Being Naked In The House Gets Me Fucked Multiple Times A Day

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My husband (Ronnie) and I were talking the one night in bed. We were talking about past lovers and experiences we had with them. What became apparent was I have had many more lovers and experiences than my husband. But, what has happened since we’ve been discussing this topic is what I’m writing about.

I told him about when I was going with a guy (Anthony) that lived in another state. One of those long distance relationships. I thought at the time it would work but those are hard to deal with. Anyway, Anthony came to town to visit on a weekend. He got a hotel room and said he had a surprise for me.

Ronnie wanted to know what we did that weekend. I told him we mostly fucked all weekend. He said, tell me about it. I told him Anthony undressed me as soon as we got in the room and he said, I don’t want to see ANY clothes on you the whole weekend, I want you naked.” I said, “Okay.” So, the first thing we did was fuck for hours. Anthony would hold off of cumming so he could keep fucking me. He did everything possible to me.

He called for room service and made me answer the door naked. He loved exposing me like that. When he wasn’t fucking me he played with my titties by sucking, squeezing, pinching my nipples slapping the nipples, all kinds if things. If it wasn’t my tits, it was my pussy. He fingered it with one, two, three and four fingers. He made me cum just playing with my clit. He loved that. He kept me naked from Friday to Sunday. Saturday he left the room and came back with an engagement ring and proposed to me. I was naked and told him yes.

Ronnie couldn’t believe I did that. I said, “But, I did.” We were engaged about a year and I started going with some else so I broke it off.

So, Ronnie told me he wanted me to go naked in the house as much as possible. I said, “Why?” He said, “When I see you naked my dick gets hard and I want to see if it goes down if I see you that way all the time.” I said, “Well, okay, if you want me to be naked I will.” So, he came over to me and took off my clothes.

It wasn’t five minutes until he walked up to me with his dick in his hand and said, “Bend over, I’m gonna fuck you.” So, I bent over and he rammed his very hard dick in me from behind and said, “You being naked made my dick hard as a rock and I just wanted to stick it in you as hard as I could.” I said, “Well, you did that.” He fucked me hard and fast then cum in me and walked away.

I went back to cleaning. I was going in and out of the room he was in and I swear, twenty minutes later he came up behind me and said, “You’re gonna have to suck my dick, it’s hard again.” He pushed me down to my knees and put it in my mouth. He held my head like he held my hips when he fucked my pussy. He fucked my mouth with purpose. He was pushing his dick in with long strokes to the back of my throat. He made me so horny doing that, I almost cum. I let him do what he wanted and he said, “I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” Then he did.

He went back to reading something and I went back to cleaning. A bit later I passed by him and he was jacking his dick off slowly, up and down. I said, “What cha doing?” He said, I can’t think about anything but your naked ass running around here and my dick is staying hard.” I said, “Well, maybe I can help you.” I said, What could I do for you and your hard dick.” He said, “I know you’re not fond of it but I was thinking about fucking your ass, it’s been forever since we did that.” I looked at him and he said, “Would you let me put my hard duck in your tiny asshole?” He was still stroking his dick when he ask me that and I could see he was about to explode with excitement.

So, I said, “Yes, Ronnie, I’ll let you put that hard dick in me.” He ran and got some oil and said, “How about you lean over the arm if that chair, it seem like the perfect height.” I do, and he rubs my butt with the oil and his dick head then sticks two fingers in me. He works my ass until he’s able to put his dick’s head in and then starts inserting it in me. He loves fucking my ass, it’s just not my thing so, we don’t do it often.
But, I couldn’t say no when he ask me with his hard dick in his hand. I always want to give in to what pleases my husband.

He’s got it in and he’s fucking me really good. He’s so happy. He told me, “Honey you’re the best wife for being such a slut for me.” He said, “I love that you were an easy fuck, it turns me on.” Then he said, “Maybe Anthony had something, “I can’t stop fucking you since your naked.” He’s speeding up and getting bigger. He pulls my ass into his dick and cums. It’s shooting blasts of cum, I feel it.

Then he turns me around and puts three fingers in my pussy and starts hand fucking me. When he does this he hits my clit with his palm and makes me cum and cum and cum. I was weak in my knees when he finished. I went to the bathroom, came back and placed a towel on my couch where I was going to set. I didn’t want to leak on our furniture.

As we’re sitting there looking at whatever was on tv. Ronnie said, “I can’t get over how I’m so horny and obsessed with fucking you just because you’re naked.” I was surprised myself. I told him I liked it, him wanting to fuck me all day.

So now, we sleep naked an I’m getting fucked every night. Many nights he wakes me up with his dick in me fucking me during the night. I love that he fucks me whenever he wants. He still wants me naked in the house when possible. But, it’s getting cold outside so I told him I was gonna have to wear a robe or something. He said, “Okay, just leave it hang open.” I said, “Deal.”

He wants to know if any if my other lovers has done things like this or had any preferences when I went with them. I said, “I had one guy that forbid me to wear panties when we went out.” He said, Are you kidding me, did you go without panties for him?” I said, “Yes.” “He wanted to have access to my pussy and preferred it if I wore skirts or dresses.” “So, Did you wear dresses or skirts for him?” I said, “Yes.”

He said, “What did he do to you with that pussy exposed like that?” I said, “He would look at it while he was driving, by pushing up my skirt or, he would touch it or, finger me, just anything to get his hands on it.” “He liked to have me sit on him and he would stick his dick in me, and no one really knew he was fucking me, with my skirt on.”

Ronnie said, “What else or who else did stuff to you that’s unusual?” I said, “I’m hesitant to tell you this.” He said, “What, you can tell me anything, you know that.” So, I said, “I dated this guy who we were having sex an all. But, one night he picked me up and had one if his friends with him. I didn’t know why but, I thought maybe we were gonna double date or something. Anyway, we were riding down the road and he pulled of on this dark deserted, almost like a path and stopped the car.

He put his arm around me and pulled me over to him as he let the seat back all the way. I said, ” What are we doing?” He said, “My buddy wants to fuck you.” I said, “What?” Now, he’s leaning against the drivers door turned toward the passenger door. He pulled my back into his chest and he’s holding my wrists apart but up close to him so I can’t get away. He said, “Come on now honey, it’s just a fuck. We’ve fucked and I told him I thought you’d fuck him with no problem.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I said, “No!” He told his buddy, “Go ahead.” So, his buddy pulled his pants down, grabbed my panties and pulled them off. I’m trying to kick my leg and he just climbed between my legs and held my ass up then put his dick in me and started fucking me. My date said, “Oh, this is so fucking hot, watching him fuck you.” “I’m holding you and making you let him an it’s made my dick hard.” “I might have to fuck you next.” I said, “No.” He chuckled. Then, he ask me how that dick felt in my pussy and did I like it? I didn’t answer him. His buddy started fucking me fast and hard. I knew he was getting ready to cum and he pulled me up on his dick and cum in me.

He let me go and I said, “Take me home, now.” He said, “Are you really pissed?,” I just glared at him. So he started the car and took me home. His buddy didn’t say a word. He called me two days later and I told him to FUCK OFF!
Ronnie said, “I’m sorry. ” I said, “Water under the bridge, it’s over.”

Ronnie still fucks me multiple tines a day when I’m naked. Our sex life is wonderful. It’s great having someone wanting or desiring you and your body.
I’m glad we are like we are. We’re happy fuckers’.

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    It also happens to me when I’m home alone. No cock is safe when I’m wet and horny.