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Taboo Family Life: letting sister join the fun. Part 4

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Bringing my little 12 yo sister into the fun mom and I have.

After sis left me with blue balls. I didn’t fault her, she 12 and new at this. I went to my room to Finish myself. Yeah, didn’t take long I was so damn horny.

It was a long hour and half before mom got home. The only thing I could think about was banging my little sister with mom. And how to get mom OK with me taking on another girl. A Little, I could now become a Daddy Dom. Sis always loved dresses and doing her hair. I’d have her in stockings and cute little dresses with curls…Awwww damnit, I had to stroke faster thinking about that. Or braided ponytails…so damn hot. I got done and laid there plotting tonight fun.

Mom finally got home and before she started on dinner I had her dress in a sundress with nothing underneath. Well, except the remote controlled dual hole toy I slipped in her. I walked up behind her looked down at her, “spread em now” she glanced around for sis, then her legs went wider. I reached under and slide the toy into her holes. Then went to sit down and watch as I played with the settings via my phone.

I had my mom squirming the whole time she was making dinner. Sis would bounce her way into the kitchen and I’d turn up the setings; speed, intensity, pulse rate or random. Every time I thought she was getting closer I’d shut it all off. She’d look right at me with the look of ‘please make this stop’ I’d smile back and continue to torture her. We had dinner that way too.

It felt fooooorrreeeeevveeeer, till sis went to bed and mom and I could start playing. By now she was so horny she’d do anything. So, I tied her to the bed, blindfolded her and put sound canceling headphones on her. She was tied to the bed spread eagle and everthing open for me. My petite 5 foot nothing hot MILF of a mom tied to my bed for me to use. I’m the luckiest son alive. I slapt her inner thigh and then walked over to my door quietly opened it and sis was standing there in her pjs.

I put my finger to my mouth to keep her quiet. And pointed to a chair I placed there. I also motioned to her pjs, that they had to go. Before I could think her clothes where off. Then my 12 year old sister was sitting naked in my room waiting to watch me do our mom. Wide eyed, knees together kicking her feet with her hands under her. She was eager. And I was so rock hard and needing to cum bad.

I handed a paper to her which said ‘what should I do to her?’ She thought for a second and wrote ‘blow job?’. She looked at me, her look said it all, she didn’t know what that was.

I walked around the far side of the bed so to face sis. Crawled onto the bed. I ran my hands along mom’s side and she shuttered.
I got in place kneeling over top her arm,y junk hanging over my mom’s face. I reached down and grabbed her hair and directed her toward me. She felt the tip on her lips. Being well trained and so very eager to suck on her son. She immediately opened her mouth and craned her neck to try to take as much of me as she could. I helped her and pushed my hips forward. She again took all barley 8 inches of me into her mouth. I positioned myself better so my slave milf. Could better do her job. With little work on my part. I looked up at my sister.

My sister was now standing just a few feet from the bed. Mouth wide open. Staring at what mom was doing to me. All while one hand was rubing between her legs. Her little fingers making wet slurping noises. ‘OH DAMNIT!’ I thought as I filled my mom’s mouth with her sons love. She was a pro, drank every drop and milked the underside of my shaft with her tongue.

I pulled slowly out of her mouth. And rested my hands on her ‘C’ breasts and gave them a squeeze, she loves that. I looked at my sister as to say what’s next. She ran back to the paper and wrote somethings. Throught the wet stains was written ‘make her come’ ueah, i got the hint. Gladly I thought. Though I’m a Dom, the biggest turn on for me is to watch mom orgasm because of what I did.

I hopped of the bed. And walked around to the end of the bed. Sat on the edge on and ottoman, reached under the bed and slide out a box with toys. Showed sis the box and waved for her to pick one. She loves purple so she picked a simple purple one. Which my mom’s likes that one too. I use these just after I cum to give me time to recoup.

Being that my mom is short and was a cheerleader. I tie her very low on the bed. Not only is she spreed eagle, but doing the splits and her tiny sexy ass is just on the edge of the bed.

While sitting on the ottoman, I grabbed my sisters hand and brought her soft tiny body backside against me, facing mom. I put the toy in her hand and turned it on. She jumped a bit not realizing that it vibrated. With the toy in her right hand I placed my hand over hers to guide her.

I had sis run the vibratory slowly up each thigh. Mom started to twitch and thrust her hips despratly trying to get them to contact the toy. I had sis circle her slit and hole. Mom was going nuts she needed release so bad. Had gotten her way charged up with the other toy all evening.

Eventually I made sis slide the toy between our moms soaking wet lips and touch her clit. “Mmmmmm, yes!” Mom quietly shouted. Not to wake sis up of course. I showed sis how nom liked it inserted and her clit rubbed with it.

As sis was getting the hang of it and listening to mom moaning louder and louder. I was able to pay attention to this little girl I had standing between my open legs. Which made me hard once again.

I wrapped my other arm around sis and reached for a breast. She of course wasn’t filled out. But they where just starting to bud. Nipples hard and starting to mound up just slightly. I slide my rock hard shaft between her thighs and against her slit. She reached down and grabbed the head of my shaft sticking out between those cute little thighs.

We were like this for several minutes. Sis looking at what she was doing to mom. Then back at me. Mom had three orgasms like this. Sis was now rocking her hips while still had me in a firm hold. Making sure my dick was rubing her clit. She dropped the vibratory as she had her orgasm.

I had to grab her arms and hold her so she wouldn’t fall into mom. I spun her around and hugged her tight. She was at the right height, I saw the chance and put my mouth down on one of her budding tits. She gasped and held my head there.

“Eat me” She whispered.

And then I got a wickedly good idea.

“Crawl up next to mom’s head” I diected her where to go.

I crawled up next to mom’s head too. And I pulled the blindfold and headset off of her.

And before she could say anything “Hello slave. Sis wants to join and she will. Sis sit on her face.”

The slave tried to stop this from happening. No.

“I have a cattle prod and will give you a shock if you don’t and she doesn’t orgasm. Now sis put your slit on her mouth.”

Sis eagerly gigling she jumped on mom’s fa e and sank her tinny wet slit down to mom’s face. I untied mom’s hands and she immediately grab her daughters ass checks and buried her face into sis’s slit.

This was so hot I had to put my rock hard dick back to use. I hurried down between moms legs to pound her once again. I watched as my sister leaning forward, it gave me a great view of my mom’s tongue working on sis. Which just made me pound harder.

I watched as moms hands pull sis into her mouth. Sis rocked her little hips back and forth. And every time she rocked back, she stuck her ass out towards me. All i could see was moms mouth covering my sisters slit and then her tongue sliding down the cutest of pussies. Then pushing the tip of her tongue into her hole. I reached up to grab my moms tit and the other hand was busy with her clit. My mom started to cum again. And here moans were emptying into my sisters hole. Which made sis cum harder.

I was Done with this. I have to take my sister. I crawled up my mom’s body. It was quick, she’s short. And I grabbed my sisters hips and pushed into her. My Mom paused her licking. I could feel the ever so soft lip of my sister and then resistance of her hyman. I told my slave to keep licking. Sis agreed with just “YES”. Mom now umder us both continued, but this time she started licking us from the bottom of my shaft to siss clit. I was in heaven.

“OH MY….AAAAAHH!” sis screamed out. I felt her body quiver and convulse. I took advantage of her orgasm and pushed myself all the way into her tummy. My mom working her clit. Sis came and came. She was grasping for anything to hold onto. Barried all the way in her, I hugged her from behind and held her there as her body convulsed and shivered. She was breathing hard as her heart rated dropped.

We all stayed in bed that night. Having fun off and on. Mom taught her many tricks and likes of hers. We all slept there together. Mom was on my right, while sis laid on top of me making sure we were always connected at the hips. That’s how our family changed forever.

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