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Brotherly Love (Part 2)

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The brothers fun and girls ordeal is continued. Just as promised. Young Beth and Carol are in a world of hurt. Can mummy save them??

” Oh, Beth. I hate your Mark. He’s a fucking evil bastard. He hurt me. My fanny is still sore!!” Wails the young cute Carol. Friend and co- rape victim to said Beth. Sister to the rapist in question. Both little girls having been abused, tortured and brutally raped by him hours previously. They’re ongoing problems amplified by the threat of exposure. Also their rapist discovering both had been abused before.

Now as they sat in Beth’s mums room astride her king size bed. Both are awaiting anxiously the monsters return, as promised earlier. Both 12yr olds had got themselves showered and dressed. Both sporting new clothes and leaving off underwear for fear of it getting ruined.

Beth and Carol both deciding on a strappy summer dress and training shoes with knee high socks. Beth in a blue printed dress. Carol in a white flower print dress. Both wearing white socks and white Nike shoes. As they’re awaiting Beth’s brothers arrival, the girls discuss how they might get out of Marks clutches. Carol suggests to Beth? Maybe uncle Jim could help us.

“Don’t be silly” Beth exclaims!!. “After what he did to us already??” Carol says “I know. He did horrible things, hurt us too, but if we tell him Mark knows about it!!. He might sort him out?? You know, get him warned to leave us alone?”

Beth being astute and clever for one so young utters.” Yes, but what will he want from us in return Caz? He’s every bit as bad. Worse! He’s an adult. Who’s raped the both of us already for fuck sake!”- ” Yeah, guess we’re trapped then. Both these bastards want to fuck us and we can’t tell anyone? Mum will see my bruised thighs and tits Beth. Your mum will too!!” We will be shunned and called names at school. I want to kill myself….

Just then Mark bursts into his mum’s bedroom. Grinning and eying the kids up. “My, my. You two look very cosy? What are you pair of Sleekit cunts plotting then.” “Nothing Mark! We were just talking is all.” Mumbles Beth. Carol sits stiffly, head bowed and trembling while Mark growls his curses to Beth.
“Righto then sis, no matter.” – ” Nice to see you both so fresh and looking very, very, fuck able.”

Carol is shaking ,she starts crying, her face buried into the pillows. Humiliation taking over her bravado of earlier, along with the fear of what’s to come. Especially as she remembers Marks promise from earlier that day. These thoughts causing the poor child to subconsciously tighten her young bum cheeks.

Suddenly her legs are grabbed and she is dragged on her stomach down of the bed, knees on the floor, her upper body on the mattress. Her dress is lifted showing her attacker her tight tiny labia and arse cheeks. Her young legs spread further as her attacker kicks her ankles further apart. Carol is whimpering, mumbling and sobbing. Her slim young body shakes in trepidation of what’s to happen.

Carol’s cute little arse is stung suddenly, she squeels, writhing in pain as smack after smack turns her white skin crimson, belt marks already bruising her tiny buttocks.
Carol screams and curses at her assailant. She stands up and quickly runs for the door. Mark is on her before she gets to it. They tussle and fight. Carols dress is pulled up over her head then off as Mark rains punches and kicks on the little girl, leaving her laid out on the floor writhing in pain and misery.

Beth meantime is sobbing ,pleading for him to stop the violence. Helpless to assist .knowing how badly his temper can get and fearing the same treatment. Mark is livid ,throwing things at the girls, threatening worse if they try anything again. The drama also seemed to arouse him as his obvious hard-on grows ever larger.

Carol, who offers no resistance. Is dragged back to the bed, told to lay onto her stomach and has her legs cruelly spread open. Mark brutally opens her young bruised arse cheeks and fingers her cunt and bumhole at same time. Seconds later he rapes carol viciously. No warning, just a 16yr old hard thick penis, buried balls deep up her painfully tight pussy.

He brutally rapes and molests the 12yr olds body. Taking pleasure in her juicy little hole and small tits. He thrusts. Harder and harder then as she’s jerking in orgasm. He pulls out of her squelching cunt, lining up his cum soaked cock to her tiny anus. Mark buries her head into the duvet and forces his dick onto her starfish. She screams and thrashes but he expected this so holds her tight. Carol trys to move, but with his weight on her she’s helpless to stop the torturous invasion in her arsehole. Inch by inch he drills up the screaming girls hot tight rectum. Her muffled protests and flailing legs no distraction to the vile hard fleshy invader now fully inside her bowels. His hairy balls resting on her tiny arse cheeks.

Beth is tied onto the swivel chair in her mum’s room. The whole horror show in full view to her through mums full length mirrored wardrobes. The buzz of the vibrator taped to her cunt a n accompanyment to both her, Carols and their rapists moans and groans.
Beth’s young bald fanny is plumping up and dripping her juices onto the chair and floor. Her orgasms coming quickly overcoming her and making her young body jerk and shiver continuously.

Mark hammers into Carols bumhole. Now obscenely stretched by his dick. He grunts and gasps, she screeches when getting his spunk fired up her hole her bowls on fire, her rectal walls bruised and bleeding. His cum and hers mixing with the other to make a pink frothy lava, it flows out her ruined bum as he pulls out her arse like a champagne cork. The loud pop signaling his dominance over the 12yr old whimpering wreck below him.

He gets up and moves to his sister. Beth’s squirming in her chair. Impaled on the vibrator molesting her young pussy, driving her insane with unending orgasmic intensity. He leans over her, his cock semi hard and filthy, with carols blood, shit and cum on it. He plays with Beth’s little nubbin tits, abusing her further by stuffing two
fingers up her shitter. Beth groans and crys as he finger fucks her bumhole.

His teeth are nipping at her hard little nipples, his teasing tongue circling her tits and arousing her clit once more. Wailing noises come from Carol as she attempts to get up from the bed. Beth squells when Mark pulls the tape from her thighs and releases her engorged, swollen, 12yr old pussy. A dribbling stream of musky smelling cum drips from Beth’s pre-teen fanny.

He forces her to lick and clean her own juices from the ramrod that’s been raping her for last half hour. Mark unties her, allowing Beth to get up on unsteady legs as she moves towards her friend,now sitting upright watching her be released. Both girls hug tightly and lay on the cleaner part of the duvet. Crying uncontrollably and terrorised by what evil things their rapist has in mind for them now.

Suddenly the bedroom door opens and the lady can’t believe her eyes. She stands a silent scream emits from her gaping mouth. She looks at the two najed waifs hugging on her filth covered bed? Their cunts tell her all she needs to know about how it happened. She looks toward her son. Naked his shit and cum stained coxk getting hard as he stares at his mother maniacally.

She shouts at him . Screaming at him “what have you done. What the fuck have you done. You fucking monster, you beast. She staggers back as he punches her jaw, falling and hitting her head on the dresser. She lays out cold. Both girls screaming at him that’s he’s known lled her. Beth is leaning over her trying to get her mum to wake up. Carol just stared, frozen in fear rooted to the spot. Seeing but not believing what’s transpiring??…

Part 3. ( To follow, if wanted )

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