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Black Bully Rapes My Mom

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I loved my mother. She was so kind to me growing up and was so happy for me when I graduated highschool. My life was great except for my bully. He was a taller black man who played on the football team, I was just a nerdy kind of guy. My mom hosted my graduation party with a few of my friends and we all had a good time. Unfortunately, once my friends left my bully stopped by. He had never been to my house and he hadn’t seen my sweet mother. He came through the front door and punched me in the face, “What’s up, bitch, having a nice party without me?”

“Just go away man, why can’t you just leave me alone?” I said

“Because you’re a weak little bitch, besides, this is my last chance before I leave for college.” he said.

“Honey, what’s going on out there?” mom asked.

“Who’s that, bitch? Is your mommy home?” he asked.

“Yes, now please just go!” I shouted.

Before I finished my sentence, my bully knocked me out. When I woke up I found myself tied to the living room chair unable to move. What’s worse, my sweet mother was tied by the hands and ankles to the square footrest for our couch totally naked. She was crying and and begging for us to be let go. She had slap marks on her face from him hitting her. I was so mad but then he came out from behind me and said, “Look at her, she’s so sexy isn’t she? I don’t think anyone will mind if I take a turn on her.”


“I want your body bitch! Now shut up and take it like a good slut!” he said.

“NOO– Ughk! Please Umph– don’t do– Ahh! This!” my mom cried as he shoved his monster cock up her pussy.

My mom was a 48 year old milf. Blonde hair, blue eyes, DD breasts and a fine ass. She was very beautiful but I never looked at her in that way before. My bully was a muscular football player with a strong 8″ bbc. She was unmarried but had only ever had sex with my dad. Now here she was tied up getting raped in front of me.

“LET HER GO! PLEASE JUST STOP!” I begged through the tape over my mouth.

He just continued to pump my sweet and innocent mommy right before me. I was so helpless as he slapped her face and tits. He ravaged her pussy and even went in her ass. I was crying as he stood over my tied down mom and grabbed her by the hair forcing her mouth around his cock as he face fucked her with her head between his legs. Her gagging sounds filled the air as he held her head down forcing her nose to press into his ass, suffocating her. When he finally let go, she gasped for air as tears smeared her makeup covered face. He slapped her face again and went around, standing before her pussy once again. He rammed that monster cock back inside as she screamed once more. He just slapped her face until she went from screaming for help to weeping. Soon he began grunting as he pumped harder and deeper into my poor mom. He announced he was cumming as my mom was still crying. He pumped her pussy full of his black cum and let it spill out down her ass. After he was done he cut one of my mom’s hand’s free then left. We never saw him again but my mom was never the same. We sat there crying with each other all night that night.

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  • Reply aroused ID:16oii4j5oib

    Well that was short and sweet and to the point 😄👍

  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    I’m sure your mom didn’t enjoy the rape, but she did enjoy that big black cock fucking her. I’ve never been raped, but I’ve enjoyed plenty of black cock filling my pussy with black cum.