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Anal Sessions With Dave [Part 2]

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“Oh, Dave!..My ass, my ass..” I whimpered in silence. “Pl-please, please” I begged screeching and crying with his cock deeply submerged in my asshole.

School got out a little later than usual at 4:47pm but that did not deter Dave from not wanting to wait on me. He drove up to the curb and opened the passenger door to the front seat to let me in. I got in his car for the first time.

Dave: How was school princess?
Me: Good
Dave: You learn a lot?
Me: Not really. Same ole same ole.
Dave: Yeah public school has never done it’s job.

He leaned over and kissed me on my left cheek. I could tell he wanted my lips but a teacher was standing outside waving goodbye to us. We waved back and then Dave drove out of the school parking lot.

I was quiet for the first mile we went down the road. For some reason it felt weird being in Dave’s car.

Dave: Talk to me love. What’s been going on? Have you’ve been practicing like I told you?
Me: Yes. I practice almost everyday but it’s hard for me to put it all the way in my ass the way I do my mouth and pussy.
Dave: Aww, don’t worry. Assholes are different from vaginas and mouths. They’re made to reject not suck in and swallow. I’ll help you.

He place his hand on my right thigh as to sort of pat it. I jumped and the reaction made Dave chuckle. We finally approached a stop light. My school is deep in the Amazon if a faculty member wanted to have their way with you you’d be doomed as it would be quite the journey for any cop or ems to get to you. Who builds a school in the forest? Dave rested his forearm on my left thigh like it was an armrest.

Dave: I got to touch you more. You shouldn’t be jumping at me. I want you to give me your all and be 100% comfortable with me. Penetration is always best when the body is fully relaxed.
Me: I’m sorry Mr. Dave. ~ [He slapped my right thigh]
Dave: Daddy. My name is daddy remember? It’s only been three months yet you forgot everything you’ve ever known.
Me: I’m sorry daddy. I won’t jump again. I’ll be comfortable.
Dave: Good.

Dave had a look in his eyes like he wanted to strangle me. Sort of like the way he did me in the laundry room. The one thing that has always been weird to me is how quickly he’d get mad. He really wants total control and after all I’m in his car I better respect him and his wishes. He could do whatever he wants to me.

We pulled into a nearby gas station after waiting at the lights. As Dave got out to pump gas I for some reason started trembling. I became so scared all of a sudden. Something just didn’t seem right. Dave seems unusual today. Less friendly and more like hurry up and get this done so I can go about my day. When he got back in the car he tossed a pack of glazed donuts at me.

Me: I love these! How did you figure?
Dave: Most kids do.
Me: Thank you Dave!
He looked furious and snatched the donuts out of my hand. He then grabbed my neck.
Dave: What the fuck is my name bitch?
Me: Daddy.
He slaps me really hard. A tear rolled down my left eye.
Dave: Do not call me Dave ever again. You understand me?
Me: Yes sir. I’m so sorry daddy.
He reached in the department underneath the armrest and pulled out a pacifier. He shoved it in my mouth.
Dave: Suck on that to calm your nerves. I’m taking you somewhere special today. You’re not going home.

About another hour went by and we were still on the road. The environment grew unfamiliar to me. Next, Dave suddenly pulled over at the side of the road. He turned the car off next to the woods. There was nothing but the road, his car, and the trees. I continued to suck on my pacifier. Dave then reached in his glove department to grab a brush. He started brushing my hair then put the brush back in the glove department.

Dave: It’s time for you to be part of the fortress.

He gets out of the truck, walks over to the passenger side and opens the door. He then unbuckles my seat belt, pulls me close to him and feels up my back to loosen my bra. The bra comes off as he then pulls my shirt over my head.

Dave: Wow, you’ve grown. Nice and perky too. Good job. Keep this up for me baby okay.

Dave massages my breasts. I let out a moan as my legs got fidgety and pussy was getting moist. Next, Dave begins sucking on each of my breasts. He would pull my nipples gently then lick them with his tongue. This lasted for about 2-4 minutes until he kissed above my right boob and bit me.

Dave: That’s how you make a hickey. You’ll get some more in the cabin. All between your thighs, butt cheeks, and neck. Mhmm.

He unbuttoned my jeans and took them off. I was down to my underwear only outside in a truck freezing. It’s been really cold lately despite the spring and close summer. I was picked up out of the truck and placed over Dave’s big strong man shoulders. He shut the truck’s door and carried me into the woods. We went across a bridge overseeing a lake into a cabin. He put me down. I turned around as to see over a dozen naked preteens cooking, cleaning, and hung to ceiling walls.

Dave: See if you act up you end up there. In the damn ceiling.

He pointed to the ceiling where a girl about the age of 10 with pigtails was strapped to the ceiling naked with beat marks all over her body. She was crying in silence. Another girl across from her on the other side hung from her ankle with one leg free by some rope and duct tape her legs wide open for Dave to enter at any given moment. They all appeared to have some type of rope and duct tape attached to them specifically their necks.

Dave: You called me by my name. That was strike one and I had to take pants off of you. That’s strike two. I told you a skirt with no panties. You’re only one strike away from being on my ceiling walls.

So far he had 6 girls butt naked and bruised hanging from his living room ceiling. I had never seen this side of Dave. I did not know he was this evil.

Dave: Don’t worry. I feed em. Fuck em in the air til they bleed while their hanging. Hand feed em some more, repeat. I beat the voice out of them. They’re not allowed to speak. Just do as I say. Now, my cooking and cleaning girls are awesome so well behaved. I actually let their pussies rest. Catherine come here sweetheart.

He pulls on the collar around her neck to direct her into the living room.

Dave: Introduce yourself.
Catherine: Hi, I’m Catherine. I am 13 years old. Welcome to Dave’s fortress of supreme obedience.

Dave yanked the pacifier out of my mouth and placed it into the mouth of one of the girls hanging from his ceiling.

Dave: Cat you’re gonna be her guide tonight. Entertain this one. Show her the ropes. Protect her from the ceiling. She’s already got two strikes.
Catherine: Yes Daddy.

Catherine kneels down in front of me and pulls down my panties. I had never been touched by a girl before and now my hairy pussy is out there in the open for every girl in that room to look at. She begins sucking on the lips of my vagina and biting my thighs as so to give me some hickies.

Catherine: Mhmm. [Lick] So tasty. [Pulls on lips] Mhmm.
Dave: Yeah she’s a good one just makes silly mistakes. Look just keep performing on her and prevent her from getting onto the wall.
Catherine stops eating me out for a second.
Catherine: Yes Daddy.

She continues to eat me out as Dave sought on the couch with a beer and watched. The other girls were watching as well and some masturbated as she ate me.

Me: Oh my gawd!

She was looking like a professional porn star. He trained her well. Next, she got up, made a hickey on my neck and tied a collar around it.

Catherine: Welcome to the club gorgeous. I like you already.
Dave: Smile.

I smiled as he instructed. He then instructed Catherine to lie on her back with her legs up and for me to crouch over her and sit on her pussy. We did as he asked.

Dave: Now rub your pussies together get acquainted, cum, squirt.

Cat and me rubbed our pussies together so mf hard we began turning red. Our lips got wetter and wetter and before we knew it our pussies were sticking to one another like glue. The sound was so gushy sticky and wet.

Dave: Yeah, good girls, that’s it. That’s what daddy wants to see. C’mon keep going. Don’t stop.

We continued rubbing pussies as Dave desired. I felt my bladder getting full. I couldn’t tell if it was pee or squirt. It was pee. I pissed right in Catherine’s holes onto the carpet of the living room all over her stomach and thighs. She got some on her little feet too. We streamed like crazy as she too starting peeing only hers pissed on the couch Dave sat on in a straight line. She got a little on his pants. We screamed in unison.

Me/Catherine: Ahh, Ahhh yes!…oh, oh, yes! My pussyyyyyyy…omg, omg, omg! Ah!

Dave: Nice.

Me/Catherine: Ahh, Ahhh yes!…oh, oh, yes! Daddy, daddddddyyyy!

After we climaxed Dave unbuttoned his pants and fucked Catherine in her mouth. He grabbed onto me so we could make out while she sucked his dick. He flipped me upside down to eat my pussy and bite down on my ass cheeks. I guess my ass will be covered in hickies tonight too like the rest of my body. Next He pulled his dick out of her mouth and bent me over. This was it. I’m finally gonna get man dick in my asshole but not before he had Catherine lick and suck my anus. I found the six whole minutes of that pointless but once Dave injected me I see why. I was in serious pain. He laid down on his back and pushed my body down to his ballsack.

“Oh, Dave!..My ass, my ass..” I whimpered in silence. “Pl-please, please” I begged screeching and crying with his cock deeply submerged in my asshole. “I can’t take it, I can’t take it!”

Dave: Yes you can. You’re in the fortress now you’re gonna have to take it.

He continued ramming his man cock in my little asshole. Catherine fingered me as he did so for 11 minutes! The longest 11 minutes of my life! I thought to myself thank God I left the dildo in the car. I thought about it being in my backpack in the floor of the passenger side. Just then another girl emerges from a room with a big 9 inch dildo.

Girl: Here, used this on her. She’s small. Stretch her.

Catherine grabbed the dildo from her hand and stuck it deep into my vagina as Dave went deeper and deeper in my ass. All I heard from him was grunts.

Dave: Mhm. Mrhmmm.mrrrrm. Yes, yes, yes, yes. my child. Remember those walls I always wanted to hear.
Me: Ye..ss, da.da..dadd…ddy. [I could barely speak]
Dave: I think I hear them now. Took a while. You’re very tight princess but daddy’s go fix that. Daddy’s fixing to carve you out.
Catherine: Cripple her. Have her walking like a deer that just got shot.
Dave: Oh, you bet.

Catherine helped Dave push his scrotum in my asshole. Dave now had his arms underneath my knees. With my back on his chest he took the dildo from Catherine and began fucking me until I shaked and squirted. He aggressively yanked the dildo out then continue fucking my asshole raw. Cum was leaking out of my pussy into his shaft.

Me: Ooh, ooh, ohh, ooh, daddy. Ah, ooh, yes Daddy. More, more, more!
My ass somehow became so marinated I wanted more that’s when he spat on my pussy and stuck the dildo back in my vagina. This time we could hear my walls from the inside as he fucked me. I felt completely slutted out by one man. He pulled the dildo out again and had Catherine and I rub pussies again on top of his stomach as his penis was still in my ass. Ten minutes later he pushed us off and peed on us. My face and titties were soaked. He then opened our mouths so he could cum onto our tongues. We were instructed to swallow once the semen reached the palate.

That night as I slept in the cabin with Dave and his girls. I watched as he slept on his mattress with three sleepwalking girls sucking his dick while in a deep sleep. I decided to join. We all were awake yet tired as we each took turns sucking on Dave’s big man meat. Today I learned anal takes a little getting used to. Thick cum ran from my pussy to in-between my thighs and the rest of Dave’s semen leaked out of my asshole as I sucked him fearlessly. I had no idea he’d cum in me. I think I’m gaining more confidence now. I feel invincible.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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