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Careful What You Read

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My hands pressed against the wall, my teeth gripping into the pillow as the thick 8 inch strap-on attached to my mother plowed into my pussy. The small, bejeweled, silicone trainer butt plug she had put in my ass earlier pushed against the walls of my asshole as the dildo dragged in and out of my cunt.

How did I get here, you may ask? Well, I might or might not have gotten hot and horny after reading a particularly steamy scene in the lesbian romance book I had copped off of my friend from school. My friend had stolen it from her older sister and read it before me, and couldn’t help but describe every nasty detail to me at lunch. I was too curious for my own good and asked her if I could borrow it to see for myself, as I had never really been exposed to any mentions of lesbian romance.

Reading alone in my room, my 16 year old pussy was dripping with every mention of the character’s interlocked lips, tongues swirling around each other as the bottom was pushed onto the top’s bed. The mention of the top’s knee coming to rest and grind against the bottom’s pussy, the hands grabbing at thighs, breasts, buttocks. I lost it when the character’s clothes were beginning to come off, and my hand slid slowly down my panties, my fingers searching for my shaved pussy as I imagined being taken by the character’s in the story.

I gathered the juices spilling from my cunt and used my lubricated fingers to play with my clit, my eyes closed in ecstasy as I imagined someone else rubbing me. I bit my lip to refrain from making any noise as I was lost in my fantasy. I wanted so badly to feel a woman’s knee rubbing against my pussy, with her soft hands on my breasts, kissing every inch of my naked body.

It was in that moment, as I was lost in the throes of passion, that my mother decided to open the door to my room and mistakenly behold the sight of me rubbing my pussy underneath my underwear. I didn’t hear a thing as I was too focused on how good masturbating felt, which I’m glad for now that I know what she had planned for me.

My mother quietly closed the door behind her and crept toward my bed, taking in the sight of my pleasuring myself. Once she reached the side of my bed, she lurched forward, covering my mouth with one hand and grabbing my wrists with the other. My eyes flew open and I tried to jerk away in surprise. She held onto me tight and my cheeks burned with embarrassment at being caught by my mom.
My surprise slowly turned into panic, though, as I realized she wasn’t letting go of me. I was pinned and powerless

“What do you think you’re doing there, sweetheart?” she breathed into my ear as she leaned down towards my face. “Does that feel good, touching yourself? Hmm?” I nodded as tears began to flood my eyes and my face was red with shame.

I saw her eyes look over towards the book on my bed, the cover giving away what the story was about by the two half-naked female bodies pressed against each other. I saw my mother’s eyes light up with amusement and then turn them on to me.

“You like reading that stuff? Do you like girls? Are you a lesbian?” I shook my head side to side vehemently, my eyes widening and chest heaving.

“Are you sure, honey? Because your wet panties are telling me a different story,” she chuckled as she swung herself to sit on top of me, sliding her knee between my legs and toward my pussy. She pressed and rubbed against my pussy, gently, over the fabric, collecting the wetness that was seeping through. I squirmed against her, turned on by the soft touches that I had imagined in my fantasy.

My mother laughed at my reaction, and pressed more firmly against me as I subconsciously began grinding against her knee. I was getting close to finishing, but as I began to rub faster and harder, she pulled her knee away. I groaned in frustration.

“Aww, is my baby frustrated she couldn’t cum?” my mother teased. “Don’t worry, sweet pea, I’ll fix that. I’m going to take my hand off your mouth and wrists, but don’t try to scream or get away. Otherwise, you won’t be able to cum. Ok?” I hesitantly nodded, and she slowly lifted her hands off of me. She was still on top of me, but leaned in towards my face and began kissing me on the lips. Soft, slow kisses first, a peck here and there that slowly turned into hungry kisses. She parted my lips with her tongue and shoved it into my mouth, licking and kissing furiously. Her mouth moved against my cheeks, and down to my neck where she licked, kissed, and sucked on me. I squirmed and moaned under her, but made no attempt to escape.

“That must feel good, doesn’t it baby?” she cooed. “Now, turn over on your stomach and don’t move.” I did as she asked without question, lost in how good she made me feel, regardless of the fact that it was my mother pleasuring me. I flipped over and felt her get off the bed. I then heard one of my drawers opening, and a few ‘clink’ noises before I felt her climb back on the bed and sit on top of me.

“Now, it’s my turn to have some fun,” she cackled as I felt her wrap my wrists together with what felt like leather. My head snapped up, and I saw her binding my wrists with one of my belts. My eyes widened and I began thrashing around to attempt to get her off of me, but it was no use, she had too good of a grip on me. As soon as my hands were bound, she pulled my shirt up to expose my still-developing breasts and massaged them with her soft hands. It felt amazing, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan. “That’s right, baby, give in,” she whispered in my ear.

She soon moved down, sitting on my legs as she pulled my soaking panties off of me, exposing my pussy. She leaned down and breathed in my scent, before placing a few gentle kisses on my cunt. She then pulled my panties all the way off and quickly lashed my ankles to the legs of my bed. I wasn’t going anywhere. “Sit tight, sweet pea. You’re going to learn how to be a real lesbian tonight.”

Tears began rolling down my face as I felt her get off the bed and heard her open the door and walk out of my room. I was left helpless, but completely soaking and turned on, both excited and scared about what she had planned for me.

A few minutes passed before I heard her walk back into my room and shut the door behind her. She climbed back onto the bed, where I felt her set down a few things I could not identify. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp ‘smack’ on my ass. The slap rang out and my ass stung from where she hit me. ‘Smack, smack, smack’ again and again as she hit me. I cried out with every slap, and she laughed as I reacted. “Look how pretty that tight little ass is when it’s red with my hand prints! And listen to you cry, my sexy little whore; you like it that much, huh? Just wait to see what else I have for you.”

I tried to struggle against my bondage, but I was wrapped too tight and at my mother’s mercy. I felt her slip a finger into my pussy, wriggling it around trying to spread my walls. I moaned and whimpered for her to stop, but she just slapped my ass and told me to shut up and take it. I complied after feeling the sharp stings, tears sliding down my face.

Soon, one finger became two, and two became three as she massaged and spread me open. In and out she fucked me over and over with her fingers, and soon the dull ache became increasing pleasure. I clamped down on her with my pussy as she fingered me, almost about to climax when she took her fingers out, ruing my orgasm again.

“Not yet, my little pet. I have more in store for you.” I heard a bottle open and something squirt out, before I felt a cold liquid being spread on my asshole. I jerked away, but my mother smacked my ass hard. I stopped struggling and let the cold liquid run over my asshole. She stopped to grab something next to her, and all of a sudden I start feeling a small pressure against my asshole. She was pushing something inside! I struggled and groaned, but it didn’t phase her as she kept pushing and pushing whatever it was inside my ass. My hole was spreading open, painfully, little by little. Just when I couldn’t take it anymore and I was sobbing and pleading for her to stop, I soon felt a ‘pop’ as whatever it was settled in place.

“Look how pretty your little asshole looks with that butt plug in! You’re so sexy, taking that plug like a champ! Just wait until I train it to take bigger and bigger dildos!” I choked back sobs, trying to avoid her smacking my ass again now that I had an uncomfortable plug inside of it.

“Now, for the main course!” She removed all of her clothes behind me and grabbed another object next to her. I felt the bed shake as she put something on, and as she began moving towards my face. Once she was right in front of me, I looked up to see a thick silicone cock. I could see my mother smiling down at me as she began slapping her cock against my face. “Suck it, bitch. I’m going to teach you how to be a good little cock-sucker. If you do well, I’ll lube it up before fucking you, but if not, then you better get it wet enough that it doesn’t hurt too much when I shove it in your tight cunt.” She continued smacking it against my face before guiding it down to my lips.

She pushed hard, but I refused to open. I soon felt sharp slaps against my ass, and when even that didn’t work, she pinched my nipples hard, causing me to cry out. She shoved her cock in my mouth the second it opened, and thrust in and out fast. I coughed and gagged as she face fucked me, but was forced to take it. “If you had just opened, you wouldn’t have to be forced like this, but now I’m going to have to discipline you. Suck on that cock, get it nice and wet and take it down all the way. That’s it, good girl.” she cooed as she fucked me.

The thrusting continued as she pushed the dildo further and further down my throat, forcing me to take every inch, holding it in my mouth until I gagged. “That’s it, all the way. One more big one, make sure you hold your breath.” She pinched my nose as I took her cock down to the base, struggling for air. After a few seconds of thrashing around, she finally let me go and I gulped in fresh air.

“Now, time to train that pussy, baby.” She moved around to get behind me as I begged her to stop, but she was deaf to my pleas. “Since you were a bad girl and you made me force fuck your face, no lube for you. You better hope you got enough spit on my cock!” She laughed mercilessly as she lined her cock up behind me. I screamed and struggled, but little by little she inched her cock toward my opening. I felt the head press against my hole, and with a little bit of pressure, I soon felt the ‘pop’ as it broke past my hymen. I screamed in agony, but my mother just smacked my ass and continued pushing.

She slowly fucked the strap-on in and out, trying to open me up little by little, until she was all the way in my pussy. A few more slow strokes so I could get used to it, and then it began. She pulled out as far as she could and slammed back into me. I screamed out in pain, and my mother just laughed as she slid out and slammed back into my cunt over and over.

“Yeah, take it bitch, take that cock you hungry slut!” Over and over, she fucked in and out of my with her thick cock. I struggled against my binds, but it was no use as she had full access to my pussy. She soon started fucking me hard and fast, and I moaned in both agony and pleasure. My pussy made wet squelching noises as I kept getting wetter and wetter, feeling her cock pound into my cervix. The pressure was intense, but I was getting used to it, and I could feel the pleasure building as my pussy pulsed against her dildo.

“You can cum on my dick, baby. I can feel you trying to milk me, you know you want it. You know you love getting fucked by your mommy. Just give in and cum, sweetie.” My mother whispered profanities and dirty things in my ear, and I could feel myself losing it. She pounded into me hard, and a few more strokes was all it took before I came in an explosive orgasm.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I shook against my bondage, and in the distance I could hear my mom telling me what I good girl I was for cumming with a dick inside of me. She continued to fuck me for another hour, occasionally pulling out of me and coming back to my face so I could suck her cock, and even forced me to lick her dripping pussy through the straps of her strap-on until she came all over my face.

Eventually, she had had enough of torturing my body. With a smack on my ass, I could feel her get up, remove the strap-on and heard her putting her clothes back on. I tried to look at her, expecting her to come and free me from my restraints and remove my butt plug. Instead, as soon as she was dressed, she came over to me, gave me a passionate French kiss, and smiled. “You’re going to stay like this for a little while, pet, and think about all the nasty things we’re going to be doing together from here on out. I have to go start making dinner. I’ll come check on you in a little while. Have fun!” She laughed as she gave me one last kiss on the cheek and watched the tears roll down my face before walking away. You could barely hear my muffled sobs as she closed the door behind her, leaving me to contemplate my new life.

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