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A Family Affair

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Mike Kieffer was a successful lawyer. He’d spent most of his life defending various criminals, usually the more violent offenders these days. Mike had a family; a wife, Cindy; 42 yrs old. She was getting pretty big at 250 pounds; not the hottie she’d been ten years ago. She had been divorced with two kids back then. They’d been married eight years now, and it had been a living hell for him. Today, his stepdaughters were Kendra, 16, and Ella, 13. Cindy had become quite the nightmare wife, spending his money on everything she wanted or thought she wanted. She would turn the girls against him if he ever dared to deny them anything. They both had nothing but contempt for him as their Step-Dad. He’d finally had enough of their reckless spending and higher-than-thou attitudes. He’d just served divorce papers on Cindy yesterday; now it was time to teach her kids some manners.

He was currently defending two black men, on trial for robbery and possession of a stolen gun. They talked about their case; a difficult one. At one point in the discussion, Mike said to them,

“What if I could offer you my free services, as well as an almost guaranteed probation with no jail time?” These two were hardened gang members, but he knew the prosecutor; in fact, he was helping him divorce his own wife. He could get this deal done easy.

“Yo, like, what we gotta do for something like that?”

Mike knew gang members- they knew how to keep quiet. He turned off the recorder and the video.
“OK, look. I got this wife, see? Huge pain in my ass for years. I’m leaving her, but I want to teach her two spoiled rotten kids a lesson they won’t soon forget. Kind of a going away present.”

The two hoods, glanced at each other. “Go on…”

“Every Wednesday night, my wife goes to Casino Night with her slut girlfriends. We got two kids, two girls. One’s sixteen; the other is thirteen. I give you an address; leave the door unlocked; security system turned off.”

They sat there for a bit. Tyrone spoke up. “Uh huh. Place unlocked. Then what?” Something like this, Tyrone knew you had to spell it out. No misconceptions. He leaned back in his chair, liking what he was hearing so far.

Mike leaned across the table and said quietly, “Then you, you know, fuck ‘em. Rape ‘em, do whatever you want with them, just no physical injuries. Just the sex. But….”, he paused.
Mike looked around, then went on. “I get my turn with them, too.”

“Let me get this straight,” Tyrone said, leaning in closer with his brother Terrance. “You want us, to come over to your crib, rape your two daughters, then let you fuck them, then you’ll get us off these charges.” Tyrone looked at Terrance. He chuckled.

“So, what’s the catch?”

“No catch. I need two black studs to teach them a lesson, and you need me to get you off these charges. Otherwise, this like, five years minimum. We got a deal?”

Tyrone looked at Terrance. Nodded. Tyrone said, “Ok, here’s my cell. You text me on Wednesday when the way is clear.”

Mike said, “Ok, good. You got mine. Hey, remember- you can fuck ‘em, but you can’t beat ‘em up.”

They talked it over for a while. For Tyrone and Terrance, it seemed too good to be true. Young white pussy plus a top defense attorney. They finally agreed, after they made it clear that if this was some sort of set-up, the Crypts would reach out. He gave them his address.

“It gets dark at 5:30. Cindy leaves at 5:00 pm, Wednesday night, then comes home at midnight or so. The two girls will be home alone. I’ll pretend like I’m working late. I’ll text you when I leave. I’ll leave; text you later when I come back. You come over; you’ll have from about six to ten o’clock to do what you want.”

They all agreed. The game was on.

Chapter 2: The House

At five o’clock, Cindy drove off to her game night in her E550 convertible. At 5:43, Mike told Kendra and Ella that he had to go to the office.

“I’ll be back around eleven,” he said. “This envelope has cash in it. If a Mr. Smith comes by, give it to him. See you girls later.” As usual, they pretty much ignored him while watching TV.

Mike went to the front hallway. He texted Tyrone. “Court is in session,” the agreed code to say the coast was clear. Mike stepped outside, got in his BMW, drove off. Nearby, he stopped, quickly changed clothes. He put on some old gym pants; a t-shirt, checked his ski mask. He got back in and slowly drove home. He parked outside by the street. A black Mercedes was parked there now. The clock said 6:05.

Kendra was sixteen, a sophomore at Clarkson High. She stood 5’ 6” tall, weighed 120 lbs. No doubt, the few extra pounds she had were all in the right places. She had amazing breasts for a girl her age; probably the biggest pair in her class. Not huge, but good-sized for her sixteen years of age. Her butt was round and soft; her legs were nice; she was definitely out of puberty stage now. She had a very cute face, and her hair, thanks to his money, was perfect. Dark blonde, long, styled. Make-up; perfect. Tonight, she wore her white blouse from school, her new fancy underwear and her blue skirt. She sat on the couch watching the movie eating Taco Bell.

Her sister Ella had turned thirteen just last month. She was in the seventh grade at Clarkson Junior High. Like her sister, she was developing early, too. Not nearly as big as her sister; yet her breasts were definitely showing; her cute little ass taking on a tween-look for sure. She had hair like her sister’s; Long, dark blonde, perfect. Not as much make-up, but her young age definitely made her cuter than her sister. Tonight, she wore a t-shirt and pajama pants and her new panties, reading a book and watching the movie.

The doorbell rang. Kendra sighed deeply; got up, went over and answered it. Must be that guy Dad had said was coming by. She opened the door; two black men stood there, scary-looking black men, with dark sunglasses on, gang rags on their heads. Her eyes opened wider. In that instant, one man stepped in, grabbing her and pushing her back. The second man came in, closing the door quietly. Kendra tried to scream, but the one man had his hand over her mouth; his muscled arms were both now wrapped around her head, holding her tightly. She just managed a very muffled scream, but nothing that could be heard over the TV down the hall. As she started to fight, the second man stepped closer, then punched her right in her stomach. UHH! She doubled over in pain, unable to hardly breathe now; unable to even speak. The man holding her forced her towards the living room, dragging her, still gripping her head in his arms. Kendra held one arm across her stomach; one hand gripping his dark, muscled arm.

Ella didn’t pay much attention to what was happening in the other part of the house. She was watching the movie when two big black men suddenly came walking into the room, holding Kendra. Kendra was bending over some, struggling to breathe while the big black man had his arms wrapped around her. The other man, another black guy, walked right up to Ella. She started to jump up off the floor just as he grabbed her arm, yanking her up to her feet. He gripped her throat with one hand, cutting off her air.

“You keep quiet, girl. Not one fucking word! You got that?!”

Ella struggled to breathe; slightly nodded her head. He eased off, she took a deep breath. He pushed her to the center of the room, made her stand next to Kendra. Kendra was getting yelled at by the other man; she cringed away from him. Both girls were instantly crying.

Kendra kept sobbing, “Who are you? What do you want? You have to leave….”

Ella just cried, eyes wide, shaking, moving next to her older sister. She kept asking, “…who, who are you? What do you want?” She gripped Kendra’s skirt.

Tyrone and Terrance stood there, looking at the two girls. Fine pieces of young, white meat. Both grinned. Neither wore a mask; they knew that to these two, they were just two niggas like all the rest. Dumb ass kids. They’d be more focused on their huge dicks ramming into them. Neither wore a condom either. They didn’t give a fuck.

Tyrone said, “My my my; lookie what we got here.”

Terrance whistled. “Oh yeah, two fine looking young ladies.”

Tyrone snapped at them both. “You two shut the fuck up, keep shut up, or I’ll beat the hell out of you both! You unnerstan’ me?!” he yelled, stepping forward. They both cringed together, shaking, crying, nodding.

One man’s phone got a text. A minute later, the front door opened; a man walked down the hall and into the living room, wearing a black mask, black t-shirt, black gym pants. He gave a thumbs up to the two black men.

Tyrone was 19; 6’ 1”, 210 pounds, a lot of muscle, tattoos. Liked to always wear dark sunglasses. Had attitude to spare.

Terrance was his brother. At 17, he was 6’ tall, about 230 pounds. He was muscled, but heavier too, ate too much. Both lived up in North City. Both had previous arrests. Both were part of the North City Crypts.

Terrance started the party. “You, little girl. You do what I says, or I hit your sister right in the face with my fist, you got that?!”

Slowly, Ella said quietly, “Ok, I promise….”

“Good. Now, take off your sister’s clothes. Go on, strip her!”

Ella stood there; eyes wide, unable to even comprehend what he had just said. What? He wanted her to, he wanted her to take off Kendra’s clothes? The man yelled again, “Now!” She jumped; the other black man stepped up and slapped Kendra hard across her face. Kendra cried out.

Ella said, “Stop! Stop hitting her! OK, I’ll do what you want.”

Shaking like crazy, tears completely blurring her vision, thirteen-year-old Ella turned to Kendra and slowly undid her skirt clip, slid the zipper slowly down. She let the skirt start to drop, it did a little. The man yelled again; Ella pushed it with her finger. It slid some more; she pushed again. It dropped to the floor. Her sister’s legs were bare now; her underwear there to see. Ella noticed Kendra had on those panties that showed a lot of her butt. Boy, why did she have to wear that tonight? The man yelled, Kendra stepped out of her skirt.

“Keep going, you!” the man yelled at Ella, pushing her shoulder. Ella slowly moved in front of Kendra. Kendra stood there trembling a lot. Ella slowly undid her blouse; then slowly she eased it off her shoulders. She stepped back, it slowly fell to the floor behind her. Ella knew Kendra had big boobs, but she had that bra on that really made them push up; and they certainly were. Kendra’s breasts were shaking some as she stood there shaking in front of Ella. The man yelled to keep going.

Ella, hands shaking, slowly took her lacy panties and slid them down to her ankles. She stood up; Kendra had to step out of them. Her hairy bush was now out there where everyone could see her. More yelling. Ella moved behind Kendra, crying, “I’m sorry, Ken, I’m sorry, I’m sorry….” She slowly, very slowly, with a lot of difficulty, finally got the bra strap undone. One black man grabbed her bra and yanked it away.

Kendra stood there, eyes clenched shut, tears all over, with no clothes on at all. They kept telling her to keep her hands behind her. “Don’t move! Put your hands behind you! Keep them there! Fucking cunt!” She did as they said, hoping this whole thing would be over soon. They told her to turn, face the couch. She did, then they made her spread her legs apart. “Farther! Farther, bitch!” She got them pretty wide; then they made her bend over, putting her hands on the sofa. She opened her eyes some, looking around. She saw the two black men, standing right there, taking off their pants. Neither had a shirt on. Neither wore underwear. Oh My God, she couldn’t believe what she saw. She’d seen a man’s penis once, last year in Ft Lauderdale when she’d had sex once with that cute life guard. She had though he was huge, much too big for her; yet it had ended up feeling good in the end. But here, in her living room, she saw these two black gangsters with these enormous black dicks sticking way the fuck out in front of them. Holy fucking crap, there was no way either one would ever fit in to her! The third man, a white man, had his pants off too. His dick was big, too, but not as much as those black guys. He came around behind the couch, grabbed her hair, making it almost impossible for her to do anything. Then one of the black men was behind her, between her legs. Oh God, Oh God, he was going to rape her…. She was sixteen, and about to get raped. She really started sobbing, hyperventilating, her body shaking.

Tyrone gripped her hips with his hands; rubbed his cock against her ass. He lifted it, laid it on her butt cheeks, started rubbing it along that cute butt crack of hers. He’d already taken three Viagra’s and some coke, he was ready. He took hold of his big brown cock and put the head right to where her pussy should be. Pussy, ass; he didn’t care. He was gonna fuck all her holes tonight.

Tyrone pushed his head around her crotch; felt her little pussy lips down there. He slid along, felt her hole, then with some effort he managed to just get himself started in her. She jumped, screaming, “No! It hurts! No! Don’t!” He pushed in, pulling her back with his other hand. He felt the whole head go into her little vagina; he was in. He put both hands on her hips, started to fuck that little rich bitch.
Terrance watched his brother start to fuck the teenager. Sixteen, huh? Almost his own age. He turned to the second girl, squeezing her arm tight.

“You, get on your fucking knees, little girl.”

The youngster knelt down. This one was thirteen he’d said. Sweet.

“Hold my dick, Go on, hold it. Both hands. Now spit on it. Spit on it, girl. Spit! Spit more. Keep going. Now start rubbing it around with your hands.”

She started to stroke him slowly, her little hands shaking as she held his cock. It was already big, now it was even bigger. He grabbed her hair as he stood in front of her.

“Suck on it, little girl! Go on, thirteen-year-olds know how to suck cock. Now put your mouth over it and start sucking on it.”

She slowly did. Holy crap, he couldn’t believe she was that stupid. He felt her tongue along the bottom of his cock; the top of her mouth touching his dick. She closed her little lips around it; damn girl! He felt her start to suck it, like it was a straw. She would suck, then stop, gasp a breath from around it, then suck again. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

He wrapped his hands around the back of her head; began making her slide down it some as she sucked on it. She tried not too; but he made her. Man, this little girl’s mouth felt so good…

Mike watched Tyrone raping Kendra from behind. Her whole body was rocked back and forth as he did her. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing all over; what a sight! He stared for a long time. He held her hair up so she had to keep her arms extended. He saw her butt cheeks getting slapped with his every thrust deep into her. Call me a worthless Dad, will you? He kept quiet, waiting his turn next. He watched little Ella giving the other boy head. He had a grip on her head; was starting to push into her little mouth now.

Soon, Tyrone shot his load into Kendra. Mike gripped her hair, pulled her over to the middle of the room, then forced her to the floor. He quickly got between her luscious thighs, so fucking nice. Those super nice tits of hers, firm yet bouncing all over. He gripped his cock, then thought, oh what the fuck. He grabbed his mask, pulled it off. He grinned at a shocked Kendra.

“Hi, honey! Daddy’s home!”

Kendra stared in horror. Her step-Dad?? Oh, damn it! He leaned down, put his thing into her where the black guy had just raped her. Her step-Dad pushed into her, then began fiercely attacking her. He fucked her with deep, long strokes as he forced his mouth on hers, his tongue into her own mouth. His hands were everywhere; her boobs, her nipples, he whole body, he was just everywhere as he raped her. He was breathing very fast, very hard as he assaulted her brutally, licking her face, her ears, her nipples. He actually went for a very long time. She wondered when he would ever finish. Then she saw Ella.

Ella was pushed down onto the carpet beside Kendra. As her father raped Kendra, Ella was brutally stripped by the two younger black men. In seconds she lay completely naked on the carpet beside her sister, desperately struggling to stop them. Kendra cried out, but her own assault kept her from much more than heavy grunts.

One black man grabbed Ella’s arms over her head. The other man was on top of her, began to lick and suck on her young boobs. He moved to her mouth; Ella thought it was so rough, so disgusting. His fat tongue inside her own mouth. His hands were all over her; she felt him rubbing her butt cheeks, then up and down her side. Pretty soon he moved up. She saw him holding his huge brown dick.
She started crying out, “No! No! It’s too big! No! No! No!” He grabbed her one thigh, lifted her leg up. She felt him press against her virgin hole down there. She tensed up as tight as she could, while trying to kick and stop him. But he got the end of his thing into her little pussy somehow despite her struggling against him. She felt her pussy lips spreading; more and more, then painfully more. Then even farther, even greater pain. She felt him going into her vagina. Then he started to have sex with her. Back and forth, he was pushing that gigantic, warm, brown penis in and out of her now. Oh God, please stop, please stop….

Terrance began to seriously pound into that little white pussy. Man, was she ever tight! Still, her little titties felt really good. Her baby cunt squeezed his cock tight. He started talking to her as he did her, leaning close to her ear as ge gripped her tight.

“Uh! Uh! That’s, take it, take it little girl, take it! Uhh! Uhh! Take it little girl! That’s it! Feel my big dick in that tight little cunt of yours.” He licked her ear as he talked close to it, talking all kinds of racist trash to the her. She tried not to listen; her senses were just overwhelmed.

When Mike finally blew his load deep into Kendra, he got up, looked at his watch. 6:55 pm. Oh man, they had lots of time. He watched the other man raping Ella; grabbed Kendra again and made her lick his dick as he watched her sister getting hers. Meanwhile, Tyrone let the younger girl’s arms go, went to the counter and laid out several line of coke.

Terrance began to suck on the youngster’s little titties as he pounded into that incredibly tight, bald pussy of hers. Her nipples were really hard now. Soon, he felt himself shooting into her. He climbed off, dragging her up as she sobbed, begging for him to let her go. They dragged both girls to the counter. Each man did a line of coke. Then they forced the girls to do the same. Squeeze their tits hard enough, they’ll suck anything into their noses. Tyrone said to Mike, “Little girls on coke; they get really, really into it then,” he grinned.

Tyrone watched as Terrance took his turn on Kendra. He forced her to her knees and elbows; roughly pushed her legs apart. He shoved his meat into her; she jumped, but he just started humping her with long, deep strokes, that huge head of his going balls deep into her. Then the lawyer grabbed the younger one; pushed her down next to her sister on her elbows and knees too. He began to brutally fuck her too, even reaching under her to rub her smaller titties. His big, pink cock really made that little girl jump around. Terrance grabbed the sixteen-year-old’s tit, gripped it hard as he pounded into her, her teenage body getting slammed back and forth violently.

When Mike finished with the younger one, Tyrone jumped in and took over. Again, she was brutally slammed about as she was raped. Sure enough, he could actually feel her moving back and forth against him as he did her. Ha, she was actually fucking him back. Fucking thirteen-year-old likes it.
When Terrance finished with Kendra, Mike stepped up and forced her to kneel. He made her suck on his cock, kept telling her to take it all. The best part was, as he raped her young teen mouth, she was actually sucking back, her tongue wiggling around on his cock. Fucking slut! He worked her good. When he’d gotten good and hard again, he threw her down, turned her over, put his hard white dick to his step-daughter’s asshole. In he went as she screamed for him not to. He pounded that little white ass hard, until he quickly shot another load into her. Soon as he got up, Terrance fucked her ass too. It was amazing to see such a huge, black cock going balls deep into a thirteen-year-old’s tiny little asshole.

It was almost nine when they’d all had their turn the girls. Each man did each girl in the ass, the pussy and her mouth. When they were done, they calmly got dressed. As Tyrone played with his gun and Terrance flashed his blade, father laid down the law.

“You say anything about this to anyone, and I’ll make sure everyone at school know everything that happened to you two. What sluts you were; how much you liked it. I’ll tell the judge how you did drugs even. Shoot, when I get done, they’ll be putting you two in jail, not us.”

Tyrone added, “Or we’ll put you in the ground.”

Mike, Tyrone and Terrance left. Mike got in his car; drove to his new apartment. He never saw the girls again. Tyrone and Terrance got off with six months of probation. Kendra and Ella- they never uttered a word to anyone, ever.

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