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American husband and Filipino wife living in Philippines part 2

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If you read my last story it’s true I’m a whore. I just love satisfying men and I love them on top of me and I love the feeling of being used and then they spray that sperm into me. It’s like a drug.

Having said that Larry that young boy, if you read part one is over here three times a day empty and those young balls into my pussy. Larry and his dad have one more week and we didn’t really interact much with the dad but he came over to get on the internet and check some work stuff and I said absolutely yes. He was handsome and I looked over at my husband and he gave me a wink which is a yes, go for it wink.

I (the wife)then drilled Larry’s dad whose name is Mike about his relationship with his wife. It didn’t take long to realize he was in a sexless unhappy marriage.

My husband took charge of the conversation and we’re all sitting on the front porch. My husband leaned over and said, what do you think about my sexy wife isn’t she beautiful? He looked over at me and he said your wife is a stunning 10! You are a lucky man.

Since he’s an adult mature male My husband cuts to the chase and quietly whispers let me give you an offer. I like to share my wife with nice guys who are polite and respectful and you seem to be both. You have one week left and I’m giving you permission to come over and have your way with my wife. I’m serious. There’s a spare bedroom upstairs so why don’t you take my wife up there right now and she’ll show you how to get on the internet and then she will be naked.
Mike looked at me in silence for about 10 seconds and then said you know what that sounds pretty damn good.
He leaned over and said everyday? I said you can come over twice a day if you want to empty those balls two times a day. I could tell that my wife was in whore fantasyland just by knowing who she is. So he got up and my wife practically jumped up and they walked inside and I walked inside just so the neighbors could see that all three of us went in together cuz they are some nosy bastards.
I told Mike I’ll wait down here. As they were going up the stairs I said did you tell your son Larry that you were coming over to get on the internet? He said Yes Larry knows I’m over here on the internet. I said okay great and they went upstairs.

I knew right then that Larry would never come over knowing his dad was over here This was the perfect scenario if the dad knew that Larry was over here he would never come over and if Larry knew that his dad was here he would never come over.

Needless to say Mike came over twice a day and my wife said that he fucks like a stud and floods her pussy with sperm and then Larry still comes over three times a day so my wife is getting sperm five times a day.

On the morning of the last day all their luggage was packed the dad and Larry came over to say goodbye both of them not knowing that they were fucking my wife.
The boy hugged my wife and she whispered into his ear, thank you for fucking me so many times. She said it quietly enough to where no one heard. Then Mike the dad came over and gave my wife a hug and she said, thank you for fucking me so many times,
Needless to say five cocks a day for a week made my wife’s pussy sore but I’ve never seen her so happy. They both said they’re coming back next summer and my wife is excited for that

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Now having both father and son several times a day, for a week, is something all three will never forget. Her husband must be pretty happy with having such a sperm filled wife. Lucky man!

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck8m2bgfqpi

    Daisy gives new meaning to “LBFM” …
    I’d love to “meat” Daisy too

    • Daisy ID:2a74dr98ri

      Many years ago I learned what LBFM really means and I was very angry that a label like that was put on us Filipina. But as time has gone I now wear it like a trophy. My husband will take me to resorts in Cebu and I will have a fake tattoo of LBFM right above the top of my small bikini. Many men look at me and I like it.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

      I was there Daisy may times and loved it. If I ever get to go back I wanted to go to Cebu because of all the pretty girls.
      Wished I was there to lick that LBFM tattoo off of you or share you lol! and yes I love it and would like to see a pic of LBFM above that small ass of yours.