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At the pool…

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Friends – a fantasy about my best friend visiting, and his wife fucking me in the kitchen.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen them. It’s a pity they live so far away. Thankfully, they are visiting us and we are enjoying the warm weather around our pool. The wine has been plentiful and it’s time to get something ready for lunch.
I head into the kitchen to put together something to eat. Our kitchen windows look out onto the pool through the serving hatch. The windows are quite tinted so it’s hard to see in from outside.
As I walk into the kitchen, I can’t help but notice her on her towel, soaking in the sun. Her husband and my wife are floating around the pool, chatting and drinking wine. My eyes stray to her again. She’s never been self-conscious about her body, and with good reason. My eyes follow her legs up to her bikini bottom, and linger on her for a few minutes, imagining what is just under the thin fabric. I can see the folds in her skin where the bikini covers her, and a little bit of her shape under the fabric, or is that my imagination? My eyes continue up her body, to her top, and I can clearly see her nipples under the fabric. I am again aroused by the sight of her, as I have been before. I can feel myself swell in my swim shorts.

As my eyes travel up to her face, I notice she seems to be looking at me. I guiltily look away, even though I am fairly sure she couldn’t see me through the tinted glass. As I continue working in the kitchen, I see her get up and walk towards the kitchen. Did she catch me looking at her? Did I just ruin our friendship? She opens the sliding door and walks in the door, and on to the bathroom, next to the guest bedroom, where they are staying.
After a few minutes she comes walking out, and into the kitchen where I am standing. She walks up behind me as I am standing in front of the sink and hugs me from behind. I can feel her sun warmed skin on my body, and her breasts against my back. Her arms surround me, and she pulls me close, I can almost feel every curve of her against me. My body reacts as she places her cheek on my back, and I can hear a deep sigh. I wasn’t expecting her to be so close. I can see her husband and my wife though the windows. They are completely unaware of what is happening just a few steps from them.

She relaxes a bit and lets her hands slide down my front, as if to step back. As her hand moves down, she just barely touches me, and I hear her take a deep breath. She brings her hand back up to where I am now fully erect and holds me. I hear her breath deepening as she squeezes me with her fingers. She slides her hand up, and under the waistband of my swim shorts. Her hand slides into my pants and enfolds my erection. She starts moving her hand up and down. The sensation is incredible. I can feel my erection being lubricated by my own excitement.

I put my hand behind my back and slide it down to where I can feel the heat emanating off her. My fingers move up and down the fabric, finding her slit. I move my hand up and find the top of her bikini bottoms. I slide my hand into her pants and find her wet, hot womanhood. I can’t believe how turned on she is! My fingers start exploring her as she moves her legs apart, to allow me more access. I find her hard clit and my fingers gently move in tiny circles. I’m taking my cue from her breathing. She is moaning quietly as I find just the right spot. Her hand is still around me and moving in rhythm with my fingers.

I can’t wait anymore and turn around. Her mouth opens to me, sweet and wet. We passionately kiss for a minute, as my hand explores her breast, feeling how hard her nipple is under my fingers. I pinch her nipple with my fingers, and she takes a deep breath. I turn her around so that she is now leaning over the kitchen sink, and I am behind her. I again become aware of our spouses, blissfully unaware of our passion. They are still chatting and enjoying the sun. She slides her bottoms down and pushes back towards me. I slide my cock out of my swimsuit and move forward to her. I find her wetness, and slide slowly into her, as deep as I can go. I hear a deep moan as she takes me all in. My hands are now on her hips, and we quietly move together, harder and harder. I feel her tightening around me, and her body starts shaking. She holds her hand over her mouth so she can’t bet heard as she orgasms hard against me.

I can’t hold it anymore, and throb deep inside her, feeling the warm release as we orgasm together. We stay close as our breathing subsides. No one outside is aware of what just happened. Fortunately, there is paper towel within reach, and I gently clean her to hide any evidence. We hold each other tight for a minute, and then get back to making lunch. Fortunately, I was almost done. As we get ready to walk out, she smiles and says “I know you were watching me. I always know…”

We walk outside with our little secret kept safe. We will be visiting them at their vacation home soon. And probably spending time around their pool. Maybe I can help her in the kitchen this time.

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