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when I fell in lust with my step daughter 2

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It was around 7am when I felt little hands tugging on my shorts….

After I got her(Britney) in her own bed, it wasn’t 3 minutes later my wife was coming through the front door. I quickly but quietly returned to my bed. I had to calm my breathing and excitement down from the taboo events that took place tonight.
Luckily, my wife went to the restroom before she came to bed. That gave me a few more precious moments to slow my heart beat and pretend that I was asleep. I didn’t want to have to explain why I was up and so excited at three am on this Tuesday morning.

It was around 7am when I felt little hands tugging on my shorts.
I opened my eyes to see my beautiful little girl totally nude, pulling my shorts down over my already rock hard cock. I reached out to pull her in bed with me and just remembered that her mother was lying next to me. I froze. With my eyes wide and a slanted nod of my head, I pointed with my face to the other side of the bed indicating her mother was there.
I swear to God the girl smiled. I put my finger to my lips for her to be quiet and pointed in the direction of her room. She gave me a pouty face but did as I asked.

I got up shortly after that, still with my iron hard-on, and was walking down the hall to the restroom. Just as I was about to shut the door, here ran Brittney under my arm and through the door.

“What are you doing silly” I asked. ” What we did last night daddy made me feel really. good and I can’t stop thinking about it” Brit said. “Can we do that again, please daddy”
. “Yes of course sweetie”, I answered. “But not right now baby girl,your mom is home. “She can never find out about what we did last night ok, you have to promise me.”
” I know daddy I promise I won’t say anything” She said in the most innocent little girl voice I ever heard.
Then like the flick of a switch, she was wearing that sautry little grin and actually reached up and locked the door.
I raised my hands with palms up and asked, ” What are you doing” if I’m being honest,I bout fuckin came all over her face. What a fuckin turn on to have a ten yo girl, lock herself in a room with you.
“Will you put your mouth down there again” she asked. “I want to baby, I really do” I said, “but we should wait till mommy goes to work tonight” I said.
“But, I cant wait daddy” she said.” And I’ll be super quiet I promise”
Being the adult sucks sometimes. I knew the risks of the situation and the severity of the consequences unlike Brits young mind could grasp. But with my preteen step daughter standing there butt ass naked wanting me to please her tiny hairless pussy, in our restroom,
all rational thoughts went right out the window.
I pulled down my shorts and let them fall to my feet. I bent down and picked up my baby girl and as I stood our lips met. She wrapped her skinny little legs around my waist with her soft perfect little ass resting on my cock and clasped her arms around my neck. I am pretty sure that, it was then, at that moment, when I fell in love with my wifes little 10 yo daughter.
We passionatly kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Our tongues wrestled back and forth. I sucked in her bottom lip ever so softly, she slipped her tongue between my lips and traced the inner rim of my mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever kissed or have been kissed with such longing and passion before.
I pulled my tongue out and began kissing her chin then followed her cheek bone and jaw line with tiny, wet little kisses. When I reached her neck I started to suck, very lightly as to not give her a hicky.
She let out a low gutteral moan to which I then, ever so gently, lay her down on the throw rug in the middle of the restroom.Our eyes locked before I moved down to her shoulder, kissing and licking her.I wanted to taste her whole sweet little body. I moved down to where her breast would someday come in and with a lustful mouth, began sucking her tiny nipples. First one then the other darting my tongue over the pink tip and tracing a wet circle around each small undeveloped breast.As I continued sucking and licking I ran my left hand down the center of her belly towards her love mound, when I got just above her pelvis she spread open her legs in anticipation to what was coming.
I started to bring my middle finger to my own mouth to use my saliva as lube, but her little pussy was drenched with her love juice.
When my hand reached its prize I used my ring finger and first finger to open her pussy lips and softly rubbed her tiny clit with my middle finger. To that she started moaning and her legs began to shake. I teased her young clitoris until she almost had an oragasm.
I pulled away my hand and joined with my other hand slid them both under her bottom and slightly raised her off the rug and buried my tongue in her love muffin. “Oh daddy, oh fuck daddy” she screamed in extasy. I put a hand to cover her mouth and she took my pussy juice covered finger in her mouth and gave it a blow job!!
At this point I am so fuckin turned on I can barely stand it. Here I am with my ten year old step daughter, doing very adult things to her. And I know I should at least feel some sort of guilt or shame in what I’m doing, but I swear to you, I don’t. People who say what I did with Brittney is wrong, and call it abuse and that children aren’t sexual, well they never met her.
I was there. I saw and felt the passion emitting from that little girl. I saw the pleasure that I gave her with kid sex.
I wasn’t nor am I some pysco perverted child molester out to rape or hurt children. I fell so deep in love with this little lady that it physically hurt. And her me.

I gently took back the finger she was feasting on and resumed my downward kissing. I kissed and licked my way across her tummy licked her tiny belly button and spent time tongue and lip playing on her sexy little hip bones.
I stratigically moved my lips to where the top of her inner leg comes together with her pelvic bone. In other words, I was micro-meters from the front door of her pussy. And boy did she let me know it.
I continued on to her inner thigh, nibbling and kissing and licking and sucking. I went from leg to leg all the way down to the top if her feet.
I kissed. and rubbed her feet and used my tongue to clean between all her toes. I put her sexy little toes as far as I could in my mouth and suckled her precious little appendages.
I headed back up the way that I came.
By now her little body is shaking uncontrolably from pure sexual excitment. “Please daddy, please put your mouth down there” she begged, ready to sob.
I couldn’t tease her any longer and besides, I didn’t know how long we’d been in there. Her mother or sisters could of woken up at any minute.
I slowly lowered my head between her open legs and could feel her heat and smell her sweet sweet aroma coming from her preteen pussy. I began licking her outer pussy lips and seperating her folds with my tongue.This was driving her crazy. I pleased and teased her like that for a few minutes then knew I had to bring her to oragasm. With my right fore finger I slowly inserted it just up to the first knuckle and slowly plunged in and out while my tongue flicked over her tiny clit. “Daddddddyyyy. Oh fuck d-daddddddy, I – I m going t-tooo” that’s all she got out. I was looking at her the whole time. Right before her oragasm unleashed, she arched her back thrust her hips up ramming her pussy hard into my mouth. Her head tilted back, neck stretched, eyes closed and as she came in my mouth, I erupted all over the restroom rug. I held her pussy in my mouth and drink all her little girl cum while her oragasm subsided. We were both breathing like we just ran a 10k marathon.
Finally she opened her eyes and with the biggest most satisfying grin on her face, she said,
“Fuck daddy that was fuckin awesome” I know baby. I know.
just then I hear footsteps coming down the hall. To loud to be a sister. Shit its your mother.
“Quick get in the shower and close the curtain” I said. Brittney did as instructed.
“Honey is that you in here” asked my wife.
“Yes dear”I replied. ” I’ll be out in a sec” I said.
I got dressed and loaded my toothbrush then unlocked the door. I began brushing my teeth so I could be in there until she was finished.The next couple minutes was silent and I felt myself shaking. Trying to look and stay calm and being so scared and excited and sexually fulfilled, by the woman’s ten year old daughter and my wife, sitting there on the toilet, with her ten year old in the fuckin shower, with no clothes on, not 4 feet away, is something I care to never go through again.

Thanks for reading.I still have soooo much to tell if you guys and gals want to read
I’ve never wrote any kind of story, so I hope you readers are getting a good visual.
Part 3 cumming soon!!!😘😘😘

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  • Reply Rick ID:fx7itbc40

    Gonzo I can’t agree more. When I was 25 I had an 11 yo gf. I broke her 3 weeks after we started secretly dating. Bert gf I ever had. Eventually found out. She didn’t care about the age difference. Told me when she was 12 she had a bf that was 27. She told me just don’t use her and hurt her. Told her I would never hurt Kerry. The only thing is Kerry liked a bit of pain when we fucked. Whibh became every day, at least twice a day. I was totally in love with her, and she felt the same.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9d

      When 12 year old Becky killed herself at 13 I was devastated beyond belief. Took me years to get over her. The same with Tracy, I loved her so much. When her and her mother died in the car wreck life was horrible so so long. I give my everything to these girls because they deserve it. All young girls are special and deserve the best treatment possible. Even if they like it ruff or liked to get spanked and dominated then give it to her because that is what she wants. Sex should be enjoyed between one another at any age.

  • Reply Randy Stephens ID:2qv8xg47qxd

    more please

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ich stimme unbekannt und Gonzo da voll zu und ich freue mich auf mehr von dir und von Gonzo zu lesen

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9d

      Vielen Dank, das Leben ist zu kurz, um die Freuden, die uns geschenkt werden, nicht zu genießen. Es ist unsere Pflicht gegenüber den Jüngeren, sie in der Kunst des Sex und des Vorspiels zu trainieren und ihnen zu zeigen, wie angenehm ihr Körper und ihr Leben sein können.

  • Reply unknown ID:1dohtmbz7te9

    Thanks Gonzo, she was my first young love but not my first child to give pleasure to. And yes I absolutely agree, for those who hasn’t experienced the love a child can offer, will never experience a more pure and unadulterated love.

  • Reply Kinky old man nothing like fucking some ID:fcz0tcm9c


  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Nice. Breed the little nympho

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm1

    Simply outstanding rushing with excitement. I love the the addition of the love part, I to have felt the love emanating from them. I to have fallen in love several times with a young female of that age and a little older. Anyone that says it is wrong is a damn fool having never experienced the deep pure unadulterated love from her. It is the purest form of love there is. In a way part of my brain has never grown up keeping that feeling of love forever bound in my sole. I have and will always give my sole to a young female because they deserve to be treated like a queen, like they are number one on your very short list of love. They deserve your fullest attention making them feel wonderful having the most intense orgasms possible. Whether it is full on spanking my bad girl, getting really kinky or just flat out euphoric, lustful love making, she deserves the best always any way shape or form she wants when ever she wants it.