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Church camp turned into a wild time

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When I was 12 years old my cousin talked me into going to a christian summer camp for a week. I hadn’t gone to church very much when I was young but he made it sound like lots of fun. Just before we were supposed to go he got the flu and couldn’t go. But my parents convinced me to go anyway. I didn’t know anyone there but that had some fun activities like swimming and horseback riding and there were some caves there which we weren’t supposed to go in unless one of the camp councilers were with us. So of course we went there on our own. They were going to have a play for us to be in and a dance. It was a sady hawkins day dance. I had no idea what that was but it turned out that the girls asked the guys to be their date and you were pretty much expected to agree to go with them.

A couple of days before the dance everyone got together and the guys were in a big group together and they let the girls pick the guy they wanted. It was funny looking back at it because all the guys were running away from the girls trying to pick them and the girl had to tag the guy before they were considered their date. The girl who tagged me was named Vanessa. I’d done a pretty good job of keeping away from her but she finally caught me. It was kind of funny because as hard as the guys tried to avoid being tagged it looked like from the moment they were tagged on they were that girls boyfriend. It wasn’t a rule it just seemed to work out that way. Vanessa was 15 and actually a pretty girl with a great body for her age. We hung out the rest of the day and I found out she lived about a hundred miles away from me. One of the reasons she picked me was because she was taller than most of the guys there and despite my being younger I was one of the tallest guys there and she said I looked like I’d be a good kisser.

We were sitting together in the lunch hall and during the hour each day you had to go to church services. Not knowing anyone there I actually liked how it had worked out because I now had someone to hang out with. Plus after being around her I got to noticing what a hot body she had. The second day we went out on one of the trails and went to the caves. She’d been going there every summer for a few years so really knew her way around. Including one mine no one knew was there. We went there and went inside the cave and suddenly she stopped and turned facing me and started kissing me. I liked it so we kept kissing and I was thinking about those nice tits of hers and figured I’d take my chances and reached up and started cupping one of her tits through her shirt. Not only did she not stop me, but she unbuttoned her shirt. She was wearing a bikini underneath and untied the bow on the front exposing her tits to me. After feeling of them for a few minutes she told me to suck them. I was happy to obey and started to suck on one and then the other.

She was saying how good that felt and then asked if I had any condoms? That really surprised me and when I said no she said she had some back in her stuff she’d bring the next day, then to my surprise she pulled my shorts & underwear down in one swoop. She stroked my cock and said she thought I’d have a nice dick. She stooped down and started sucking my cock. I’d had my cock sucked before and most recently by my older sister. But Vanessa sucking me off there in the mouth of a cave where anyone could walk up on us was really turning me on, and in the back of my mind I was kind of hoping one of the other campers would see me getting my cock sucked by this girl with her big tits exposed. I held off for as long as I could and when I was ready to cum I told her because I knew some girls didn’t like guys shooting off in their mouth. But Vanessa just started sucking harder & faster until I shot what felt like quarts of cum in her mouth. I sucked on her tits some more and she said she couldn’t wait to have me fuck her.

We headed back to the camp and went swimming until it was time to get ready for dinner. While we ate she kept looking over at me smiling and a girl sitting across from us asked where we’d dissapeared to earlier? Vanessa just smiled and said a private place she knew of to find out what kind of kisser I was as she looked over at me and winked. The girl wanted to know more and Vanessa said she’d tell her later. After dinner we had to practice for the play but any time we weren’t on the stage Vanessa was holding my hand and once when the camp directors had left the room she kissed me right in front of everyone. I walked her back to her building and kissed her goodnight and one of the directors saw us. He looked to be in his late teens and he took me aside and said to be careful with that because we weren’t really supposed to be doing that. But then said with Vanessa he wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t doing more than kissing. The next day we went back to the cave and like she’d said she’d do she’d brought some condoms. We kissed for a while and then undressed each other and laid out a big towel we’d brought along.

We fucked in a couple of differrent positions and each time I’d shoot off she’d have me hard again in no time by sucking me off. I kept thinking I heard people but she said it was just echo’s from people no where close to us. Like the day before when we were finished we went swimming. That night I noticed a lot of people looking our was with big grins on their faces. We went back to the cave every day and fucked and then one night when I was back in the my cabin a guy came over and said how lucky I was. I asked what he meant and he said to be fucking Vanessa and said he was surprised at how big her tits where when he actually got to see them then said it was the first time he’d ever actually seen two people fucking for real. It turned out several people had been watching us fuck and that Vanessa knew. As it turned out every year she’d take a guy there to suck his cock or fuck him while others watched. I was mad at first but then got turned on. But the next day I didn’t tell Vanessa I knew. Her period had started so we couldn’t fuck but she sucked me off. Just as I’d emptied a load down her throat the director who’d talked to me a few nights before stepped into the cave. He told us to get dressed and said we’d discuss this later.

I knew they could call our parents and have them come get us so I was nervous as hell. That night Teddy had me come to the office. We were the only one’s there and he started telling me what all could happen that included calling my parents and also calling people from the church and telling them. He was right next to me on a couch and he started talking about people having urges and how he understood that when those feelings came to us it was hard not to give in. About then he put his hand on my thigh. As he went over the things that could happen he rubbed my thigh. My cock got rock hard and he noticed. He said he could just keep it between us and said it could be our little secret. Then asked if I was good at keeping secrets? I said I was and he started to rub my hard cock through my shorts. Then he slid them down and in no time he was on his knees in front of me sucking my cock. He was very good at sucking cock and when I shot off he swallowed every drop. During this he kept saying I had a beautiful cock and reminding me about keeping secrets. The next couple of days Vanessa and I kept a low profile but did find a secluded spot for her to suck my cock. And each night Teddy took me to the office and sucked me off. Then the last night he surprised the hell out of me when he wanted to fuck me in the ass.

I refused and said we both had something on the other so there was nothing he could do. But he asked who they would believe? Then he compromised and wanted me to fuck him in the ass. So for the very first time I fucked a guy in the ass. Which actually it was my first anal experience ever with a guy or girl. We all went home the next day and nothing more was ever said about it except telling my cousin about Vanessa and he felt sick again thinking it might have been him.

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    You should definitely have let Teddy fuck your asshole – a wonderful experience for a 12yr old boy! How did it feel with your todger up his shithole?

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