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I am in the shop at work, talking to my led hand about the job I am starting, (engine work) one of the service writers comes out into the shop and walks right up to us and literally rubs her ass on me as she butts in and talks to the led hand, she is 5ft maybe 100lbs, and hard body, nice 28B cup tits, as she talks to the ledhand she is moving her ass against my hardening cock, she defiantly can feel me as the led hand looks at his computer screen she turns and looks at me with her big brown eyes and licks her lips, then she turns back to led hand and says I have to go deal with customer, she walks away and smiles at me.

I think what a bitch, a cock tease, I will fix her ass, I go to my job and start work, get to the point I need parts, as I walking over to parts I see the cock tease walking past the locker room, I push her into the locker room, she cries out she not supposed to be in here, I grab her and take her into the showers, push her up against a wall in one of the stalls, close the door and tell her she is going to learn that butt in will get her ass fucked sore, she tried to resist but I told her if she didn’t do as she was told they would find her in the coverall bin next week, she stopped resisting, I told her strip, she did, I stood there and looked at this child like hard body, told her to spin slowly, she looked like candy, shinny and sweet, told her to stop, I opened my coveralls, and took my cock out for her to see for the first of many times, I said on your knees little girl, she did as told, I said open that dirty mouth and put out the tongue of yours, she did, i stepped up to her and shoved my cock into her mouth, she closed her lips around the head of my cock, I slowly started to fuck her mouth, getting faster and faster, started to give her more and more shaft, she got about half of me in her and i was hitting the entrance to her throat, I put my hand on the back of her head and shoved my cock past her entrance, she gagged and coughed hard, I held her on my cock, tears running down her eyes, I fucked her mouth hard, keeped hitting her entrance to her throat, finally with one big thrust of my hips I got my cock down her throat, she tried to push me out of her throat but all i did was force more into her, she flailed around till her stopped moving, she pasted out lack of oxygen, I pulled out of her throat and all you could her was her take in a monster breath of air, I let her fall to the stall floor still out but breathing,

I put my cock back in my coveralls and went out into the shop, found so rope and tape and was heading back to the change room, the other service writer came out and asked if I seen Vicky, I said thought she want home sick, Marry said, just like that cunt to leave and not say fuck all, she turned and went back up front, I got back into the stall in the shower room, I take the rope and tie Vicky up to her hands are over the shower head, I tie her legs up so they are over the top of the stall walls, her mouth is tapped shut, her eyes are taped shut and her eye as well, ready for fun at the end of my work day.

My work day comes to a close but my little fuck toy is still waiting for me in the shower stall, I walk in and find she is still there waiting patiently for me, like she had a choice, good little fuck toy, I strip, turn on the water, the cold water hits her body and she shrieks into the tape, she has goose bumps all over her, her nipples are rock hard, I start by sucking her nipples, back and forth, loving the hardness of them, biting them just to the point of almost breaking the skin, she screams into the tape again, I grab a hold of her nipples and squeeze and turn them, as I doing this she is screaming into the tape, I whisper in her ear, scream and cry all you like fuck toy, no one will hear you, no one is looking for you, they think you went home sick and did not tell anyone again.

I walk up to her and press my hard cock against her asshole, with the cold water still running over body she is shivering, I brung so axle grease form the shop and put it on her asshole and then shoved some up her ass, all she could do was whine, I put my cock back to her asshole, as I put more and more pressure onto her hole I leaned in and whispered into her ear again, Im going to rape this ass of yours till you no longer own it, I will own it, you will be my fuck toy, you will only do as I tell you, got it slut, as I pushed balls deep into her ass, her eye widen to the point I thought they would fall out, she screams long and loud into the tape, water pouring out of her eyes, I slowly started to saw back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster, I pounded her ass for 60 minutes, I pulled all the way out and piledrived it back into her ass, she was crying and moaning at the same time, she was just a rag doll on the wall, she was a totally spent from the ass fucking she got, I was deep in her ass thrusting it as far as I could, she moans as her 12 orgasam came to her, she hated that she had cum and cum so many time.

I pulled out of her ass for the last time that day, asked her who fucked your ass, she said you did, I ask who am I to you, she said my owner, I smiled and said good slut, I turned on th warm wet and let her down from the restraints, she fell right to the floor, I picked her up, and we stood there for 30 min to warm up in the nice hot shower, she was able to stand, I asked her again who I was to her she told me Im her owner, I told her that over time I would be her master and she is my slave, she smiled at me and we kissed.

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  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Collar the bitch, and make her wear it to work, tell if she’s asked about she should it’s her owner’s collar

  • Reply 6928cm ID:zddce9fia

    Nice one