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A nice stroll

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The things we do with the people we meet. Not always nice things nor nice people.

I don’t recall why I got the urge to go ahead with my actions. It just happened. I was feeling horned up. No sex for months. Young cute teen a out 15, dark hair, nice face, cute short skirt, nice legs. Bingo. Instant hard on.

Two minutes later. Her and me in the thick bushes. Her skirt by her side he knickers torn and in my pocket. Vest round her neck. 32b pale mounds bouncing , her little nipples hard as fuck. Trimmed pussy moist and legs spread with my fingers thrusting in her cute puffy cunt lips.

One scream was all as I raped the little cutie. Gagged with the torn knickers then the shit raped out of her. Betty apparently her name. St Cyrus school for girls it said. I fucked my 6″ thick prick up her tight cunt for next ten minutes humping her brutally, rough and hard. Her crying and pleading just egging me on and making my cock even harder inside her. She obviously felt this effect and cried even more.

I came up her soft hot cunt in gushes. My cum erupting into her young woman, sprrm coating her insides and creaming hr vaginal walls. As I exited her vice like vagina, spunk spurted from her abused hole. She curled up, sobbing and trying to cover herself up.

I turned her onto her knees arse up head down and re- entered her sore red fanny. She wailed and fought but I was not in the mood to let her go. Thrusting hard back up her sodden gooey hole I fucked her again. Longer gentler this time. She pushed back oer which wasn my cock and I knew she was fighting the feeling in her pussy. I rubbed her clit while raping her over and over.

Her cunt expanded and contracted. Squeezing my cock and milking my cum into her insides once again. I fell onto her back. Both of us drained laying on the dirty leaf strewn forest floor. She grabbed at her skirt and made to stand up. I dragged her back down, slapped her face twice and growled at her to remain still. I wasn’t done with her yet. She flinched and wiggled trying to evade my fingers from entering her tiny anus.

After resting and molesting her for another hour. I ordered her to strip off her socks and shoes. Now totally naked I took her further into the woods.

Stopping at an old fallen tree. I forced my teen cum dump into a doggy pose then using hers and my cum. I lubed up her stretched bumhole for fucking. Betty screeched like hell when my knob end hit her arse cheeks. She tried to get away so I spanked her, so hard I left hand prints on her bum cheeks.

Crying miserably Betty resumed her position and grunted like a pig as I drilled my boner up her young virgin arsehole. I let my dick rest in it’s warm home for a little while. Then I pulled back leaving just the tip of my cock up her arse. She wailed terribly, pleading, crying, cursing. Screamed when I rammed back up her rectum, pumping in and out her tight pink baby soft arse cheeks.

I fucked her pale white bumhole for ages, her pain wracked moans and grunts echoing through the woods. I came so herd up her arsehole I was seeing stars. Her tight rectal muscles contracting and gripping my raping cick so tight I had to pusher 15yr old buttocks firmly to get my dick out her bumhole.

When finally I exited her hot ruined arse with a loud pop!! Creamy, gooey spend drooled out her ruined backside and trailed over her raped fanny dripping to the fallen vegetation she knelt in. I kissed her bum fingered her cunt and then pulled up my jeans and ran off with her torn knickers and some nice video and pics. Leverage, for when I see her again after school. Very soon!!

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  • Reply Jolly James ID:bttbyuenqk

    Part 2 posted as
    Just another stroll (part2)

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ik

    Another beautiful story about a subject close to my heart – rape!! Excellent, Jolly James!

  • Reply Jolly James ID:bug45bb9d2

    Sorry about the terrible grammar and typos. I wrote this in a hurry at work on my cell phone. Will try to do better next time I’m bored in office.
    Thanks for reading my stories.

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    girls are made to be assraped

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    What the fuck

    • Missmischief ID:37gcz00r8ri

      Ohh that was hott… I need a good forceful fuck

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  • Reply Bitch slap ID:cttjj2boh

    This was amazing, write more please!!!

    • A. ID:jwppb4dxpn2

      Learn to tell a story first