbling as much as I do.
Kya was on top and in control of our first sex experiences, but I’m going to be in charge this time. I strip my clothes off quickly and I’m above her, my dick ready and I’m rubbing it along her crack, pressing it to open the lips and find her wet hole. She raises her legs and I lift them so they’re up, on my shoulders and round my neck, she’s folded in half so her pussy’s facing upwards and welcoming my cock. The perfect position for penetration and I’m all the way inside her, her heavenly hole envelops my cock and I fuck her as hard and fast as I can. She can’t move, lying under me taking the whole length of my cock as I thrust blissfully in and out, but her squeals indicate her pleasure. I make it last as long as I can but I can feel my orgasm approaching. As I do, her tight cunt’s gripping me even harder and my spunk shoots and fills her, she’s moaning and gasping as she cums too. I’m spent, still lying on top of her. “Am I squashing you?” No answer, but her arms are holding me as tight to her as she can and she raises her face, trying to find my mouth for a kiss.
We lie together, both well fucked, we’re kissing, cuddling, running our hands over each others’ bodies. Soon she’s asleep and I look at my angel, wondering how long this heaven can last, before I go to sleep too.
Next morning, like our first together, she was awake before me, and chose her way to wake me. Lying on my back, I felt movement and she was kneeling on the bed, her knees beside my upper arms and her pussy just in front of my face. When she saw my eyes open she spread her pussy lips and asked “Like what you see?”. A repeat of the four first words she’d said to me only two days earlier, four words that changed our lives.
“I like everything, Kia, and especially how you wake me up. I love it, I love you, you’re my angel”. So, now I’ve said it.
I put my hands behind her and round her lovely bum cheeks and pulled her pussy to my mouth. After a long gobble, suck and tongue of her sweet cunt, I pushed her back on the bed and she helped my cock to find her haven. I was inside and we made love gently, not fast and furious like last night, soft and slow but eventually just as satisfying and again I was filling her with my juice. She said “I love you too, look after me like this for ever”.
Again we lay together, and after a while she said “I’d better clean myself up this time. Last night I was really shagged, I went to sleep full of wet, my juices and yours, and it leaked out through the night, the sheets where I was lying are still wet”. She showed me. I said “We’ll shower together, I’ll enjoy helping you”. The shower in the Travco is not big!. But there’s just enough room for two close friends and there’s a first time for everything, our first shower in the Travco and I’d never helped a girl to wash her spunk-filled pussy before.
I’d noticed a bag that Kya put with her panties when we’d stored her clothes. She took it out, opened it and took out a pad and a belt to hold it in place. “My period’s due to start soon, all being well” she said. “They started just after my last birthday, so nearly a year ago”.
Stupid me, I’d never thought about periods and contraception. I must buy condoms! And hope for the next day or two that all goes well.
Looking at the map, not far west from Ann Arbor is Kalamazoo. I’ve always liked the sound of the name, so I fancied seeing some of the city. We drove, avoiding the main roads to see the nicer back roads and the countryside. It was nice weather, Kya’s period had started by evening so that was good and she wasn’t feeling too bad, she said that periods aren’t as big a problem for her as for some girls and women. So it had been a perfect day. To bed, both naked, kisses and cuddles, then sleep.
The following morning I woke to find the two of us lying together like two spoons, Kya’s smaller spoon inside my bigger one. I slipped my left arm under her head, my right arm round her and my arms crossed around her chest, each hand holding a lovely little firm breast. Kya was awake too “That’s nice, we could lie together like this all morning”. I felt the same.
We didn’t drive very far during the next week, and then turned back, to get back to Detroit by a different route, see more places on the way and arrive a couple of days before school starts. We visited Kya’s home and she found a letter from her parents. There was a new farm job that would keep them busy and away, for six weeks more. In the envelope was a cheque for her to cash and use for food and expenses, and promise of another one in a week or two. Also, a note from Kiara asking where Kya was and please get in touch.
One day left before school starts. Everything she needed had been organised before her parents left, so she was ready. She was going to cash the cheque, but I had a better idea, so we went to the Detroit branch of my bank. “I’m looking after Kya while her parents are away. They’ve sent money for her food and so on but I don’t need it, it’s a pleasure to look after her. (Thinking, not saying, you bet it is!) I want you to open an account for her so she’ll have savings she can use for university, when the time comes”. I added the same amount, from me.
We had to answer Kiara. I’d thought that contacting Kiara’s family would be tricky, and risky for me. Kya’s got sense though and she pointed out “Even if they realise what’s happening, they can’t tell anyone. I could tell how I lost my virginity and Michael would be in more trouble than you would. For double underage sex and incest!”. So off we went to go and see them. Kiara is a beauty, a delightful girl. But I’m not looking for another girl, what I have is more than enough!
I liked the family too. I hadn’t even known Kia’s family name before, but Kiara’s mum explained why she got talking to Kya’s mum, she was Mrs Black and Kya’s mum was introduced to her as Mrs White.
Kiara wanted to see the Travco. “I’ve never been in an RV”. Off we went and she followed us in. “Wow, this is really nice! You can cook and everything”. We got to the double bed. Kya’s clothes she’d taken off last night were lying on it, panties on top. A shirt of mine was there too. Kiara looked at Kya, then at me, and smiled. “I think I know why you’re both looking so happy. And I’m happy for you”. She hugged Kya, and then hugged me.
We went back in the house and the two girls were catching up while I chatted to Mrs Black, Marie. It was agreed that Marie would take both the girls to school tomorrow, their first day and I’d pick them up after school. And that would be the daily routine.
Kya and I drove off and parked, and started preparing the evening meal. Kya was so keen to tell me what her friend-sister had said. “He’s fucking you, isn’t he! And I said, we fucked on our first day, it was fantastic, now we make love all the time, and it’s wonderful. I’m so happy. But not a word about it to anyone, that’s important”.
The next afternoon I was outside school as arranged. The girls got in. “How was your first day?”
“It was good. Everyone in the class had to tell their story, brothers, sisters, parents and so on, what we like to do, what sports, all that sort of thing, so we all get to know each other. And our class teacher says, if our parents agree, the head wants to introduce us both to all the school at morning assembly and tell our “family” story. Kya White’s black and Kiara Black’s white and we live like sisters, and that’s an example of how all races should get on. And all the pupils must never be racist and the school will be an example to everyone of how the world should be”.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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