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Truckstop Toilets

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A young trucker stops at an out of the way truckstop and discovers the main attraction of the place: the teenage toilets

Nick Jenkins stifled a yawn with one hand, the other gripping the wheel of his truck. He hadn’t been doing this job for very long, only a few months, and he wasn’t quite used to the long hours on the road quite yet. When he first started, one of the older truckers told him that he would get used to driving through the night sometimes, but Nick’s body and brain were still of the dark equals sleep idea. Now that the sky was dark, his mind was starting to shut down.

The 26 year old was sure that his boss wouldn’t be too happy that he was a day late in delivering the goods, but he was also pretty sure the company wouldn’t be too pleased if he crashed the semi!

With that thought in mind, Nick consulted his navigator and steered his truck to the side in preparation to turn off and into Truckstop 211.

Nick guided his semi into the lot next to a big rig, taking the very last spot. For a brief moment, he marveled at the fact that this tiny out-of-the-way truckstop had 8 rigs in the parking lot! He had only seen this many large vehicles on the highways. As far as Nick knew, this was one of the backroads. It wasn’t often that people stopped by, right? Must be a fluke or some bad weather shit, he thought to himself as he hopped out of the cab and locked the door.

The stop looked a little more dingy than the ones on the main roads. Nick stopped at the 344 a couple of days ago and it was super modern, with bright flashing lights everywhere, chain restaurants inside, and a surprisingly clean motel.

In contrast, 211 looked yellow and old. Someone had the bright idea of combining a convenience store with a diner and tacking a motel onto the back, which made the building look as if a child had built it with lego.

It looked exactly like the kind of place where someone got jumped between rigs or at the back of the building.

Well, it wasn’t as if he had any choice, right? Nick wanted to get a nice hot meal before he went to bed and this was the only place available for the time being.

Nick pushed open the browning front doors and was greeted by a jingle of bowls.

Everyone sitting in the diner immediately looked over at him.

At first, Nick didn’t realize anything wrong with the burly man who were sitting at the booth. His eyes were drawn to the surprisingly delicious looking burgers and fries on their plates first because his stomach was screaming to be filled.

But in the next second, he realized that there was someone under the table and that person was a busty blonde who was sucking off the dark skinned man with the dark blue flannel shirt.

“Wha-” Nick started in surprise.

“Oh don’t you mind Corrine, it’s part of her job,” the man at the cashier said casually. He leaned over the counter and grinned at Nick, exposing the yellowing teeth behind his bushy beard, “Now whatcha want for grub, boy?”

Nick tore his gaze away from Corrine, whose throat was making disgustingly obscene sounds on the thick cock in her throat. He tried to focus on the peeling menu on the counter but all he could hear was the “SLURP SLORP” of her tongue and the pleased grunts of the man.

“Uh… her job?” Nick managed to ask, not knowing what to say.

“Corrine the cocksocket,” the man said, completely uncaring at how filthy the name was, “I’m Foster Gamble by the way, I own the place,” he reached over to shake Nick’s hand.

Nick shook it, and replied with a dazed ‘I’m Nick Jenkins, nice to meet you.”

He tried to ignore the sounds behind him for a moment, and turn his eyes back to the menu.

“I’ll have uh-”

Nick pointed at the burger and milkshake, but then he heard a clatter and turned to see Corrine being yanked up off the floor and then bent over the table. Her white shirt was hanging on by a button, her large tits spilling out of a hot pink bra. Both of her nipples had been pierced with heart shaped rings. When the man pushed her skirt up, Nick could see that her cunt had been pierced as well, the rings there laced up right so that no one could fuck her pussy.

That didn’t deter the dark-skinned man at all. He just growled low in his throat, and shoved his cock deep into Corrine’s asshole. She squealed like a stuck pig but reached back to hold her asscheeks apart, allowing the man to pound her shitter with wild abandon.

Nick’s appetite had shifted completely from hunger to something else. His body had redirected all the blood from everywhere right to his crotch where Nick Jr was straining against the front of his jeans.

Foster laughed at him.

“That’s normal, son! Corrine has that effect on e’ryone!” the older man chortled, clearly amused by Nick’s discomfort, “Now how bout I whip you up a burger and a fries while you take care of that problem in the back?”

Nick nodded quickly, feeling his face grow hot with embarrassment.

“Now, whatever ya see back there, don’t fuck up the Trucker’s Code!”

Foster pointed to the puke green door labeled ‘TOILET’.

Nick didn’t think much of those words until the door swung open.

Nick had been too distracted by the waitress giving the patron a blowjob in the middle of the diner that he completely failed to question where the other truck drivers were.

Now, however, he was confronted with the fact that all the other truckers had for some reason, congregated in the toilet.

It was bad enough that he was half hard in front of Foster who laughed at him, now there were five other men in the toilet, crowding around something in the far corner.

“Be nice to Nick!” Foster called from outside as the door to the toilet swung shut.

The other men turned to look at Nick. The one closest to him was grinning from ear to ear.

“Nick was it? You’re just in time! We’re about to train these toilets!” he said enthusiastically.

“Train? Toilets?” Nick asked in confusion, nothing was making sense here!

The little crowd parted and Nick’s jaw dropped.

Kneeling on the grubby floor of the men’s bathroom were four completely naked young girls.

The one who looked the oldest had a round face and dark brown curly hair that was pulled into a low ponytail. She had light green eyes and was wearing pink lipstick. Her pierced nipples were adorned with metal tags that read ‘PEE-ONA’. Between her legs, a thick ring adorned her clitoris and it was chained to the floor in a way that prevented her from standing up straight. She looked up at Nick and all the other men with a tiny shy smile and then tucked a lock of stray hair behind her ear.

“Hi! I’m Peeona,” she said in tiny voice, “I’m looking forward to being toilet trained!”

Peeona nudged the girl beside her, a thin faced petite girl who looked resigned to her fate. She had long black hair that had been tied into two fat braids topped with cute little scrunchies. Like Peeona, the girl was pierced through the nipples and the clit, and then chained to the floor. Her nipple tags read ‘LOO-LOO’.

“I’m … I’m Looloo,” she said, struggling to get the words out, “I…I’m looking forward to being toilet trained,” she mumbled as a tiny tear slid down her face.

The other two girls were crying openly, huddled into each other as they tried to shy away from the men surrounding them. One had strawberry blonde hair, while the other had soft golden curls. The strawberry blonde one was tagged ‘WEE-NIE’ and the golden-haired one was tagged ‘TINKLE BOWL’. Like Peeona and Looloo, the both of them were clit-chained to the floor, the only difference being that these two had their hands cuffed together behind their backs.

“Please let us go please!” Weenie whimpered, but the men laughed at her.

Nick liked porn like other hot-blooded man, but he usually stuck to the regular run-of-the-mill dick-in-asshole porn. He never ventured to the kinky side. Now though, he was rapidly realizing that he loved this.

He loved Peeona’s quiet eagerness and he loved Tinklebowl’s despair. He loved the look of the obscene piercings in their pubescent bodies. The grotesque way they were chained to the floor by their clits made his cock twitch in anticipation. Something about the helplessness of them made his blood run hot in his veins.

“Do you want to take the first whizz?” one of the men asked. He grabbed Tinklebowl by her tit tags and then dragged her forwards until her clit was being tugged painfully by the chain.

“AIIIE!” Tinklebowl squealed.

Nick’s cock jerked violently at the sound of her pain. He unbuckled his belt and yanked down his pants quickly, his hard rod springing free and hitting Tinklebowl in the face. Her tear-stained expression stoked the fire in his belly.

“Open up, Tinklebowl!” Another trucker growled. He shook her roughly, jerking her around a little. She screamed, the violent movements brought her tender clit up short against the chain repeatedly.

The threat of losing her clitoris was enough for the petite blonde to open her mouth wide and stick out her tongue, even as tears coursed down her face from the pain.

“Go ahead, piss in her mouth!” someone shouted.

Nick didn’t need anymore encouragement. He grabbed the base of his cock, aimed his tip at Tinklebowl’s open mouth, then relaxed his bladder.

Hot fresh piss jetted from Nick’s cock and onto Tinklebowl’s waiting tongue. Tears gushed from her eyes as the disgusting taste of strong urine filled her mouth.

When her mouth was filled with Nick’s yellow piss, he cut off his stream.

With a look of resigned despair, Tinklebowl closed her mouth swallowed.

Her young face screwed up in disgust at the horrid taste, but Nick had no sympathy for her. Instead, his arousal only grew in leaps and bounds at seeing her horror and despair.

“C’mon, Tinkle, open up!” Peeona urged, nudging Tinklebowl with her shoulder.

Unlike Tinklebowl, Peeona seemed eager to prove herself. She looked up at the men’s hard cocks with eyes full of anticipation and a tiny shy smile.

“Please sirs, won’t you use us as your toilet?” she asked hopefully.

Nick let out a soft groan even as the rest of the men cheered. By now, all of them were stroking their cocks slowly, all hard and ready to fuck the teen toilets in front of them.

“Atta girl Peeona! You’re getting the hang of being a potty!” The man in the grey band shirt praised her and stroked her dark little head. The teenaged toilet giggled softly and opened her mouth wide.

The man rubbed his cock all over her face first, making sure that she got a good deep sniff of his junk before placing his tip on her tongue.

Peeona licked his tip eagerly, getting her tongue under his foreskin to clean out the dickcheese there before opening up wide.

“That’s my girl, that’s my toilet! Here it comes!” the man growled.

In the next second, piss gushed into Peeona’s waiting mouth.

Truckers often held their pee for hours at a time, so their piss was particularly pungent. Nick could smell the strong ammonia scent from where he stood a few feet away. It had to taste horrible, but Peeona seemed to think it was delicious. Her face blossomed in happiness at the disgusting aroma. She tilted her head upwards and swallowed eagerly as urine filled her mouth.

GLUG GLUG GLUG went her throat as she guzzled the golden liquid straight from the man’s cock.

The man pulled back halfway through, aiming his dick at her face instead.

Hot piss splashed onto Peeona’s eager round face. The yellowish liquid ran down her cheeks and onto her teen tits. She reached up to her face and began to smear it all around, bathing in the urine.

“Thank you sir! Thank you for the golden shower!” she panted, sticking out her tongue from time to time to taste the pungent fluid.

Beside her, Tinklebowl watched with an open look of despair and horror. Weenie began to weep again while Loo-loo just bit her lip.

Whether they liked it or not, the three of them would eventually end up like Peeona, serving cock and drinking piss 24/7!

“I gotta use the Loo-loo,” one of the other truckers said. He was wearing a backwards baseball cap and he grinned as he grabbed Looloo by the pigtails and tugged her towards his crotch.

Looloo must have been there for a little longer than Tinklebowl and Weenie because she put up less resistance and showed less reluctance. She opened her mouth obediently and stuck out her tongue for the man to wipe his cock upon. Like Peeona, she cleaned his cock diligently for a moment and sucked him until he stood back and began to urinate.

He beckoned Nick over as well and Nick let loose a stream of piss all over Looloo’s pretty upturned face. He watched in fascination and arousal as the golden liquid coursed down her face and cheeks. Some of it ran into her mouth, but the rest of it went over her pert little teen tits and sparkled on her tags.

Two other men unchained Weenie from the floor and dragged her over to a cruel looking device with two dildos mounted on it. Weenie kicked and screamed but she was no matched the two adult truckers. Within moments, her young pussy and shitter was being split on the two thick dildos, and her clit was once again chained, this time to the front of the machine.

One of the men moved to stand in front of Weenie. As he did so, the dildos began to move, thrusting up into Weenie’s defenseless holes. The thick silicone slabs began to pick up speed, pounding Weenie’s body with wild abandon.

The young teen squealed loudly and another trucker took the opportunity to stuff a spider gag into her mouth. Nick watched in disbelief as the men worked together to clip Weenie’s tongue to a chain that led to her pierced nipples, forcing her to keep her mouth open and her tongue out.

Once they were satisfied with her position, they stood in front of her together and pissed in unison, drenching the poor teen in their whizz as the machine raped her holes.

“C’mon Nick!” one of them motioned him over.

Nick ambled over, cock waving in the air. Someone else took his place in front of Tinklebowl and he heard the tell-tale splash of urine accompanied by her little whine of despair.

Weenie wailed loudly when Nick came to stand in front of her. The tile he stood on was a different colour than the rest and when he put his weight on it, he saw the machine under her start to go even faster!

“It’s pressure activated,” one of the othe truckers said with a big lecherous grin, “Helps the toilets think about their holes when they’re being used!”

Nick could see how it was helpful. The constant stimulation of both holes while being pissed on would help the teens associate being a urinal with being fucked. It would help them get used to their life of cock servitude!

He stood over Weenie, enjoying the way her body jolted with each jerk of the machine plunging its silicone slabs into her holes. The look of suffering on her face was absolutely beautiful. He gave her a little bit more of his wee, aiming right for under her nostrils, then turned his attention back to Tinklebowl.

The girl was busy polishing the knob of another trucker, whimpering as he face fucked her hard in between bouts of pissing.

There were tears mixed in with the piss, Nick was sure of it.

The other trucker saw Nick waiting and backed off, giving Nick the ‘Go ahead gesture’ and saying “Go ahead man, it’s your first time! You get dibs on any of them!”

“Thanks,” Nick said with a big grin. He wasted no time in grabbing Tinklebowl’s head and rubbing his cock all over her face. He made her inhale the musk of his sweaty balls before putting his tip into her mouth again.

“Swallow it all potty bitch!” he growled.

Tinklebowl’s eyes went glassy with tears, but she obediently sealed her lips around his cock. Nick continued where he left off, groaning with pleasure at the sight of the young girl swallowing his pee so diligently.

The reluctant obedience of a young teen was a powerful aphrodisiac. Forcing the four young girls to perform such a degrading act was one of the most incredible things Nick had ever experienced. The moment his bladder had been completely emptied into Tinklebowl’s stomach, he began to fuck her face.

It was evident that she had some sort of blowjob training because she moved her tongue a little weakly from side to side. It was nowhere near the pro-suck that Corrine had done for the black dude in the diner, but Nick wasn’t too fussed. She would learn in time. He pushed his cockhead all the way to the back of her throat and held it there until she began to struggle weakly.

“Fuck yeah! Choke her!” another man shouted in encouragement.

Beside Nick, Peeona was bobbing her head on two cocks at once, looking like she was in heaven with two dicks in her mouth. Looloo was busy gargling the mouthful of pungent urine that one of the men had gifted her, while the other two men continued tormenting Weenie with the fuck machine.

Nick pulled back to let Tinklebowl take a breath. He stroked her hair gently and smiled down at her.

“You’ll make a fine toilet,” he said.

Tears slid from her blue eyes in despair.

Nick fucked into her mouth a few more times, groaning loudly. The velvety soft feel of her tongue on his dick, and the way she cried as he face fucked her made him feel powerful. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls draw up and his jizz bust out into Tinklebowl’s mouth.

Like with his piss, Tinklebowl swallowed every single drop of Nick’s cum. She cried, tears sliding down her face even as her throat moved up and down.

Nick pulled out, shaking off his softening cock onto her face.

The blonde teen sobbed a couple of times but then obediently cleaned his shaft and with a shaky little voice said, “Thank you for training this toilet.”

“It was my pleasure,” Nick said, tucking himself back into his jeans and standing off to one side as another man took over Tinklebowl’s potty lessons.

With his balls and bladder drained, Nick washed his hands and wandered back out into the diner.

The man who had offered him the first whizz was sitting at the counter and drinking a beer with Foster.

“Dash here was telling me you’re kinda sweet on Tinkle!” Foster said with a huge grin, sliding over Nick’s burger and fries.

Nick slid into the seat with an answering big grin.

“Hard not to be, when she’s got such a lovely crying face,” Nick said.

“Dash Ritchie, you’re new to the trucking life, aren’t ya?”

Nick nodded and shook the man’s outstretched hand.

“Nick Jenkins,” he offered his own name, “Only got into it like four months ago. This is the first time I stopped this way,” he added.

Dash gave him a commiserating look.

“If you liked what was going on back there, I can give you a list of places that have Triple Ts.”

“Triple Ts?” Nick asked.

“Teenage Truckstop Toilets!” Dash explained. He raised his beer to Foster who clinked his own bottle to it, “There ain’t many of them, but they exist and they’re my favourite places to stop.”

Nick nodded enthusiastically. Today was his first encounter with a Teenage Truckstop Toilet, but based on today’s experience, he wanted to visit all of these places and piss in all the toilets.

“Say, why don’t you take Tinkle for the night?” Foster offered, “Some of the guys are leaving after dinner, and I prefer when my toilets get piped in every hole a couple of times.”

Nick grinned.

“I’d love to!” he said.


Foster handed Nick the chain to Tinklebowl’s clit after Nick finished his dinner. She had been rinsed off and was shivering lightly in the cool evening air. The other truckers cheered when Nick led the teen toilet out the doors and towards his truck.

Tinklebowl was sniffling a little but she followed along obediently, not wanting to get her clit yanked off.

Nick’s semi had a little sleeping area with a twin bed. He spent most of his nights there. Foster offered him a motel room, but Nick wanted to fuck Tinkle in the privacy of his own truck, christen it in a way only a good long fuck could.

Nick motioned to the bed and Tinkle obediently got onto it. Her hair was still wet from her earlier golden shower and her rinse off. In the dim light of the truck’s interior, she looked vulnerable and younger than before.

Suddenly overcome with a sympathy, Nick decided that he would be gentle with her holes. He wanted very much to pound her young body and make her scream, but that probably happened all the time and Tinklebowl deserved a little break.

He nudged her legs apart and unhooked the chain from her clit ring.

Tinklebowl looked surprised, but mustered the energy for a soft “Thank you, sir!”

Nick pushed her legs wider apart and got down in front of her. Slavery was still very much illegal, but that didn’t stop people from trading girls here and there. Nick had only ever heard rumours of teens like Tinklebowl being bought and sold, marked and tagged in a way that would forever prevent them from living normal lives. He was eager to find out more.

Upon close inspection, Nick saw that Tinklebowl’s pubic hair wasn’t just shaved, it was completely removed, probably via some kind of depilatory cream or treatment. She didn’t have a clithood at all, her little pleasure nub jutting out from the top of her labia prominently. Nick pulled on the ring a little, tugging it this way and that to examine Tinklebowl’s genitals. There was a tiny line around the swollen organ, suggesting that her hood had been removed surgically.

Nick had only heard of such procedures being done on girls but he had never had the opportunity to see one up close. He marveled at how much bigger her clit seemed without the hood to cover it.

Speaking of which, the ring that had been shoved through her sensitive nub seemed to have been welded shut completely. The metal didn’t have any seams at all! There was no getting rid of it in the future.

Like her clitoral ring, the rings set into the base of her nipples didn’t seem to have any seams. They were two obscene looking things that lay atop her pert breasts. Up close, Nick could see that someone had very lovingly engraved ‘Tinklebowl’ and ‘Toiletslut’ onto the left and right one respectively. On the back of the tags were delicately etched drawings of cocks pissing directly into a pair of lips, as if the engraver was afraid people didn’t understand Tinklebowl’s purpose.

Well, right now, even Tinklebowl didn’t really understand her own purpose, but that was alright. Eventually, Nick was sure, she would.

He slid two fingers into Tinkle’s cunt, stroking her insides gently.

“Ooohnngh,” Tinkle moaned softly. Her hips jerked upwards and she gasped when Nick moved his fingers inside her pussy. She shook her head from side to side in denial of her own growing arousal but Nick was relentless. He began to curl his fingers this way and that, intent on stirring her honeypot.

As Tinklebowl’s young slit started to slick up, gushing with girl goo, Nick gathered up her juices and pushed it into her asshole.

Tinklebowl yelped when she felt his fingers breach her shitter, but she was helpless to stop him at all.

Nick eagerly fucked her shithole with his fingers, marvelling at the way her rear starfish opened up for his digits. Her asshole had that new look about it. Most anal sluts had darker skin around their sphincters from how often they were stretched out by cocks. But Tinkle’s shitter was pretty pink despite how easily it was letting Nick inside. That meant she was still relatively new to being assfucked, which suited Nick just fine.

Unable to resist the call of a velvety soft hole, Nick rose up from his position and shucked off his pants.

Tinkle let out a soft sob, tears beginning to run down her face again. She knew that nothing she did would stop Nick from plunging his cock into her body and taking complete control of her.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” Nick consoled her, “This is what you’re meant to do,” he told her, stroking her hair gently as he brought the tip of his cock to her moist cunt.

Tinklebowl sniffled loudly and shook her head, looking down in fear at Nick’s large rod. She had sucked on it earlier, drank his pungent urine from it. But now that it was pointed at her pussy, it seemed even larger, even scarier.

“We’ll go slow, okay?” Nick said to her softly, pulling her hips towards him.

He nudged his dick up against her soft pussy folds, loving the way they parted for him. He pushed gently, leaning down to place tiny kisses along Tinklebowl’s jaw. She whimpered as his cockhead breached her tight young cunt and began its long journey into her core.

“Ohh ohhh hnngh,” she moaned softly as Nick began to thrust lightly. Each thrust got him just a little deeper and made Tinkle just a little wetter. She probably had never been fucked like this before, all gentle and caring-like.

Her slender fingers came up to grip at Nick’s shirt and shoulders.

“Mnngh!” her eyes squeezed shut and she held on when Nick repositioned her hips and started to thrust harder.

She might have not been entirely willing, but her pussy and her body was honest about how they were feeling. They couldn’t deny how good a cock felt when it was stroking in and out, stimulating her inner walls.

Her girlish goo began to gush, squelching with every inward stroke of Nick’s cock into her eager box. Soon, her cries of reluctance turned into cries of pleasure and she raised her hips to meet each of his thrusts.

Nick grinned down at the blonde under him. Her youthful face and reluctance to engage in such lewd acts made her seem angelic and innocent. But the perverse nametags on her nipples and the thick ring in her clit proved her otherwise! The stark contrast between her demeanor and the reality she had to face was entirely arousing for Nick. Seeing her pubescent nubile body defaced in such a humiliating, disgusting way made him hard enough to pound rocks!

“You’re shaking your hips,” Nick observed. Tinkle tried to cover her face with her hands but Nick grabbed her wrists with one hand and held them out of the way.

“Look at how your clit ring is flopping up and down! You love being cunt fucked!” Nick crowed in delight.

Indeed her silver ring was flopping up and down with the motion of her body. Her heaving chest also made her tit tags sway from side to side like a perverted, lewd pendulum!

“No! No I don’t!” Tinklebowl protested weakly, “I don’t want to be fucked in the pussy!” she begged.

“Yeah? Then you won’t mind if I fuck your ass then?”

Nick didn’t give her time to reply.

He pulled out and forced his cock deep into Tinklebowl’s bowels, sinking his rod balls deep into her asshole with one long stroke.

Nick watched with a wide grin as Tinklebowl’s eyes went wide. Her mouth dropped open and a sharp keening sound came from her throat. Her legs shook and trembled from the pain of the sudden penetration, and she trashed from side to side.

“AIIE AH AH AH!” she squealed in agony, “My asshole! My asshole is on fire!”

Her shitter spasmed and convulsed violently, trying to expel the intruder from its depths but it was no match for Nick. He closed his eyes for a moment, savouring the sensation of having his cock massaged by Tinkle’s flexing shithole.

Then, he reached down with his free hand and thumbed at her clit roughly. Tinkle jerked in pain and pleasure, the motion making her asshole go even tighter on Nick’s cock for a moment. He groaned in appreciation and arousal.

“It’s okay, you’re okay, you’ll be okay,” he shushed her, gently rubbing her sensitive nub until her trashing slowed to weak shudders, and her crying had faded to tiny sobs.

Nick kissed the top of her head.

“You’re doing so well,” he said tenderly.

“Please, no more,” Tinkle begged, but Nick ignored her. As a teenage truckstop toilet, she would have to learn how to take cock and it was Nick’s pleasure to teach her!

“You can do it,” he said instead, kissing her tears away, “Soon, you’ll learn that there’s no better way to make love than using your asshole!”

With deep, slow strokes, Nick began to fuck Tinklebowl’s defenseless shitter. The struggle had completely gone out of her and she lay there limply under him. Nick took her arms and put them around his shoulders, encouraging her to hold on like she had earlier. With soft sniffles, Tinklebowl obeyed and buried her face in the crook of Nick’s neck as he thrust into her bottom.

Nick cradled the back of her head with one hand, holding her close as he rolled his hips over and over again. His cock was encased in her tight velvety rectum. The orifice spasmed from time to time, an unwilling response from a relatively untrained hole. Eventually when she got used to being assfucked, Tinkle would learn to relax. For now though, Nick just enjoyed the feeling of the intermittent squeezing.

“There we go,” Nick said encouragingly when he felt Tinklebowl begin to relax her grip and move her hips again.

“That’s it, yes. Match me, match my thrusts!”

“It hurts,” she whimpered.

“You’ll get used to it eventually,” Nick assured her, “You’re having a hard time right now cause you’re resisting. When you give in to the anal fucks and the toilet training, you’ll find that things go a little easier and you’ll be a little happier.”

“Like Peeona?” Tinklebowl asked in a tiny voice.

“Yeah, she’s pretty happy, isn’t she?”

“I don’t want to be like her!” Tinklebowl protested, shaking her head.

“Is it so bad though? She likes being a toilet,” Nick retorted.

“I don’t want to be a toilet!” Tinklebowl frowned.

“Do you really hate it that much? Or are you afraid of letting yourself like it?” Nick asked seriously.

Tinkle opened her mouth to reply, but no words came out. She looked at Nick in puzzlement and he could see that his words had gotten to her.

“If one day, you manage to run away? How are you going to hide your clit ring and tit tags? You’ll spend every single day worrying that people will see them through your clothes. Instead of living life in fear of being discovered as a perverted, lewd whore, why don’t you live proudly as a teenage truckstop toilet?” Nick punctuated his last three words with deep strokes into Tinklebowl’s shitter.

She gasped and then moaned, hands grabbing at Nick’s shirt as her rectum was plowed.

“I can’t!” Tinkle whimpered.

Nick grabbed her ankles and pinned them to the bed.

“Just try,” he growled, beginning to piledrive his cock into her ass.

“AUUUGH!” Tinklebowl screamed as her shithole was pounded brutally.

Nick let go of one ankle to frig her cunt. He plunged his fingers inside without a care, the only intent in his mind was to make her wet and make her cum.

The agony of having her rectum drilled was a stark contrast to the pleasure in her cunt. The sensations overwhelmed Tinklebowl swiftly and within moments, she was cumming!


Her asshole flexed and squeezed and spasmed violently, milking Nick’s hard rod in an almost vicious manner.

He, too, couldn’t hold it anymore and he came with a primal roar, blasting the insides of Tinklebowl’s shithole with his white creamy jizz.

Tinkle moaned loudly, whimpering and squirming until Nick pulled his cock out.

“On your knees,” he commanded.

Tinklebowl slid off the bed slowly.

Nick grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

The teenaged girl opened her mouth obediently and began to suck gently on Nick’s cock when he put it in her mouth. Tinklebowl made a face when she tasted her own assjuice on the softening prick, but she didn’t try to pull away.

“Good girl,” Nick said, patting her head.

For the second time that day, he relaxed his bladder and allowed his urine to flow directly into Tinklebowl’s waiting mouth.

Despite her tearful and disgusted expression, Tinklebowl obediently swallowed all of Nick’s piss, her throat working quickly to ensure none of it spilled onto the floor.

When Nick was done, he carded his hands through her blonde hair and dropped a kiss on her forehead.

“Such a good toilet,” he murmured to her.

She still looked a little resigned, a little reluctant, but she wasn’t crying now. She said nothing as Nick pulled her up and clipped her clit chain back on. Tinklebowl climbed into bed beside Nick and curled into his side.

“Night Tinklebowl!”

“Night, sir.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Nick Jenkins slid out of the cab of his semi and stretched. The long drive had really put a crick in his back! He stood in the cool spring air for a moment, taking in the grungy exterior of the building before strutting into the diner.

“Woowee it’s Jenkins!” the grizzled man at the counter shouted when Nick walked in. Nick waved and came over to shake the man’s hand.

“Hiya Foster, how’s business?” Nick asked.

Foster grabbed a beer from behind the counter motioned with it at Nick.

“It’s going mighty good!” he said with a big smile, “Lots of people coming and going if you know what I mean!”

The two of them shared a look of commiseration, knowing exactly what was in the restroom and what went on in it.

Foster cracked open Nick’s beer for him and set it down, waiting till the young trucker had taken a few refreshing sips before he continued speaking.

“I don’t know what you said to Tinkle, sonny boy, but she changed up mighty good after you left! She’s a good little tinkle bowl now,” Foster said, taking a good long swig from his own bottle.

“Oh really?” Nick asked in surprise. He didn’t expect his words to have such a big impact on the teen.

“Yup. She’s a great influence on the newer toilets too!” Foster grinned at Nick then jerked his head at the door leading to the restroom, “Why don’t you go check them out?”

Nick left his beer on the counter.

The moment he pushed the door open, he was greeted by the sight of two older truckers using Peeona and Looloo. Weenie was nowhere to be seen, but Tinklebowl was cleaning one of the urinals with her tongue.

She turned at the sound of the door opening and Tinklebowl’s eyes lit up when she saw it was Nick.

“Sir! You’re back!” she said softly.

“Of course!” Nick grinned at the kneeling teen, “I had to stop by since my favourite teen truckstop toilet is here.”

Nick had visited a few places with triple T’s by now. Still, he never quite forgot his first experience pissing into a teen’s mouth, and then fucking her ass afterwards.

He wasted no time in unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock.

Tinklebowl opened her mouth immediately, leaning forward to better receive Nick’s golden gift.

Nick aimed for her forehead first, letting it run down her face. He drenched her upturned visage with his pee first, controlling his flow so it would drizzle down on her instead of being a powerful pungent jet.

Tinklebowl’s eyes closed and a look of peace seem to come over her. She swallowed as some of Nick’s urine ran into her mouth. Nick continued to tinkle, filling her eager lips with his golden nectar until it was full and she had to swallow.

Her look of contentment was a far cry from the horror and disgust she showed four months ago.

“What changed?” Nick asked, pausing his flow for a moment.

Tinklebowl didn’t hesitate, surging forward to lick and suck at Nick’s rock hard cock.

“I thought about what you said,” she said softly in between slurping, “Of how I was afraid to let myself be happy as a urinal,” She looked up at him with adoring eyes, “I was afraid of what society might think of me. But then when you said I could live here without fear, as a proud urinal, I realized it was true. I didn’t have to fear what others thought of me at this truckstop, because the only thing that mattered was what the truckers thought! The men who come here love watching me drink piss and swallow cum. They love the way my tit tags glisten after a good golden shower. They love teasing my exposed clit and drilling my defenseless holes! They love me because I’m their Tinklebowl, a teen truckstop toilet.”

She finished her little speech with a good long suck on Nick’s cock, which made him groan out loud.

“Fuuuuck, I’m so glad you realized your true purpose!” he growled, “Now get up, slut! I want to fuck your shitter!”

Tinklebell obediently rose to her feet.

Now that she was an obedient toilet, she was allowed a longer clit-chain. She got up and turned around, bending over to present her ass to Nick. With her dainty little hands, she prised apart her asscheeks to offer him her asshole.

Tinklebowl made a lovely sight, her messy pigtails hanging down and dragging on the piss covered floor. Her obscene nipple rings swung below her tits and the chain that kept her in the truckstop hung between her legs, connected to a sturdy loop in the floor. Her hole was still a lovely pink colour even though it was starting to get that little dark ring of stretched out skin. Nick didn’t mind though, it was just proof she had been training her shitter.

Nick slammed his cock home with a loud grunt, delighting in her moan of pain and also pleasure. He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her ass in earnest, uncaring of whether it felt good for her or not. A true toiletslut would take anything a cock gave her and love it.

He rammed the offered shitter as hard as he could, making Tinklebowl squeal and whimper in pain.

“Oh yeah fuck that toilet hard!” the two men who had been using Peeona and Looloo cheered Nick on, encouraging him to rape Tinklebowl harder.

Nick growled. He reached under Tinklebowl and yanked her clit chain hard, making her scream in agony.

He yanked his cock all the way out, pissed into her open shitter and all over her face, then continued fucking her ass while he emptied his bladder.

Urine jetted out from around his cock as he drilled deep into Tinkle’s bowels. It trickled down her legs and her body, dripping onto the floor, some of it spraying onto her face.

“Yes sir thank you sir!” Tinkle squealed as her body was used thoroughly. Even though she was being assfucked and pissed into in such a degrading manner, her pussy was gushing with slick. It was evident that she had accepted her life as a toilet by now!

“CUM NOW, TOILETSLUT!” Nick roared, slapping her asscheeks until they turned red.

“OH OH THANK YOU SIIIIIIR!” Tinklebowl squealed as her orgasm crashed upon her and her young body tightened up on the cock currently pounding her asshole. The pulsating muscles of her tight shitter milked Nick’s thick rod fervently and he couldn’t help but groan.

“Fuck yeah! I’m cumming!” Nick growled as he blasted Tinkle’s rectum with his creamy jizz.

Rope after rope of his white spunk surged into her shithole and deep inside her bowels, joining the piss there.

“Hnnngh, thank you siiiir!” Tinklebowl moaned, her legs shaking from the force of her orgasm and its aftershocks.

Nick pulled out slowly, admiring the way her abused rectum glistened with his piss, cum, and her assjuices.

“Thank you sir, thank youuuu!” Tinkle continued to chant as the last vestiges of her orgasm left her. Her legs gave out and she collapsed to the tiled floor, cheek pressed into a puddle of piss that she immediately began to lap up.

“That’s a premium toiletslut there,” one of the truckers marveled, coming up to clap Nick on the shoulder.

Nick nodded with a big grin.

“Yeah she is,” he tucked himself back into his pants and enjoyed the sight of Tinklebowl cleaning up his piss with her tongue.

Nick felt pleased that he had been an integral part of getting Tinkle to accept her fate as a teen toilet.

Well, he had a week long break coming up soon and Nick knew exactly where he was spending it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Author’s note: My health really took a turn for the worse so I won’t be posting too often. Stay healthy pornoisseurs!

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