Wali My Friend

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This happens to be a true story. Most of the stories that Carol and I post on here are true. This started happening awhile ago. Carol would make x rated videos of herself and send them to my phone. I really enjoy looking at them. Sometimes she’s in the pool laying spread eagle on a float, licking and sucking her big tits. The other ones are of her laying in bed with her favorite toy inside her, a 12” big black toy. When she makes these videos she tells me hurry up and get home because she wants my big cock inside her. I closed my business at 5 so I knew I would be home in 20 minutes. The funny thing is that when she had her toy inside her she would say Wali fuck me with your big black cock. Put it deep inside me. When she came all over her toy, she would pull it out of her and start to kick it and suck saying Wali you know I suck a great cock. When she was finished she would say Rocky make sure you show these to Wali. This one day we watched the videos and I say to Wali, I think Carol has the hots for you. He says you’re crazy. I say to him you want to find out, get in the truck and come home with me. Wali got in with no hesitation. This told me he wanted Carol also. What man wouldn’t. She’s five foot, big blue eyes, blonde hair, nice legs, a great ass, nice big 34dd tits and a deep wet pussy that can handle any size cock. When I married Carol, she was a saint. After I got my hands on her, I turned her into the devil. We get to my house, both of us need to take a shower. I hand Wali a bathing suit and tell him to shower downstairs. I go upstairs and there’s Carol laying on the bed asking me to please fuck her. I tell her not now and jump in the shower. They had to be the fastest shower I’ve ever taken. I tell her put whatever she wants on and meet me downstairs. I put some music on and Carol comes outside with this one piece thong on that just about covers her nipples and her shaved pussy. Wali’s in the pool and when Carol sees him she says Wali what are you doing here? He answers Rocky said to get in the truck so I did. Carol laughs and she looks at me and I give her a wink. Wali gets out the pool and Carol asks did Rocky show you the videos. Wali says yes and damn girl you’ve got such a hot body. Well We have Carol sandwiches in and we start to dance with her. I know she’s getting wet. I tell her to go to our bedroom, strip get on the bed and play with your big black toy. Carol leaves and she’s gone for about ten minutes. Wali said he needs to use the bathroom, so I tell him use the master bath in our room. I tell him where our bedroom is located and he leaves. Carol in the meantime is doing what I told her to do. She has that black cock toy all the way inside her and she’s screaming yes Wali fuck me with your big black cock. Wali walks to our bedroom and he sees Carol fucking herself telling to fuck her. Carol looks over at Wali and pulls the toy out of her. She says enough watching my videos fuck be Wali, fuck me. Wali pulls his shorts down and Carol lets out a sigh. Wali’s cock is huge and he’s hard as a rock. Carol says come here. Wali walks towards the bed and Carol grabs his cock and starts to suck it. Wali is going crazy and Carol is soaking wet. Wali says my turn and puts his head between Carol’s spread legs. He starts to suck her pussy and she grabs his head and she’s grinding her pussy into his face. OMG Caril says to Wali, In going to cum. Carol cums all over Wali’s face and tongue. He starts to suck Carol big tits and he’s humping her letting his cock find her pussy on its own. Wali’s cock finds the mark and he sinks every inch inside Carol. She’s going nuts screaming fuck me Wali, fuck me. I’m outside and I can hear the two of them. I don’t watch as I’m not a cuck. I don’t let Carol watch me either. The must’ve fucked for at least a half an hour and now the two of them are back by the pool. It’s getting dark now and Carol says she’s tired and she’s going to bed. I ask Wali was the pussy good. Wali says it was great, everything you said it would be. I have everything planned for the evening. Wali and I go inside and he asks where’s the spare room. I tell him no Carol is probably waiting for you. I go to the spare room and Wali goes to our bedroom. Carol is waiting for him and she says are you ready to fuck me some more with you big black cock. Wali wastes no time and jumps on the bed sinking his cock into Carol. I’m only down the hall and I can here everything. They fuck for a couple of hours and then there is silence. The next morning I get up, take shower and leave. I leave Wali behind because I know both he and Carol would definitely like to fuck some more. I leave Carol a note telling her to enjoy herself. Carol has her robe on and she’s making coffee. Wali comes down the stairs naked and his big black is hard. He stroking it. Wali walks over to Carol and unties her robe, letting fall on the floor. He picks her up and lays her in the table and starts to fuck her. Carol wraps her legs around Wali and says fuck me Wali, fuck me. The two of them fuck most of the day and when I’m driving home my phone rings. Ok it’s Carol. She’s moaning and groaning in the phone telling me everything they did. I ask her is Wali fucking you now. She answers yes and I’m loving it. I tell her same some for me and she Malays there’s always enough for you. I get home, Wali is in the pool and I take my clothes off. I’m dirty so now I’m going to dirty fuck Carol. She enjoys it when I’m dirty. She’s mine tonight and she says you feel Wali’s cum inside me. I tell her yes but fuck it Inwant to fuck you. She starts to scream yes Rocky fuck me. It’s Wali’s turn to listen to Carol getting fucked. The next morning we leave and Carol made us coffee. I go outside and Wali grabs Carol around the waist. He says I really enjoyed fucking your deep, wet white pussy. He asks Carol so when can it happen again. She tells him anytime you want all you have to do is ask. Wali and I talked about fucking Carol all the way to work.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zd99

    Mmm, good stuff! You did well to resist watching, though. I think I’d have to watch that big black powerful bum flexing as it pounds my partner to oblivion. And then I’d have lovingly licked all the creamy cum out of her wrecked pussy!

    • Rocky ID:5m8fvdv1

      No I just want details when I fuck my wife. It’s more exciting for her to tell me as my cock is inside her. I love it she loves it. I do the same to her.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667yd9b

      Fair enough! It’s all good perverted sex!

    • Maria ID:5m8fvdv1

      I love the feeling of a big black cock fucking, filling my pussy with cum. I’m dripping wet reading this story