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Black Men Raising up

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Black men are taking what they want and they don’t care how it affects others.

Hi, I’m 36 yr old woman mother of a 15 yr old daughter. I’m white by the way. Things have changed in Chicago lately and it has become very difficult to live here for peaceful white people.

I was returning home late at night around 9pm, and stopped at a 7-11 for some ready to eat meals. There was just the cashier when we entered. We greeted and started to shop for some food.
Then we saw a bunch of teenage black boys enter the shop and have loud conversations and throwing things down. We got scarred and stood in one corner for them to leave. Seeing thing of the boys, maybe 16-17 pinned us to the wall and called his friends.
“Look at this white bitches scared as if we are going to steal their shit” And they all laughed. He was very close to our faces and decreasing the gap between our bodies. My daughter was holding on to me tight and he was now grinding his crotch against her ass.
I tried to push his away, But other 7-8 member just grabbed my hand and pulled me down. My groceries just fell as they pushed me to the ground. Daughter cried and tried to helped but the first guy held her hands and pinned her against the wall. And was rubbing his body against her teen body. She is 15 but a well developed lady, like her mom. We both have size D bust. So it was more fun those teen boys.

Now the first one started to grope my daughter’s tits and another was lifting her skirt and trying to finger her. I tried to get up but others started to kick me. They were kicking my breast and aiming for my crotch. Those niggers knew want they were doing. There was one girl as well in the group who started to drag me by my hair and calling me names. She was spitting on my face and pulling my shirt and bra trying to undress me. And soon my tits were out. I was 10 feet apart from my daughter by now. Her tits were also out and those scoundrels were sucking on it. I was crying as these boys were brutalizing my vagina with their hands and feet. This girl kept ripping my clothes apart till I was naked and kept kicking my fat ass. Then she took milk out of the fridge and poured all over me calling me white devil. They she cut my hair randomly still calling my names and insulting me saying my ancestors had hurt her ancestors.

When I opened my eyes when she left my hair alone I saw, my daughter on the floor and getting fucked my these teenage boys taking turns up her vagina, mouth and it seems like her asshole as well. She was a virgin before tonight. This black girl went to my daughter and started to cut her hair as well.
I started to crawl on all my fours towards my daughter to stop this. I was bleeding still kept going when I felt two guys holding me back and one inserted his erect penis in my vagina. It was very painful. I was already in a doggy position so it was easy for him to do that. Then the black girl returned and made fun of me calling me a cow. She bent down and acted like she was milking my tits. She was hurting me by picnhing They all laughed. She asked one of the to record her fun activities. It was humiliating.

Suddenly police sirens were heard and these teens started to scramble. But before going this girl inserted the back end of a broom stick up my ass in a very rough way. SO hard that I was for sure bleeding. I crawled to my daughter to see it she was ok. She lay there in her tears. It looked like a couple of those boys had release there load inside her teen vagina. She was leaking cum and some blood from her crotch. We stayed there helpless till the cops arrived and called in for and ambulance.

Leaving Chicago for sure.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:41fopxyd1

    Race baiting story which is worthless bullshit.

  • Reply KD50 ID:27ljno6ic

    LMFAO, this story is total Bull Shit. If anything like this would have really occurred, it would have made national news. Also the victims would still be far to traumatized to write about it. Generally most women would be far to ashamed to reveal rape to anyone and in a forum, Please. Especially in such an explicit manner.

    Its a Bullshit Story.

  • Reply BBCclut ID:1ejdkh2gopri

    White girl virginity belongs to black men

    • White power ID:cq1wbaoid

      Blacks are cowards, doing everything in secret. You niggers ain’t shirt. Just a bunch of crybabies, hiding behind the racism card like pathetics.

    • Brie [email protected] ID:5vn3j3z0m9c

      I would love to be a BBC breeding whore .

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  • Reply Satanist Atheist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Lol scoundrels

  • Reply Mr shade ID:1d8tzjficckb

    Good story need more like this

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6i9

    Sounds like a good reason to stay in Chicago to me. You may not have enjoyed it, but your daughter probably loved getting blacked. You can’t beat juicy black dick!

    • Killthemniggers ID:pifjcwpqzak

      There’s a reason niggers are the vilest animals on earth and need to be exterminated like rabid cockroaches

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  • Reply TracyD ID:bmsucf041

    You deserve it…..

    • Killthemniggers ID:pifjcwpqzak

      I’ve raped quite a fewbiggers. Gotta breed the black outta them pieces of shit

    • White power ID:cq1wbaoid

      Just kill em

    • Adam ID:8aga5tv1

      I agree, I’ve fucked a dozen nigger bitches in my time. They all have my white babies. Black genes aren’t as strong as they say when all them babies came out white as can be. It’s even better when you see her black man with her as she has your white baby…